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Gays get rights to travel to Mars but we can't get rights against police brutality.
It disgusts me how Newbies "LOL" at everything Bigwigs tweet. Bigwig: Njaaaaaaaaaa Newbie: LOL! I want whatever you're having.
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Congratulations to @AnthonyMartial, who's been named as @premierleague Player of the Month for September!
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BREAKING NEWS: Manchester United striker Anthony Martial named Premier League player of the month #SSNHQ
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Conversations on Quizup get real
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Y'all ratchets with your green nail Polish
Future and other new generation rappers making music for Third Graders
We're more fucked cause UON students actually voted for Babu Owino.
You all know we're fucked if people like Babu Owino are the next Generation politicians.
If I ever buy a selfie stick, you have my full permission to beat me senseless with it, as I've probably lost my mind.
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Diego Costa Ananikumbusha Lile Toto Tundu Class... Liguse Lilie! Alafu Mamake Mwalimu!
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BREAKING: Gabriel watching the second half in the dressing room like.
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First half analysis? What analysis?
How shit is Depay? Waste of space.
Steven Naismith scores a perfect hat-trick for Everton vs. Chelsea. Right foot ✓ Left foot ✓ Header ✓ Class.
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Dstv are a fucking joke. Show us the Mauling of the blues you fools
Mata needs to stop all that blogging shit and play.
These United players need to shut the fuck up and keep off the media. #AllTalkManchester
Laugh at the world. It's the only way to survive it.
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First law of all laws. Never show weakness
Where are the Ozil is the pass master tweets now Arsenal fans?
Y'all shoulda just bought Adrian from West Ham instead.
Kenyan house music is still 2010.
Your pubes are showing on your last selfie.
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What in the ever living fuck are you talking about?
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Cc @drizzy_moray RT @ShitBEGone: Shout out to anyone who already used their FPL chips this game week.
Shout out to anyone who already used their FPL chips this game week.
Let's make a Maybe - A confused person probably
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Kenyan girls get so confused when real house music plays.
I swear FPL is harder than single parenting.
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RT @bwrca: You can't wear a shirt with the words 'Yokohama tyres' written across your tits and expect to win shit.
You can't know how good at texting you are until you go to a bash with your girl with a useless Dj.
#mufc XI: Romero; Darmian, Smalling, Blind, Shaw; Carrick, Memphis, Schneiderlin; Mata, Rooney, Young.
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Kenyans are just something else, they religiously follow their politicians and worship their opinions.
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Hatespeech RT @drizzy_moray: .@GoonerKaranja Lol. Valencia is a loner, just like Kevoh. @ShitBEGone @PitchImpression
give a man a fish and he'll eat for a day. teach a man theres plenty of fish in the sea but for som reason he still wont get over janice
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[to astronaut brother] Ooooh la la Gary's going to SPACE *does jerkoff motion* I'll be here on EARTH where my pizza & tv won't FLOAT AWAY
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Look guys i thought a gangbang was where we all played drums together, i don't want any part of whatever's happening here
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I feel like when life gives me lemons I just give them back because I hate holding stuff.
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Drunkards>Kenyan Politicians
Anyone here knows how to fill Rental income tax returns?
No wonder people are racist against Africans. That salgaa shit was primitive as fuck
GOT gives more jobs than the Govt of Kenya
What is Milner smoking?
Grealish is as overrated as? A. Januzaj B. Welbeck
(I come back my wife, panting) You sure you don’t want to play in the ball pit? “This is the last time you choose our Anniversary dinner.”
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I hate when I’m on the treadmill and my hand accidentally hits the stop button & I have to get off and eat a bacon grilled cheese sandwich.
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Reports are that he went to Russia, given a horse and told to take it as far as it can go and all the land he stumbles upon is his.

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