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church girl
Fuck u Morgan from rox
I'm just tryna have a good time
I also fucking love boneless wings
I fucking love my friends
when u have a sassy mouth but hella sensitive at the same time (aka me)
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All this schoolwork is making me think about developing a meth habit
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Ms best has to be the dumbest guidance counselor ever🙄
I am just so content with life right now☺️☺️☺️
I wanna go to the aquarium wtf
No feelings r the best feelings
I'm literally procrastinating doing my essay by cleaning my room #thatswhenuknow
me choosing what outfit to wear at your funeral after murdering you
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Sunday's suck because it's the day you really gotta get your shit together
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my entire day is going to consist of netflix
I love my friends so much😍😭
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RIP to my gpa/immune system/sleep schedule/bank account/life/me
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When did having the ability to "cut someone off and not feel any remorse about it" become a bad skill to have?
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"Alyse better not be a slut bc I told her not to be"-Stacy
leading ur drunk friend to the bathroom like....
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I wasn't meant for the "Netflix & chill" generation, let's go on an adventure.
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That's y u gotta live life to the fullest while u can #meth…
I still haven't got out of bed I am repulsive
I'm suddenly interested in football 😍9
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"what's so good about greys anatomy anyways"
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What's the point of having a Twitter if ur on private
My grandma says doo doo head now and honestly I have never been happier
I should be writing my 4 page essay right now but greys anatomy
When someone likes their own Instagram photo
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Absolutely do not want to get up for school tomorrow
It's so fucking sexy when a guy actually has goals rather than a guy whose walking around with the "I don't give a fuck attitude"
I can't wait till I'm a mommy driving a white Range Rover
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End of the marking period got me like
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I walk outside and all I see is vomit a fake ear and a 40
who's gonna throw a better party tonight?
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