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Shekhar Kapur
Sometimes India makes me cry. Street School. Mumbai. Volunteers run it everyday. For slum kids tht cant go 2 school.
You devil! She said. 'I'm an angel' I said' 'No, you're the devil'. She said. 'Ok then, I'm both. Sometimes angel, sometimes devil' I said.
Lessons of Life: I looked for adventure everywhere, and yet the greatest adventure lay within. In discovering myself.
Who were we before the Persians named us 'Hindu's'? And before the so called 'Aryan Invasion' theory was imposed on us. Love @Originsofus
Lessons of Life: Joy is not a state of mind. Its more an absence of a state of mind.
Lessons of Life: Your mind responds 2 you. Dont let it happen the other way round.
congratulations @SuddenlySparrow . 'Newborns is the best film of program 4 at #TIFF14 @Recyclewala…
Lessons of Life : Looking for love? Would you know if it passed you by? How would you recognize It? Love does not hit you on your head.
I cant cope' She said. 'Then dont' I said. 'How?' She said. 'Trust' I said. 'Who?' She said. 'The Universe' I said. 'It works?' She said.
What is. Perception. What will be. Imagination. Hope. What might not be. A fear. What was? A prejudice. And all change at a flick of thought
Thank u, blessings ∆˚∆ @PRBathija I can simply live by reading your tweets :) Awesome !!!
Lessons of Life : I watched the sun come up this morning. It was dramatic, like a miracle. I dont need more drama 2day to tell me I am alive
Lessons of Life : when ur heart's filled with joy. and life exists in this moment, u no longer need 2 ask. what's d meaning 2 my existence?
Apple meets #HarryPotter. The iWand! You wave your #iPhone6 in the air and magically ur bill is paid for. Without ur credit card. #ApplePay
Apple meets #HarryPotter. The iWand! You wave your #iPhone6 in the air and magically ur bill is paid for. Without ur credit card. #AppleLive
I dont even wear a watch' I said. 'Its not a watch, it's an iWatch' She said. Did u say an eyewash?' I said #AppleLive
I dont even wear a watch' I said. 'Its not a watch, it's an iWatch' She said. Did u say an eyewash?' I said
I really want the iWatch' She said. 'What does it do?' I said. 'It iDoes everything' She said. 'iEverything?' iSaid. 'iAll' She said.
Call 01126107953, 09711077372 #NDRF Delhi. Since Kashmir phone lines are down, they send wireless msgs for rescue. #KashmirFloods #SOS
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Mr India 2 or Masoom 2 ? Just come out from an amazing interaction with students. Clamouring for a sequel. Equal votes. How would u vote?
Lessons of Life : The reason soldiers r kept marching in peacetime is 2 ensure they always follow orders. Are u being marched in ur job too?
Lessons of Life: That which cannot be measured, is invaluable.
Lessons of Life : Thinking out of the box is not just an occasional idea, it arises out of a philosophy of life.
Lessons of Life: Each of us has a reservoir of endless compassion within us. Of endless love. We carry it in r being. Just need 2 uncover it
वो कौन सा सुर है , जो इतना ऊंचा है, कि तुम तक पहुंच पाये।
Either you get paid to live the dreams of someone else or you pay the price of your own dreams. The choice is yours.
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:) @pranaydixit sir watched Mr India today. It always looks so fresh.Tears turn in2 smile then in2 laughter so effortlessly.Hatsoff n thanks
'Where r u?' She said. 'In the zone' I said. 'Can I join u?' She said. 'Can u be completely vulnerable?' I said. 'Is this a trap? She said.
Lessons of Life: How vast r u? Every cell in ur body is connected 2 each particle in furthest of Galaxies. One unable 2 exist without other.
Lessons of Life: Every cell in ur body is an essential part of a Universal ecosystem. Of clusters of zillion galaxies. Thats how immense u r
Lessons of Life : Your destiny is like the whisper of a gentle breeze past your ear. If you are not silent, you won't even heart it.
Lessons of Life : That chaotic feeling. Mind screaming in zillion directions. Panic. Lovely. Time 2 connect 2 urself. Beyond ur mind.
Lessons of life: Time to wander again. To feel free again. Time to let go and discover again. To say goodbye and be lost again.
'I'm losing my mind!' She said. 'Wow!' I said. 'Wow?' She said. 'Could u teach me how to do that?' I said.
when i 1st saw fair & handsome commercial i smiled & heaved a sigh of relief that its not just women who r bullshitted in2wanting fair skin
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2 parallel lines, you n me. Traversing a universe. Often diverging crossing n then converging. Like a symphony of us. Till we merge in2 one.
Seema Biswas in Bandit Queen. Why r we not making films like these any more? Why am I not? #filmsfromtheheart
#KashmirFloods praying for safety of the people there.
'When Maveli ruled the land, all the people were equal, and people were joyful and merry' The beginning of the song of Onam. #HappyOnam
Lessons of Life : Life and love. They are not a process. They just are. Integral. Inseparable. They exist even if you deny them.
Incredibly moving trailer for Newborns @SuddenlySparrow Megha Ram's haunting doco on survivors of acid attacks:…
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'My taste buds are not occasioned to such extreme calamities' My 14 year old daughter's response my favourite dish. Methi Aloo. Kids talk ?
@shekharkapur Water ATM in Rajasthan,now drinking water available at swipe of a card-20Lit. for Rs.5 @ilovepaani
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Lessons of Life: Like a river will flow around a boulder, flowing with even greater force, u must look upon each obstacle as an opportunty
Lessons of Life : Passion #love and playfulness do not contradict each other. Each pulls you into the now. Each makes you fearless