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Sherly Margaretha
Kita adalah cermin, karena aku adalah kamu versi perempuan, sedangkan kamu adalah aku tetapi versi laki-laki.
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Cause I, I walk the streets alone.. I hate being on myown..
RT @MimakersPLG_: Untuk seluruh sekolah di palembang kito samo2 berjuang:) semoga lancar terus LULUS 100% amin
You're the piece of me I wish I didn't need, still fight and I don't know why..
Our last day already passed nicely. Sun still rises; but for sure, there's no more laughter and tears in our togetherness. Memorable!
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RT @Fact: If you don't do stupid things while you're young, you'll have nothing to smile about when you're old.
RT @Fact: The people who smile, laugh and joke around the most are usually the unhappiest.
Goodluck for you! RT @bilcanchan: Every end is a new beginning :) cheer up!
Will miss every moment. Last day, its feels like I'm losing my half. Dont ever say goodbye, promise that we'll meet later! @Republik_Xavega
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RT @rizkinoviyanti: bakal kangen samo XII.S1 :')
RT @BestTextMsgs: The saddest thing in the world is when two people, who at one time knew everything about one another, act like strangers.
RT@MTLovenHoney:Tuhan, mohon damaikanlah hatiku dan jernihkanlah pikiranku dalam menghadapi UN dan Try Out ini.Aamiin
I'm tired of fighting, I want to be fought for. I'm tired of caring, I want to be cared for. I'm tired of being just me, I wanna be yours.
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RT @pepatah: Jika kamu sungguh mencintai seseorang, kebahagiaan mereka adalah segalanya bagimu, bahkan jika mereka bahagia bukan bersamamu.
RT @pepatah: Jadikan hati kita selalu damai, agar kita bisa membahagiakan diri kita sendiri dan membahagiakan sesama.