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OC viewing party went amazing, catch @SummonersCafe again at @SummonersCon :))
At the #worlds viewing party in OC and got to visit the @SummonersCafe and these ladies are fabulous! Was a pleasure visiting them!
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had a great time yesterday but ended up too exhausted to go to the LA viewing party after, @SummonersCafe was amazing!
but if you can't attend that one-come join us at the LA viewing party, i'll be there after midnight :)…
catch me at the OC/UCI viewing party later today from 5-11:30~, tickets have been SOLD out:…
Since I'm a free agent now, to any team out there that wants a support staff, contact is in my bio. It's a proper 3-4 man staff.
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Our event schedule for Midnight Finals is out! Please allow us to serve you, Master <3…
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having a full tank of gas again makes my car feel loved and my wallet feel empty
Keep an eye out for our Cafe's event schedule announcement tomorrow! For Midnight Finals tickets/info visit:…
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boss treating us out to houston's.... i ordered the most expensive steak
i'm not a very consistent streamer and i apologize for that :(
"First woman on the Moon: "Houston, we have a problem." What? "Never mind" What's the problem? "Nothing" Please tell us? "I'm fine"
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starting to think some people have really easy jobs but it's all those stubborn assholes that work with them that make things difficult
We're now locked in for #Worlds Finals! Samsung White & Star Horn Royal Club face off on October 19th!
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Worked out to some awesome dance routines today. @SummonersCafe at @SummonersCon is going to be kick ass :)
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let's just give this guy the trophy he deserves it the most
i'll be going to the oc/uci midnight finals viewing party and the LA/hollywood one! :) check it out -…
is anyone going to blizzcon?
check out their "not alone" page on their website, and submit your own if you want -! week's not over yet
officially going to blizzcon :)
short hiatus for streaming i guess... but definitely won't be gone too long
would like to share very well done post on bipolar disorder as well:… #MIAW2014
will be streaming tomorrow, sorry for the short break :)
to anyone who would like to share their struggle, for advice or just to be heard:, ur not alone :)
It's officially #MIAW14!! 1 in 4 Americans affected by #mentalillness each year. Raise awareness in your community.
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if you've ever wondered a bit about schizophrenia, here's something i think explains the subtypes very well!…
if you didn't know, it's mental illness awareness week starting today until oct 11, check it out & show ur support:!
i'm still so stunned
I will name my first born child (male or female) after @Hai_L9 if they 3-0. Pls cloud 9.
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if my mom starts raving i am leaving the state
my mom listens to edm and usher
gonna be a better person
to damiya's family and friends and all those that worked with her, my deepest condolences
did anyone remember to wake up green day hang out with us we're losers
i wanna watch annabelle
@YourFoodPorn: Pizza Cake. Heaven does exist. here's another 🍕 but you've probably seen it already 😜
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staying late and finished early...
Want to go to @SummonersCon ? Head Maid Nidalee went on the prowl to hunt down this special discount for you! <3
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I don't want feelings, I want new clothes
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