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IG: Shawn_ATLien86
Y'all was about uplifting the black community couple days ago now y'all here entertaining some petty drama between #Drake and #ChrisBrown
Whoever started this #CrimingWhileWhite trend on twitter.. Eye opening for everyone exposing criminals I pay taxes 4
In the midst of all this controversy.. Do you need to still be worried about #Ebola or we good now???
Go listen to @PastorTroyDSGB intro in "Above the Law".. That was in 99.. This ain't nothing new.. #EricGarner #MikeBrown #TamirRice
For you "I can't wait till this #Ferguson stuff is over" people sorry to bust your bubble but #TamirRice is bout to add fuel to the fire.
Why I see alot of black people posting stuff they bought for #BlackFriday?? thought a boycott was in effect. That applies to tonight too ijs
I know there are calls to #BoycottBlackFriday. Put that money to use by donating to a worthy Org. Here's a list:
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Come to think of it everyone needs to #BoycottBlackFriday .. Whether it's for #MikeBrown or the fact being with family is more important..
You screaming #BoycottBlackFriday but who screaming spend the money towards donating to #MikeBrown family??? #Ferguson #FergusonDecision
People do jail time for weed but folks walking the streets free that took a life claiming self defense.. That's #AmericanLaw for you..
Rioting is good for TV.. The media has heavily set this whole situation up.. They wanted this.. #Ferguson #FergusonDecision
The podcast I did in regards to Mike Brown.… it's old but yall didn't listen
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If you listened to @PastorTroyDSGB earlier music you'd be shock to see its relevance to today. YouTube "Oh Father" for a perfect example.
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Mad #DarrenWilson got all this donation $$$ but why nobody especially these concerned black celebs give $$$ to #MikeBrown Family??
Moments like this alot of undercover racism across the board comes out full swinging.. Of course it's behind a keyboard.. #Ferguson
#FergusonRiotTips don't riot but if you do.. Destroy not your own community..
Free everyone doing time for these petty weed charges.. They didn't take a life but probable cause got them... #FergusonDecision
The Racial Tension will be high this week I bet.. #Ferguson
What the fuuuuuuuuucccckk!!!!! Mike Smith this why you getting fired.. What did that bullshit time out accomplish??? #FireMikeSmith
#FreeBillCosby ... Them chicks tossed they pudding below they waist at him and just salty they didn't pull a #KimKardashian.. That is all..
I feel sorry for the actress in that #AaliyahMovie .. Judging from the feedback she committed career suicide.. #AaliyahPrincessOfRnB
Does #Auburn have these refs on payroll?? Geesh #GoDawgs #AUBvsUGA
Women you too can have a sexy body like #KimKardashian with the Liquify tool.. #photoshop
Guess since #AtlantaFalcons were on bye week #GeorgiaBullDogs decided they would suck in their place.. #GeorgiaSportsTeams #UGAvsUF
Someone tell #VickieJohnson God Forgives so should she.. Lift the Hex on the #AtlantaFalcons #ChurchLadyCurse #RiseUp.. They gave the $$$$$ Falcons may be facing the 'Curse of the Church Lady' - WXIA-TV
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Y'all worried bout #Tiny eye color. More scary life threatening things to worry about like #ISIS, #Ebola and the #AtlantaFalcons record..
That #MichaelVick situation made the #AtlantaFalcons a soft wanna be politically correct team now it's really being exposed..
Can we petition the #RiseUp up slogan.. That's the problem we ain't rising no where and need to Dominate from the get go.. #AtlantaFalcons
Could be a #DallasCowBoys dick rider but the way my loyalty setup...
Gov: America no need to panic #Ebola is under control.. news: Today another person has been diagnosed with #Ebola.. 😒😒😒
Well somewhere in somebody's #Madden15 the @Atlanta_Falcons are having an outstanding season.. That makes me feel better #RiseUp smh
I think this #AaliyahMovie dropping on #Lifetime about to kill alot of careers.. Remember #FlexAlexander in #ManInTheMirror???
Didn't watch the #HiphopAwards but judging from my feed alot of the rappers must have shopped in the womens section before the show???
@nfl: ASmith Ridiculousness Wk1:54yd TD Wk3:38yd TD Wk4:48yd TD Wk5:74yd TD Wk6:41yd TD" And yet idiot #AtlantaFalcons have him as #4 RB
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Tickets to the @Atlanta_Falcons #FireThomasDimitroff #FireMikeSmith bandwagon are now available.. Get at your local ticket master..
Worst Defense in the NFL resides in Atlanta, Georgia
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