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Shekhar Kapur
Tomorrow. 11 am. Interacting with students at @WhistlingWoodsI Looking forward to intense creative exchange. Please be ready with questions
Fruits n Veggies may be trying to kill you. And thats why they are good for you? This new medical theory
Lessons of Life: Pain is often a thought. Like any other. That wants to go away. But you wont let it. For it gives meaning 2 your existence
Lessons of Life: All existence exists only because you imagine its existence. If we cannot imagine it, it does not exist. Not for us.
Lessons of Life: Celebrating as every1 in ur team agrees with u? Remember. U've just seen the first sign of failure #leadership #management
Like history being constructed : Times Square, 1903 via @imgur
Lessons of Life: Your ego doesn't just go away. How could it when you hold it so dearly 2 yourself. To give yourself identity.
Extinct Cephalopod falls in love within mathematics and geometry. (Helioceras heteromorph)
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'I'm bored' She said. I took out my gun n put it 2 her temple. 'What r u doing?' She screamed. 'Trying to get u interested in living' I said
Lessons of Life : Difference between looking fr excitement n looking for adventure? Excitement fizzles out. Adventure is a constant yearning
Lessons of Life: Those that know fear so well, they r fearless. Those that know death so well, they are full of life. Those r d chosen ones.
.@shekharkapur questions: What is the Ultimate? What is the "you" beyond "yours?" @SadhguruJV answers.
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wow @priyankachopra you're completely convincing in #MaryKomTrailer From Barfi 2 this. Pretty amazing journey.
As #Technology #socialmedia accelerate pace of #change any #structure/organization must b fluid 2 survive. Like #waves in ocean. #management
Lessons of Life: Tired of treading the same path? See that one that leads off in2 the unknown? Try it. Who knows the adventure that awaits u
As #Technology #socialmedia accelerate pace of #change, any form of #structure needs 2 be able 2 dismantle 2 re group 2 survive as an entity
Welcome 2 life ∆˚∆ @ankitabhalla28 Sir, Simply love ur dialogue exchanges.. As if dey r happening in my life, rite nw.. Bang on :) <3
@shekharkapur @Originsofus @Bhairavi_Jani :Brahma gupta(628AD) postulated dt any integer divided by 0 yields infinity.Our Great methametcian
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'Its going nowhere' She cried. 'What?' I asked 'You and I, our relationship' She said "Its not supposed to" I said. 'Its here. And its now'.
'This is going nowhere' She said. 'What ?' I said 'You and I, r relationship' She said "Its not supposed 2" I said. 'Its here. And its now'.
Lessons of Life : When others give u advice, they r often projecting their fears and prejudices on 2 your life. Remember, ur life is unique