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"Commuting to work" #LA #BusinessTrip
Tomorrow I make another extra payment on our last loan with Sallie Mae! Thank you @shaycarl for the inspiration to get started 2yrs ago!
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Call to vote for @BethanyMota to win #DWTS #TeamInternet 1-800-868-3403
Call this number! 1-800-868-3403
i went back on @shaycarl & @katilette’s podcast and talked about what all this Sasquatch stuff is about. Learn.
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New @SHAYTARDS vlog is live! My bud @kassemg comes to the mountains of Idaho to run me over!…
I did a @naturebox brand deal today and I clicked on my "link in the description" to make sure I got it correct and then I stared drooling!
Hunting in the basements of Idaho!
HEY! #TeamInternet remember that @BethanyMota is on #DWTS tonight on that big screen that's not your computer.
@shaycarl is still one of the funniest and most genuine youtubers out there..Hope to one day make a cameo in one of your videos! #lovethefam
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It was a climb on the roof to look at the sunset type of night!
@shaycarl this is Taylor swifts official Tumblr and she just posted this and i thought the girls would want to see…
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I'm running the New York Marathon w/ @shaycarl & friends for UNICEF! Help me reach my goal! #BucketList…
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I know you can't see him but @gmessak is in this photo. #HeadToToeCamo
I got in a fight with @kassemg at dinner last night about Bigfoot. We decided we need to podcast about it!
Just ran 14 miles with @carliestylez No better way to clear your mind than 2 & a half hours of running.
When two life paths converge into an undeniable forever friendship. @gmessak #love #bliss #smiles #friends
There is exactly 1 mud puddle on this entire mountain and he attacks it!
.@gmessak almost smiled for the children.
I guess it took a different type of giant harry man to convince @gmessak to come to Idaho!
Beautiful location and great sibling teamwork! Great job @CarlieStylezz & @shaycarl ! Next stop, NYC! Marathon!
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Hardest thing I've done and I have to double it in 2 months?! I'm scared. @shaycarl
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Less than 2 months until me and @CarlieStylezz run the New York City marathon!
Brand new @SHAYTARDS vlog is live! Baby Daxton is feeling better!
New @SHAYTARDS vlog is live! I think @katilette is excited the kids are back in school! (vid)…
Feeling better this morning. A little skull fracture can't hold this guy down!
.@SHAYTARDS vlog is live! It was exciting sitting next to @BethanyMota when she won! @streamys
Saw some old friends in the airport. You're baby is beautiful @nikki_glo
Yoga at gate 33B! Only at LAX
Photo: Congrats @shaycarl for not only being an icon but an epic human being. And for having a hot wife....
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Streamy's recap: Harley made us laugh, Shay made us cry, and WHERE ARE THE DRINKS #Streamys
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I'm so proud of my baby! @shaycarl you have always been an Icon to me, I love you.❤️ @streamys @beverlyhilton
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Here was the final look. @katiletters is the most fair in all of the land! I love her so much and always feel so confident because she is by my side.
YAY ICON!!!! @shaycarl - LOVE YOU TO THE MOON AND BACK!!! #Streamys
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Our #Streamys Entrepreneurship ICON @shaycarl is simply the best. Who agrees?
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Saw two of my favorite people again tonight! shaycarl @katilette love them!!!
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