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Shelby Thompson
Big thanks to @braegarrett, @ru1canefan, and my grandfather for giving @bmjames12 the opportunity to slap me in the face with a bucket of water. Two years ago my cousin lost his life to ALS. I have taken the #alsicebucketchallenge in honor of Scott Webb and would like to challenge everyone reading t
Boss lady made me leave work to hunt for print inspiration since @ru1canefan sucks at sweet talking vendors 😜
Frat overload (@ Boardroom Clothing Co. - @theboardroomga in Augusta, GA)…
Because it's Friday and I love this song 🍻🎶
Sleeping in and photoshoots - two of my favorite things ☺️ #happyfriday
4 years ago today I moved to Raleigh. Time flies when you're having fun.
Granddaddy said, "Let's take a selfie."
Mind on a permanent vacation, the ocean is my only medication.
If the cockroach in my stairwell is not gone by the time I leave for work in the morning I swear to goodness I will jump out my window
Four eyes got me seeing double #newglasses
You wanna take a walk to the river maybe cool off? I know a good spot 🎶
perfect lake day with these babies
"I was playing my Kim Kardashian game and uhh..." @hayleybrooke217
baseball beers and my best friend ☺️
girls, don't let a guy treat you like a yellow starburst u are a pink starburst
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#caffeineandkilos socks + motivation from @1BlaketheSnake2 = good squat day 💪�@TEAMCandKdK
Be jealous @B_Hammm I'm snuggling with your brother tonight 😏