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raprappers 138,707 followers
Liverpool gotta dig deep ... whoa.
Maidana channeling his inner Suarez
The parkway was lit this year ... aside from the stampede, I had a blast.
What a game !!! Everton / Chelsea
You can't bring trashy people to nice places and assume they'll know how to act right
TECHNIQUE ... wow, that goal was gorgeous #Columbia
That match was so dramatic ... beauty though, fight to the end #Brazil
Jack Bauer threw Margo Al'Harazi out the window πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚πŸ™Œ
Spain, now England ... the World is changing 😱⚽
My Nutribullet is done ... planned to replace it but this Nutri Ninja has 900 watts, the blade looks better and it costs less πŸ˜πŸŒπŸŽπŸ“πŸŒ€
This DJ is genre hopping with every song ... no method to the madness, giving me such a headache πŸ˜ŸπŸ˜’
Liverpool fans on pins and needles ... I've never seen so much tension and nail-biting.
At Fallsview / it was type β›„ for an outdoor pool in Canada ... was about to get out and make a run for…
Just copped TitanFall ... here waiting a million years for it to install #xbox
At my nephew's 5th b'day party ... big man now πŸŽπŸŽ‚οΏ½
When the pinata breaks at a kid's party, shit gets real ... survival of the fittest.
Awesome, @Kevin_AnR_Shine I'll be on the lookout for that new issue of @EmpireRadioMag - all the best.
That Olympic hockey competition was SWEET #USA #Sochi2014
Valentine's Day, Side Chick Awareness Day or just plain 'ole Friday ... I wish everyone a fabulous day πŸ˜˜πŸ’žβœŒπŸ’‹
All this snow ... walking down the block feels like I'm competing in #Sochi2014
Experiencing Sunday afternoon NFL withdrawal ...
The 15 year old Russian figure skater Lipnitskaia was absolutely amazing #Sochi2014
Can't believe Liverpool has Arsenal 3-nil less than 20 minutes in ... crazy #barclays
Happy Birthday @StalyonMusic - enjoy your day πŸŽ‚πŸŽπŸŽ‰
Unwritten goals are just wishes
That's great, I'll be sure to check it out and link to it @xenaphon8
Had a great time a Katra ... hookah flow.
Not every truth needs to be known
Target scanning your driver's license for a video game feels so invasive.
I know going to the sneaker store to walk past the Gamma line wearing an early release is wrong ... but damn, it feels great πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
I pay extra for Extreme HD with Verizon FIOS in order to get the MSG Network ... Knicks are ass this year, I should save a few bucks.
I hate when buyers snipe eBay auctions then take forever to pay ... it's like rushing to a red light.
Detangling with a fine-toothed comb, fun times *sigh*
Just had the strangest convo with someone who never heard of a beef patty ... I described it and she says "oh, like a pierogi or empanada"
Updated my Twitter app ... it seems so busy, I'm still trying to figure out how to navigate around.
Now Foster and Griffith can crawl in the same hole #IronBowl #SEC Alabama / Auburn
This Alabama / Auburn game #IronBowl >>>>>
Grabbed something to eat from the Fairway Supermarket hot food buffet ... I'm pleasantly surprised.
He reached into his Louis "man-bag" and pulled out a travel-sized lint roller. I feel like my femininity is being threatened.
Cheddar Chex Mix is ADDICTIVE
Ha! Thanks ... enjoy your day !!! RT @DrPostALot: Have you checked out @SHEEmusic's bio. I love it. clever ;) Happy Friday Eve!
Emojis make those text convos hilarious
JR SPLIFF looking like Juwana Mann with those struggle twists
If you aren't doing something you love, you are just wasting time - unfortunately, many people love wasting time.
Failing to plan means planning to fail
Don't talk about it, be about it.
Special thanks to all of the veterans - what you've done for this country doesn't go unnoticed, YOU ARE APPRECIATED. God Bless America.
Artists + musicians: seeking artist-friendly advice about the Affordable Care Act? Visit: via @future_of_music
If someone is riding your coattails, take your jacket off and make them stand for themselves.