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Tech Talk
Oh yay! #Windows10 Edition is just MCPE I HAVE THE GAME TWICE and paid more for a "PC version" Thanks @MojangSupport
We're partnering with @DXseat! RT + go to to win your own #hitboxlive gaming chair now!
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I wonder if @EA would let me exchange my Sims 3 Xbox 360 version for a Steam version? #MondayMotivation #CalmYourselfIn4Words
I FINALLY FINISHED A GAME OF KLONDIKE! After so many attempts #Windows10 I couldn't even complete it on #WindowsPhone
I hate Online Gaming. Read:
Chillin, Playing Hexic!
Shame this isn't on @GOGcom, I used to have this game on the old Xbox, fun game, didn't know you can get it for PC
My favourite @BoAkwon song! She's amazing!…
TchTlk played I am Bread (Steam) and Euro Truck Simulator 2 (Steam) in the last 24 hours #exophase
A new favorite: 11 Numa Numa (Dragostea Din Tei) by Tetrastar… on #SoundCloud
A new favorite: 09 Handlebars by Tetrastar… on #SoundCloud
Oh my freaking god @OliverAge24 I didn't see that you had done this, that's my favourite System Of A Down song
A new favorite: 13 - Superpowerless - Such Great Heights (Featuring James Hindle) by Superpowerless… on #SoundCloud
A new favorite: Call the UN, there's a Steam curator on the loose! by @Totalbiscuit… on #SoundCloud
Wow! @GOGcom is amazing, theres even Dungeon Keeper! Ill buy it at some point for the channel
Both me and a friend would like a Simulator of the whole UK, every road, including narrow ones @SCSsoftware how cool would it be?
You know what time it is when this opens, time to lie down and catch up on YouTube
Well, that is annoying. YouTube rule, the more effort in a video, the less views it gets... 😂#YouTuberrd
That moment when the job! @McDonaldsUK Thank you, 고맙습니다!
@SomCena Hi Sam, you can have a free milkshake when Arsenal win the Champions League, so basically you're never getting one. - Mike
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70 years after #Hiroshima, this data visualization shows how far we have left to #EliminateNukes:
Woohoo! I finally got a job interview, let's hope all goes well, I'm going to play Euro Truck sim and then make videos about 12pm
New video, secret for you guys <3 Nutella Doughnut Milkshake (Tella Ball Shake) | A…:
MIGHT HAVE TO PEACEFUL IT!! | MCPE 0.12.0 BETA First Impressions And Bugs!!
Aw. No more under 301+ club :'(…
MIGHT HAVE TO PEACEFUL IT!! | MCPE 0.12.0 BETA First Impressions And Bugs!!: via @YouTube
But anyway, time to shower, all good thoughts come from the shower including the Achievement Hunting With Tech Talk series designs.
A video has been uploading for about two hours, #MicrosoftEdge is laggy when writing the description, I'm about 5 words ahead of the screen.
I thought to myself, why have multiple thumbnail templates when I can have just one file & copy resources etc? Genius
Install #Linux alongside #WindowsXP or erase data... Hmm tough decision, it took 5 seconds for me to consider the erase button.
Wow everything is faster! #Linux #WindowsXP
Wow its working, I had to press f12 on the boot screen and boot from USB, it launched Windows the first time
I'm attempting to install #Linux on my old #WindowsXP Netbook
So I'll render the video in the morning, my PC hasn't been off completely for 48 hours, its hibernated, it deserves a rest.
#PowerToTheCreators is the wrong tag for @Fullscreen, George's office has big bold shiny lights "#PowerToTheCensorship"
Since it's a big thing right now, I'd like my fair use claim removed, you claimed it because of the traffic #PowerToTheCreators @Fullscreen
Another video lost.
I now have £7.09, that means I basically need another pound, or £0.92 to be specific, I feel like a child again, saving up for a game...
PARALYSED | Dan Bull & Beit Nun via @itsDanBull you were great!
1 or 2? New series thumbnail designs... #Windows10 #xbox
Wow @pmolyneux is amazing, so many great games, including Theme Park World, I didn't even know, Fable was also my favourite growing up
I want to record some Speedrunners, but I can't because its a multiplayer and I have no friends on Steam. (Tch_Tlk or TchTlk)
Man I am so close to MC Windows 10 Edition, its £7.69 and I have £6.17... #Minecraft #Windows10 #MCPE
I will see if I can remember what's missing and do an episode 2 or something at some point.
Well the fixer didn't work, but I have the main bits still like the nether, its only 03:26 and 03:28 = 06:54 of content gone (I think)
I have an mp4 fixer app, I will see if I can recover anything, fingers crossed...

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