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Shit On Your Tweet
I wouldn't wanna die hungry.
#np Kari Jobe - Find you on my knees
Any girl posting baby pictures is not worthy unprotected sex
Its plain stupid to date a girl that listens to a lot Nigerian Music and Riddim
Still yet to choose who is my favorite between Lana Del Rey and Biffy Clyro
imagine if your fridge did what you do everyday,every half hour goes to your room opens the door and stares at you for 5minutes then leaves
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The most feared killer whales are the ones that have done time in Seaworld.
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*Obama approaches podium* Fellow Americans, I like cookies with raisins in them *press starts booing* They're good & healthy *Michelle nods*
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*reads a note sombody put on my desk* [i heard u caught a cold! i hope it FLU away!] *drops note* what.. WAT IS THIS SOME SORT OF SICK JOKE
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Nigerians eating human flesh, yo.
What is the difference between Nigerians and a bucket full of shit? The Bucket
This is not the performance you need before you play the Dog and Gun never mind Bayern Munich. Is their season gonna end in 1 week again?
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You guys are a real pain in the ass
And we do have livescore
If you joined twitter between 2012 and now you're excused from tweeting while watching the game. You can actually do whatever shit you like
Is it that you want to share the joy, or you just want to let us know you're part of it?
Er, excuse me. How do you tweet while watching the game?
You can only rob people in Kisii on Saturday when they're all in church.
Shes just from sucking another mans dick before she tweets you romantic quotes.
A good man can make you feel sexy, strong and able to take on the world. Oh sorry, that's wine.... Wine does that.
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Pope Francis has described the Internet as 'a gift from God'. I'd imagine a lot of Catholic clergymen are of the same opinion.
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