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Shekhar Kapur
'Mera Gaon, Mera Desh' has taken a new meaning for Political and Corporate India.
Lessons of Life: The path of d heart is tough. For amidst d noise of the marketplace, u have 2 find the silence to listen to ur heartbeat.
Lessons of Life: A whole Universe exists between what you do and what is done. Your passion will decide how the Universe responds
The greed of owning ministries by coalition partners is what ruins coalition governance. We should divest Ministers of executive powers
PC Parikh's book on functioning of Coal Ministry reinforces my view that Ministers must not have executive powers.
Lessons of Life: Open ur eyes, ur ears, ur heart 2 people. And they will reveal themselves 2 u. And then trust and love follows
And is it not time to stop the blame game? How long are we going give the excuse 'look where Congress brought us'. Its time 2 move forward
No party/individual has a magic wand. India potentially adding over 10m youth 2 unemployment figures annually. Its going 2 be a hard 5 years
With all d books about Manmohan Singh, why doesn't he come out n set the record straight himself? C'mon Mr Singh 'The Nation wants to know"
Do Veda's date back 2 the end of the Ice Age? A civilization lost under the sea off India's west coast? Must see Doc…
"I measure the progress of a community by the degree of progress which women have achieved.” ― B.R. Ambedkar, his 123rd birth anniv today
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Boy takes friend's disabled mother surfing. Watch this video just 2 see the joy on their faces.…
Be a tree whose leaves rustle and sing with d wind. Whose branches n trunk bend with tides of change. But roots stay firm in your culture.
New frontiers of medicine lie in our living in harmony with r Microbiome. Bacteria Virus n other cells tht constitute 90% of cells in r body
@milinddeora @ndtv @BDUTT just watched the entire show and I wish there were more people in our political system like mr.deora.
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Some of brightest minds in India supported Congress party. How did they just buy in2 d idea of right of succession by birth in a Democracy?
Lessons of Life: Ah.. the art of being dramatic. Great. Watch urself tho. Your addiction to the dramatic could be creating conflict around u
Spent week with worlds most renowned physicists mathematicians biologists. Have realized a deep respect for wisdom of science/maths in Vedas
That which my words r unable to express. My heart speaks. Can you not listen to the language of my heart ?
If Space is forever. Then wherever you and I are. We are at the centre of 'forever'. We are at the centre of all Eternity. You and I. As one
Lessons of Life: There is no noise greater than d screaming inside ur own head. How would u listen 2 yourself unless u stop that screaming?