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since everyone else is making one 🙆🏼zH9
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Honestly don't know how I'm gonna adjust to the new school sleeping schedule 😕
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I'm addicted to coffee :/
I hate how i only have one good eyebrow
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My snapchat isn't working & it's making me angry
When Shelb says she's "Eh" at dancing 😭😭@ShelbySpinosaosa
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I'm so lucky to have the few amazing friends I have
Woke up knowin God is good because He gave us coffee... And if you're not sure that He loves us then you haven't had your coffee today
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Sleeping in til noon is really gonna come back & bite me in a few weeks...
i don’t know what i am doing with my life or my hair
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Having an internet friend is completely possible shut up
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when u post a fire selfie and ur ex texts u with that "hey how u been"
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"I just want to wear cute clothes everyday and have my hair look good and find a cute white boy who loves me is that too much to ask for"
Nothing in this world will satisfy, Jesus you're the cup that won't run dry #YourPresenceIsHeaven
i fall asleep everytime I attempt to read Frankenstein
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Someone who hasn't done their English summer hw needs to come over & do some of it with me✌️
I can't get over how gorgeous Andrea Russett is its kinda unfair
curly hair is cool sumtimes bc when ur doing ur math summer hw & cryin u can take ur stretchy hair & wrap it around ur throat & kys & bye hw
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I'm like the tannest I've ever been and that's still extremely pale
One time my dad told me my laugh sounded like Chanel west coast's & it was the most insulting moment of my life
Everyone is getting their hair done and it's making me so excited to do mine 😍😭😁💇🏻💆🏻
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Idk if I was dreaming or not but I'm pretty sure my dad told me he has a selfie stick

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