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$NKTR..$13.63 PDUFA tomorrow
$ACST..$1.07 green move today. Waiting for key PH 2 data at the end of Sept.
$ARWR.. $14.70 is kicking my tail today. Not the first time I have to show some patience in a super volatile stock. Looking to add..
$ARWR..$15.40 if you were waiting on it for a you go.
$AVNR..$10.90 watch for possible fade from $11. Be smart w/ profits and protect them.
$HALO..$9.44 pop and fade from $9.98.
$CPRX..$3.29 a rare green play today on my screen up 6%.
$PSDV..$4.22 down 5%. Sold off to $4.07 early a.m. but is coming back now.
What an ugly open to the biotech market. My whole screen is red here other than a few names. $IBB
$AVNR..$9.94 looking for the $10 break. Baker Bros & Orbimed have been buying this for months. Has made strong move from mid $5's past 3wks.
$HALO..$9.98 looking to stay above $10 today off approval.
$NPSP..$28.50 is off 13%. So much volatility into ADCOM and after.
$AVNR..$9.30 now. Big move here now up 40%
$AVNR..$8.18 pre-mkt..Announces +/ve Ph.2 Trial Results for AVP-923 in TRx of Agitation in Pts w/ Alzheimers Disease…
$NKTR..$13.87 is gaining strength into the close. PDUFA date on Tuesday the 16th.
$BLUE..$37.12 a nice recovery from the selloffs yesterday in the stock. Doing well today amidst the biotech selloff.
$AMRN..$1.47 bounce.
$CPRX..Firdapse data lock on 9/15 w/Data release at end of Sept 2014.
$ISIS..being talked about now by Cramer on $CNBC as a company he loved. $ACAD he sees as more high risk but likes it also.
$AMRN..$1.38 down 24% on SPA update..Amarin Provides Update on ANCHOR Trial SPA Agreement Rescission Appeal…
$PGNX..$4.45 is also moving today. PDUFA in a few weeks. Milestone payments on deck for Relistor approval of 40m.
$SYN..$2.36 company awaiting ODD for SYN-005 for Pertussis by end of September.
$BLUE..$36.78 saw discounted shares here below $36 w/ some selling. Nabbed some shares. A lot if promise here. Good stuff!
$AEZS..$1.38 is bucking the trend here and moving higher into the close. Two months from their Nov 5th PDUFA. It will run if they let it!
$OREX..$5.26 and the low is $5.13. 22.3m in volume. Lots of volatility here. Interested to see where this shakes out. Just a spectator here.
$ARWR..$16.84 trying to close out +/ve for the day. Mega volume like the beast that it is. A low of $16.30. Trading 60 cent range again.
$PSDV..$4.56 a lot of volume today. PDUFA of Sept 26th.
$BLUE..$36.46 solid volume today of 280k. Closing the gap of LOD of $35.93.
$BLUE..$36.02 this morning.
$AMRN..At Rodman..they are itching to hear from FDA on SPA appeal at the 1:30 mark. "Looking for an update from FDA.
RT @JohnCFierce: Orexigen nabs long-awaited FDA approval for obesity drug Contrave - $OREX…
FDA approves weight-management drug Contrave from $OREX Orexigen
Retweeted by Sheff
$OREX Orexigen trading halted, pending news..
$ARWR..$16.80 nice move today on volume over 2m. Had to be patient this morning with the dip back near $16.
$TGtX..$10.04..$10 crack attack on solid volume of over 200k.
Agreed, Thx Sheff!! RT @pennystocksusa: @SheffStation Keep up the good work big guy, you have been nailing them calls.
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$THLD..$5.16 from $5.41 high and pullback this morning.
$BLUE could be giving investors a lot of green by the EOY. Definitely in my top 5 for year end movers!
$TGTX..this one has not gotten too far away yet! Definite #ASH play here w/ solid potential being realized. Watching for a potential entry.
Interesting viewpoint here from Daniel Radcliffe. Live in the moment first & enjoy then share not the reverse! #Life
Trading is not a game but if done right u can make a lot of money. Opportunities abound in the biotech market! #study
#Biotech Data late Q3/early Q4 $ACST end Q3 ph2 $AVNR P3-late Q3 $CPRX Firdapse $SNSS-late Q3/early Q4 Valor $THLD P3 interim (Mid-Sept)
Today was a great day & one of the many reasons that I Love Mondays. #TGIM
$PGNX..$5.47..expecting an early approval from their Class 1 response. Bounced back nicely from $5.30 level.…
$BIND..$10.69..Catalysts & Value Drivers in 2014.…
$ALKS..$42.67..solid catalysts upcoming soon.…
$THLD..$4.84..What a move today! Very pleased here from $3.92 entry last week. The upgrade by Cantor and $14 PT really sparked it.
$BMRN CEO will be on Mad Money tonight.
$GILD hit $97.54 this! I missed that entry opportunity.