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church girl
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We are like high school goals
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I mean I guess U not being faithful makes ME vile #aightaight
A good relationship with yourself results in a great relationship with others.
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@urbitchcabello: @KylieJenner I am cutting my fathers dick in half and feeding it to my 8 month baby sister if you don't follow me”........
I'm just gonna let karma do its thing😌
Kylie Jenner may or may not be pregnant and I may or may not b its other baby mama
Is it grey or gray???
I literally can't contain my excitement for 50 shades of grey😈😻
Always waiting until the last minute🙆
Always willing to do more for others than they'll ever do for me
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@SMACKHighNJ: Where freshman girls exaggerate being 'in love' with the 1st guy they meet in high school Paramus High"basically every school
@lexymorejon: Do you ever want to treat someone the way they treat you but you cant because its just not in your character?” Fucking always
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I swear I am a nice person and if you don't think so it's probably your fault
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My fav was the security guard laughing
" I can't tell if my gerbils R fighting or having sex" -@ElainaEl
When the song summer comes on but its 28 degrees out and u just die a lil inside
I can't stand people that "can't live without" a girl/guy in their life like be independent for 5 min?????
i want a BF :/ and by BF i mean Benjamin Franklin as in a 100 dollar bill
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Stay out of my mentions UR dirty
We should 500% have a snow day tomorrow bc I have Netflix to catch up on
I need to stop being such a lazy piece of shit😅
Only starting the Carrie diaries bc Austin butler is so fucking fine😻😻😻
@brookllynj: 50 shades of grey is so poorly written, people in my 9th grade english class could write better than this”wtf
nothing is more attractive than when a guy is open about how they feel about a girl
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💎😈 I miss u so much bc you're so sweet & fun & I feel like I can talk to u about anything you're just a great person haha ily💓
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The Sophomore sluts r absolutely raunchy😂😷😷
@codyk: just bieber’s legs are 2 feet long”he looks like a flaming faggot
I'm obsessed with my boobs more than any guy I've ever met. #sluttygirlproblems
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Smh If girls think VS models are every guys dream... We're not in fifth grade. Go ahead and eat that last chicken wing baby... u gorgeous
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@kiannasaw: I really need to get my shit together 😅”me every 5 min
Wearing all black bc it's a dark day today
Baby if you're not rolling out a red carpet for me then fuck you
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I would actually kill for a snow day today😭😭😭