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Shekhar Kapur
Just before the Big Bang there was Nothingness. 'Who are u?' I asked. 'Aum' Said Nothingness. And exploded into a Universe.
So you want to be a writer? Read this. One the world's great writers take on the desperate urge to create
Just before the Big Bang there was Nothingness. 'Who are u? I asked. 'Aum' Said Nothingness. And exploded into a Universe.
Amoebas: puny, stupid blobs -- but somehow contain 200 times more DNA than Einstein did.
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Are u an Ocean? I said. 'No I am an individual Drop' It said. I threw the drop back into the Ocean. 'Hey Drop! I shouted. The Ocean spoke.
Lessons of life; That which has no beginning. Cannot have an end. And so can have no linearity. So when did time begin?
Beyond the edges of r universe. Beyond the edge of time. There's a realm called forever. Where you and I will truly become one. In eternity
On a lighter side, this promises 2 be fun. Eff n Bedi. Daughter tells mom 2 grow up! Pooja n Alia Bedi from @MyQyuki
Dark ages. Must read @pickover In 1906, the Bronx Zoo Put a Black Man on Display in the Monkey House. More info:
Lessons of Life: When d mind's in a storm n confusion reigns. Take advantage. Rise above d mind while its not watching. There lies clarity.
Lessons of Life : 'To know what to draw, you have to begin to draw' Pablo Picasso.
Lessons of Life : Spirituality and Creativity are similar. Both are asking you to redefine your perception of that which seems rational.
Lessons of Life : The best creative work happens when the rational, self-editing mind gets out of the way of the intuitive provocation.
Here's a quirky comedy that looks promising. The trailer caught my attention Looking forward to it. Sulemani Keeda.
Lessons of Life : Eternity lies in the depths of this moment. Not the one before, nor the one to come. But in this moment.
Lessons of Life : All creativity is born of playfulness.
Lessons of Life : A new dawn does not come every morning. It comes every moment of your life, if you are ready to receive it, be aware of it
Lessons of Life: ' the countless universes that arise n r dissolved are creations of the desires that arise in the heart' Yoga Vashishta
Doesn't make sense' She said 'What' I said. 'Nothing does' She said. 'It's supposed to? I said. 'Maybe not' She said. 'Its fine then' I said
Lessons Of Life. Standing at the edge of time. On the last shores of the Universe. Let's step across. Into forever. And be eternal together.
Lessons of Life : A petty n greedy mind tries 2 resolve every problem from its own limited perspective n creates walls of pettiness around u
Sent with love to all of u @shubhamnagar happy Diwali Shekhar ji , your messages are like a light of deepavali for us. Thank you
Trust @aamir_khan 2 keep coming with something different. Is he an Alien in #PKTeaser ? But then he has the best director in @RajkumarHirani
Lighting a lamp is a reminder of our inner pursuit. The light within ourselves must be kept alight to see us through darkness #HappyDiwali
Lessons of Life : The Nandi Bull. One leg ready for action. The other in eternal patience. Patience and action do not contradict each other.
Lessons of Life : Know that when your achievements become your measure of your own worth, you have confined your potential to the mundane.
Lighting a lamp is reminder 2 ourselves of that inner pursuit. The light within ourselves must be kept alight to see ourselves thru darkness
The more u identify yourself with that which is measurable, the more u confine your potential. Which is immeasurable. #HappyDiwali
#Diwali blessings to all. Nothing that can be measured can ever belong 2 you. But u are part of an immensity of eternity. U r immeasurable.
2000 years to grow, and one day to cut down. This is tree, as old as history, born before birth of Christ…
Lessons of Life : Many interpretations of Mara the Demon in Tibetan #Buddhism. The seducer. The trickster. Mara is often your own mind.
Nun sings 'like a virgin'? Not sure thats what Madonna had in mind. But beautifully shot. Worth watching.…
Lessons of Life: Every breath in devotion to u. Every step in yearning for u. Every word whispered in love for u. How long will u resist me?
As u burn firecrackers #Diwali2014 remember d small children that made them in squalid hazardous dangerous conditions
Mara : Your personal and the Universal Demon in Tibetan Buddhism.
Why r u laughing? Said Mara. 'I'm happy' I said. 'We have to do something about that' Said Mara 'What can I make u feel guilty about?'
What do u think of Modi? Every1 in US asks. India's no longer about Yoga reincarnation n Poverty. Its about India's new force @narendramodi
Lessons of Life : Life is not prose. Its poetry. Life has no explanation. Its simply imagination,
Thank you and love @jeevanmunde sir your every thought amazing..really great though #Lessonsoflife
Lessons of Life : Life is not prose. Its poetry. Life has no explanation. Its simply imagination.
Lessons of Life : How does it matter how big your house is? What matters is how big your heart is. For thats where you really live.
Lessons of Life : There's a million miracles happening around and inside u as I write this. Proof ? You are alive. But u don't really notice
Lessons of Life: Would a drop in an ocean be anything but the vast ocean itself? Yet we imagine ourselves as individuals in a vast eternity.
Lessons of Life : Hygiene. Brush ur teeth twice a day. Bathe everyday. Right? How about hygiene for the mind? For the soul?
Lessons of Life: How wld a drop in an ocean imagine itself as anything but a vast ocean. Why do we reduce ourselves 2 one being in eternity?
Lessons of Life: Anger is like a stone thrown at you. Be like water. Let the stone pass thru you. And the ripples die out.