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Terror Talk
Coffee is no longer motivating me. :|
I always get dislikes on my MCPE videos? What's wrong with them? Maybe tell me so I can improve :)
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I liked a @YouTube video from @Tch_Tlk MCPE 0.10.0 BETA test HERE! | Check the description
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Tykkäsin @YouTube-videosta Swedish Stereotypes (w/PewDiePie)
#MCPE 0.10.0 BETA is coming today, in an hour or so, find out where to get it!
If anyone at google can hook me up with a Nexus device ;) #Nexus6 #Nexus9 #NexusPlayer
Wow I'm hyped for the Nexus Player, and the new N9 and N6
I'm getting sick of buying Android devices that don't get the latest firmware updates, some manufacturers don't care once they have sales.
Going through my subscribers and i saw a mini @xDarkAbsolute
Gostei de um vídeo @YouTube de @Jack_Septic_Eye Viewers Are People, Not Just Numbers
I liked a @YouTube video YouTube on the tube!
J'aime une vidéo @YouTube : "How do you get featured on YouTube?" à l'adresse
I liked a @YouTube video If Ello Were A Real Place
There’s less bug despair today in the PE team, it may be that tomorrow is the day. After all, it would be just 3 weeks after my first guess!
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And it looks like 0.10 runs the same or faster even on older devices, let’s hope the beta doesn’t uncover horrible incompatibility issues!
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God it hurts, I caught something in it...
In todays news, I have an irritant eye for the past two days and my editor stopped working. Fixed the editor just now...
Tech Talk - Crunched is now out! This is the always up to date online Newspaper containing everything Tech Talk:…
Yay my windows phone has Google Play Music, its 3rd party but I'm thankful, #GoogleForLife
I liked a @YouTube video Future of Games is MOBILE? - Inside Gaming Daily
My Xbox sounds like it wants to kill itself, irs really loud...
wow the @googlewallet team are really helpful and friendly!
Spheroid Cyclone | Tech Talk Plays | Android Gameplay
Wow unexpected instant firing on @bbcapprentice! #TheApprentice
new video: Spheroid Cyclone | Tech Talk Plays | Android Gameplay
Spheroid Cyclone | Tech Talk Plays | Android Gameplay has just been uploaded, watch now:
Today we play Spheroid Cyclone by Alex Swan and we start off a new series; Tech Talk Plays! so check it out!
Tech Talk - Crunched is now out! This is the always up to date online Newspaper containing everything Tech Talk:…
3 hours editing for a 7 minute video. #worthit. I stayed up til 2am for you guys regardless of college tomorrow, hope you enjoy it tomorrow!
RT and follow for a chance to win a @elgatogaming HD60. Record all your low-gravity rampages in 1080p. #ThePreSequel
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Last week of bug fixing for 0.10.0. Also added in a brightness slider today. :)
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I've just gone and recorded 7 games in six videos, straight in a couple of hours, no breaks, hope you guys enjoy my commitment :)
Well my phone has been taken over...
I have someone messaging me on youtube saying MGN isn't made by Freedom! But some guy in a basement...@AnAnthonySmith @Chief_Adu annoying...
I just heard there's ads coming to @WWENetwork, I think: Make it free with ads or keep it paid, they pay for the service after all...
Retweet to win KontrolFreek Alpha! Must follow @KontrolFreek and @eLevateGG to win. Two winners announced Friday! #RT
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I have carpet burn on my knee, it is painful rubbing against my jeans...
I may destroy my technology before I sleep, I'm getting there...
Finally, we get somewhere, really slowly.
The pc decided to be unusually sloe, when I need it the most. God damn it.