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Mahapratibhawan B.I.
One step closer to own soul is one step closer to the universe, that is one step closer to God.
Divine vibration is Love.
@Shivayoga Croatian. Vibracija kao punina unutarnje vibracije uključuje sve, i prizor i zvuk.
Vibration as the fullness of internal vibrations includes everything, and the sight and sound.
Everything is based on vibration. Croatian. Sve se temelji na vibraciji.
@rabranilove Everything is based on vibration.Vibration as the fullness of internal vibrations includes everything,and the sight and sound.
@Shivayoga Croatian: Što se više trudiš, to ti Bog pokazuje da ti je to On treba dati puno bolje.
The harder you try, it's God shows you that He should give much better.
Nothing is not the best out of you, find it. Croatian: Ništa najbolje nije izvan tebe, nađi ga.
@Shivayoga Croatian: Ne očekuj nikad ništa ni od sebe a kamo li od drugog. Ego nas/njih okrene dosta puta.
Do not expect never anything of myself let alone another. Ego us / them turned quite a few times.
@Shivayoga Croatian: Nije problem izvan tebe, a nije ni u tebi. Ne hodaj tom stazom ako imaš problem.
Not a problem outside of you, and it's not in you. Do not walk this path if you have a problem.
@Shivayoga Croatian: Vi znate uvijek najbolje sve, naravno kad ste u punoj čistoj svijesti dublje od svega što trebate.
You know always best to all, of course, when you are in full clear consciousness deeper than anything you need.
Do not look for anything beyond themselves. Croatian. Ne traži ništa izvan sebe.
@Shivayoga Jedino je nužno biti svjesno koncentriran, u svemu što radite.
It is only necessary to be consciously focused, in everything we do.
Love is and deepest and highest joy. Croatian. Ljubav je i najdublja i najviša radost.
@BrankoIvatovic Croatian. Ljubav ni na koji način nije ograničena, i kao sveprisutno postojanje i svijest proteže se na sve.
@BrankoIvatovic Love is not in any way limited, and the omnipresent presence of such awareness extends to all.
Perfection of perfection is Love.
Without judge in your action you on way to love.
Judge you what you did, Judge you, own works. You judge yourself own actions.
@Shivayoga Ljubav popravi sve na bolje..
Love fix anything on better.
Only through purest love is properly way to perfect harmonized life, body and spirit on way to realized own soul.
Perfect proportionality between your life, body and spirit is valid way, all other with side effects.
@Shivayoga Multiply with same value "life or material or subtle form" only is valid way, in all other cases have side effects.
@Shivayoga 3^2+4^2 = 5^2; 3 = life, 4, ^2= body, 5 = spirit
Mystic Sayings - Body of body and body of life is equal body of spirit. (First Conclusion of Pythagorean theorem).
When nothing outside your soul, you in love.
Yoga (harmony soul and God) is soul way.
Love is infinite above all commands. Ljubav je beskrajno iznad svih naredbi.
The only in love you need to be constantly. Jedino u ljubavi vam je potrebno neprekidno biti.
Out of love you all start. Iz ljubavi trebate sve započinjati.
Out of love need you all constantly create. Iz ljubavi trebate stalno sve kreirati.
Love you should know through your heart. Ljubav trebate znati vašim srcem.
Love should live in its entirety. Ljubav trebate živjeti u cijelosti.
The real happiness is constantly implemented love. Stvarna sreća je stalno sprovoditi ljubav .
Love is all the most valuable what you have. Ljubav je sve najvrednije što imate.
Love is highest part of you. Ljubav je najviši dio vas.
Love is highest happiness. Ljubav je najveća sreća.
You are (nothing else but) The Pure Love which you realize.
Only great is when Love is road and car and driver of soul.
Before and after the existence of (something) just love it exists.
Purest Love or Devotional Love or Bhakti is the source of everything.
There is nothing deeper than Love.
There is nothing greater than Love.
Love always becomes greater and greater, and The World becomes a reflection of greater and greater Love.

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