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When u realize ur headed in the wrong direction, get up out ur seat and start going the other way.
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He will eat every single one of those bad boys! Don't you tempt him.
Join us on our online TV show at 3pm CT Tomorrow for Live on air #ALSchallenge EPIC answer from me!
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Look what that eternally beautiful flawless girl who let's me kiss her @katiletters made! #WaterMelonShark
Amen brothers and sisters! #OneLove #HumanFamily I love your bones.
Squeezing every last ounce of what is left of summer...
New @SHAYTARDS vlog is live! Happy Birthday BABYTARD! I think she liked her present ;)
I'm donating $1,000 plus whatever this video makes on ad sense to Help a good cause and watch.…
OK, @shaycarl you have caused major plans to go into place....stay tuned....
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Go watch @shaycarl new video " ALS ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE WITH HEAVY EQUIPMENT!"… #GoBigOrGoHome
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Best ice bucket challenge I've seen .. Obvs @shaycarl goes big or goes home
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It took me a while to get it done @PhillyD But here is my ALS ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE!
The stud muffin express just pulled into the station!
If you didn't know ill, yes I'm going to @BufferFestival this year! So grab you tix now, they're half sold out :)
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Less than 100 tickets remain for the @shaycarl screening. If you want to go to his screening and meetup, get tickets before they sell out.
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My Loofus is a 7 year old today! New @SHAYTARDS vlog is live!
My dance moves on the golf course have been improving!!!! via @YouTube
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New video is live! I had to get kinda naked cause I'm a horrible golfer!
I spy with my eye @shaycarl! We had so much fun the day before VloggerFair. Watch the vlog:
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Happy 7th birthday Loofus!
It's BABYTARD'S 7th birthday! I just showed her this video you guys made her and she LOVED it!