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Shekhar Kapur
Lessons of Life : Hygiene. Brush ur teeth twice a day. Bathe everyday. Right? How about hygiene for the mind? For the soul?
Lessons of Life: How wld a drop in an ocean imagine itself as anything but a vast ocean. Why do we reduce ourselves 2 one being in eternity?
Lessons of Life: Anger is like a stone thrown at you. Be like water. Let the stone pass thru you. And the ripples die out.
Where do u live? She said. In other people's hearts' I said. And mine? She said. Look inside' I said 'u will find me there. 'Yes' She said.
Lessons of Life : The anticipation of conflict creates conflict.
People should live 'smaller lives' for more meaningful relationship with r planet n with the community… #WorldFoodDay
Our concerns for hungry children cannot end at charity. We need to make substantial life style choices personally n as society #WorldFoodDay
The great animal protein myth. Its ruining our planet and your health #WorldFoodDay
Marketing has made us slaves to choice. Do we need 100 brands of cereals while kids world over starve?… #WorldFoodDay
Denmark has twice as many pigs as people. Rainforests r being cleared in Brazil 2 grow more Soybean 2 feed the pigs #WorldFoodDay
60% agricultural land used 2 grow feed for livestock. Only 8% used for food. Meat Industry killing us? #WorldFoodDay
@shekharkapur at least jeans last for years-surely we should complain about the cheap cotton T shirts made in sweat shops sold by chains?
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When u throw away a pair of jeans, u throw 6000 ltrs of water that could gone into growing food instead of cotton #WorldFoodDay Consume less
16th October #WorldFoodDay For those of us who have luxury of food, its time 2 think of the kids that die of hunger…
Cant bring back the dead #children of #Syria. But can try and stop more from dying…
Children born in2 poverty r 2wice more to die b4 the age of 5 #beasuperhero take #zerohunger challenge @narendramodi
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Lessons of Life : It happened. It never happened. Will happen. Will never happen. May happen. May never happen. Life's interpretations.
Tigmanshu Dhulia and Dibakar Banerjee to present @shekharkapur Bandit Queen. @tigmanshudhulia was casting director on the film #MAMI 2014
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Lessons of Life: The mind will scream aloud 2 make sure u dont listen 2 whispers of ur heart. Still yourself. Cut the noise.Hear the whisper
Lessons of film : Pure honest heartfelt story telling. All the technology n marketing cannot beat that.
On this day in 1965, Jimi Hendrix signed his first UK recording contract. He received $1 and a 1% on all sales.
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Creativity born of honesty @DipsherB Masterpiece Masom @shekharkapur watched , watching and will watch again.
Beautiful post by Jolly Shah on her experiences as social worker in #Afghanistan and on #women there. @jollyuday
I finally saw #TheGoldenAge A beautiful #movie directed by @shekharkapur. #CateBlanchett = wow. Wld love to see life thru Shekhar's eyes!
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Mayor of #LosAngeles says people's relationship with #Water must change to deal with realities of #drought…
Lessons of Life : The meaning of life lies in the experience of life.
Lessons of Life: Your life depends on your next breath. Yet u have not caused it. Nor have u thought about it. Life moves on beyond thought
Lessons of Life : Great difference between intelligence and intellectualism.
You wasting time? She said. 'How do u do that? I said. 'By doing nothing' She said 'How do u do nothing' I said. What ur doing now' She said
Your'e wasting time' She said. 'How do u do that? I said. 'By doing nothing' She said. 'How do u do nothing' I said. What ur doing' She said
Updated Modi @Flipboard guide feat. @EllenBarryNYT on Gandhi & Modi and @suhasiniraj on tracking India's bureaucrats
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INDIA successfully demonstrated use of sea water to grow grass, no machinery, no energy in 2006 @shekharkapur
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Thank you @shivambanga @shekharkapur watching Pradhanmantri for the seond time..thank you for this true insight @abpnewstv
Lessons of Life: Love does not happen. Its a constant flow. Your heart is the valve. Open it and it will flow.
Lessons of Life : Greed isolates. Love liberates.
Tried rock climbing roped 2 a team that is constantly looking down 2 see how far they can fall, rather up 2 see how far they can rise? Phew!
No reason? She said. No' I said. 'It just is? She said. 'It just is' I said. 'You, I and love? She said. 'We just are, love just is' I said.
Its a mystery' She said. Yes' I said. 'You've answers? She said. 'Only questions' I said. 'You and I? She said. A beautiful question' I said
Yes @DeepakChopra The now never ends. There is no beginning or end to an event. Linearity is merely the way we are hardwired. So well put.
There is no flow of time. There is only the flow of experience around the still point of now. Now never ends #CosmicConsciousness
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The stuff we are made of - Ingredients of an All-Natural Strawberry:
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Lessons of life : 5% of planets population constantly worries about how to live longer. The rest worry about surviving the next day.
Leasons of life : 5% of planets population constantly worries about how to live longer. The rest worry about surviving the next day.