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Shekhar Kapur
That fuzzy line between life n death, separated by mere breath, our love was before i breathed my first, and will be when i breathe my last
Humility humility humility humility humility humility and in compassion. With all of existence
Take a deep breath. Close ur eyes. Open them again. The Himalayas will take ur breath again. Lidder river in Kashimir
And if nature is truly our mother, to nurture us in her womb, why have we forgotten to love, cherish and worship her? Lets ask ourselves.
I just lay down n shot this. There were lots 2 choose frm. Has consumerism driven us 2 a point of mental shallowness?
Must we pollute and destroy nature everywhere we go? This is at 9000ft high. Aru Valley. #Kasmir
Even if it takes 2 clicks n a bit of patience. Please please see this pic. If u care for our future generations
Before ShahrukhKhan traipsed around on a train, Richard Attenborough was there...
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Beautiful memories of #RichardAttenborough as Lord Cecil in Elizabeth. Amazing director. Amazing actor to work with. Amazing human being.
Its so cool that domestic tourism is driving Indian families to remote destinations. And so uncool that they leave all their trash behind.
@PrabhuChawla @shekharkapur @ShekharGupta nothing more ironic than fact that magnum opus on the mahatma was created by a briton
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In Aru in Kashmir. Trekking up the mountains experiencing the breathtaking beauty of Himalayas. Do visit for photos.
The beauty of #nature.Chaotic and mathematically precise at the same time. Each minute particle an entire Universe
Warmth n #love of these Gujjar people that will invite strangers in2 their hut n feed them is overwhelming #Kashmir
You are lost' She said. Yes' I said. 'Where? She said. 'If I knew I would not be lost' I said. 'Want 2 be found?' She said. 'Never' I said.
: thank u :)> @vijaypandey: Follow @shekharkapur on Instagram if you haven’t already. Beautiful imagery and occasional pearls of wisdom”
Lessons of Life : Walk your path with your heart wide open. Open 2 the magical potential of true love.
It's ok, i'm not going 2 steal ur snack. Just taking a pic. Gujjar boy. Kashmir.
Gar firdauz bar ruhi zaminsht amhin ashto amhin ashto amhin asht. If there is heaven on earth it is here it is here it is here. #Srinagar!!
Lessons of Life: Hierarchical structures are an illusion that u hide behind. Especially in a world that changes every moment.
Next time u dont get good service at airport. Remind them. Big part of cost of ur ticket is 'Airport User development Fee'. That means u.
#Delhi #Airport filled wth middleclass families traveling on holiday. As crowded as Rly Statn. Domestic #tourism indicates strong sentiment.
Once #cinema was a shorter dramatic version of life. Now pace of life is a shorter more dramatic version of Cinema
#UK fighting its civil war beyond its borders? Twice as many UK Citizens fighting for #ISIS than UK soldiers against
UK fighting a civil war beyond its borders? Twice as many UK Citizens fighting for #ISIS than UK soldiers against
There are now 'twice as many' British Muslims fighting for ISIS as UK armed forces
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