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Tech Talk
Because I haven't recorded a video and I have recovered, i'll edit this video then record You Must Build A Boat @LucaRedwood as promised
I've now set my Adobe preview files and output location to my Mega folder, I am not bothered about it uploading, more about the space taken
Did anyone find the Shia LaBeouf just do it segment in one of my latest videos. Hint it may be the most recent one.
It was a joke video with my friend but I found it on my Google drive, turns out videos don't delete. I claim in the video its for 1000 subs
Give me fuel, give me fire, give me 1000 subscribers please, because I have a funny video lined up for you at 1000! :) I did it last year
I decided I'll make a blog post about those last #E3 events instead of videos, it seems pointless for a video
Man I feel so ruined I've drank so much but not as much as last time. Basically @SanMiguel_UK and @Heineken_US (Carlsburg) you taste good.
I have the hottest avatar in Twitter, there's no competition.
I had chocolate Ready Brek this morning, let's just say it was a poor choice and I'm not feeling too good. @weetabix
Anyone recommend a browser? Firefox keeps crashing and Chrome is bad at video playback
its a great that Ive been a fan since I made an account otherwise Id never seen have these @TobyTurner @YouTubeGaming
Sticking to my plan, copying my flappy bird video with webcam enabled to my computer (wirelessly)
Plan: update the blog, edit any gaming video, then record and edit the final #E3 video, the #nintendoworldchampionships and #pcgamingshow
Hear my thoughts on the #SonyE3 conference and the #UbiE3 conference in one video?!?!
What to do? What to do? I have a video still uploading and I have caught up with my YouTube subscriptions...
YOU CAN MERGE THE CHANNELS, GO TO… on the first account and select "Move channel to...
How are these Spam email companies sensitive me emails FROM MYSELF?! @gmail @Gmail_team @inboxbygmail
Don't worry, I'll find a way of putting a virus on his Xbox one haha, not sure if you can but I'll do something to get back
Apologies if the video is late today, a stupid idiot of a sibling turned off my computer and everything by the switch, what a c***.
I used to listen to #MyChemicalRomance so much that I know most of the lyrics... Hmm. @MCRofficial
I actually hate going to the doctors of hospital, I always wait it out for things to get better, this doesn't seem like it's going to.
Oh I don't know, every symptom I Google tells me it's life threatening or it sounds really bad, lets hope tomorrow its better.
It's clicking and when I move it feels as if there's liquid there
If this heart problem doesn't stop, I might actually have to get it checked out, its really strange, my heart makes a popping noise
If anybody wants to talk to me personally, I now have Line! Line ID: TchTlk
I've now filled in my profile! So happy I hope to work with Freedom! Soon. @FreedomFAQ @mcnfreedom
So my heart pains from yesterday have calmed down, my heart feels heavy and when I breath out a popping feeling happens, some minor pain
Anyone thinking of letting her stay with you? #BuckinghamPalace
So it turns out that pain can be in the heart, back, shoulder and neck all at once, accompanied by pins and needles in the hands.
you voted for them, it is a fire waiting to spread.… If this article is correct, @KimJongCamerUn is a suited name.
Dear @google @GooglePlay, when I switch my account on Google Play, its because I want to use my purchases, NOT TO CHANGE MY SECURITY DETAILS
That moment when you find someone has taken both TchTlk and Tch_Tlk on PSN. #PSN #PlaystationNetwork Anyone want to add me its TchTlkCoUk
Tech Talk - Crunched is now out! This is the always up to date online Newspaper containing everything Tech Talk:…
Well I was going to start editing but my PC acted up. Thanks Nvidia. Anyway, I'm tired so tomorrow morning ill edit.
I've now turned on system restore points, not that it would come in much use, but extra security measures
in the end I merged the #SonyE3 and #UbiE3 conference in the same video, I wasn't particularly too intrigued by them
I AM SICK OF THESE MCN EMAIL INVITES. If I wanted to join your network, I would have already done it, don't you think I'm happy were I am?
We keep losing & gaining subscribers everyday by 1-3+, I have a hunch its the @TeamYouTube analytics messing up-the graphs suggest otherwise
My favorite thing in the world is when your going 90mph round the M25 (a 50mph zone), then you look down to find controller died #ETS2
So my eyes are really sore, guess that's why we sleep, but while they're in pain, ill play Euro Truck Sim to take my mind off it, then edit

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