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Sharon Nashor
going to AX as a filthy casual
Last minute pass to AX, thanks to @The_Darxide!! Cya there friends
If you're going to @AnimeExpo, check out @SurveyCorpsDC's performance!! Got to see it myself and it's AMAZING.
thought i'd do an AMA now that i'm finally done subbing, please come check it out! ^^…
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-asks for encouragement- @The_Darxide: Wtf u don't need any words of encouragement. You're the most well put together person I know u idiot
All nighter to reset schedule........... /dies
Summoner's Cafe welcomes all Summoners out there, no matter who you love~ #LoveWins
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Haven't been able to stay active in my dancing lately but I've got good news coming up soon... hopefully :)
The competitive ruling is some BS though, especially when you consider how many challenger orgs got screwed by LCS team poaching.
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*With Vietnamese accent* do you wan me to make your da pulze ryze? or da stap
Maid Jinx does Gwiyomi! Ask her to do it for you at our next event and hope she doesn't throw up. ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ…
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ASHE HUNGER GAMES - only kill Ashe - 14/7/25 as Dr. Mundo on Howling Abyss #LeagueOfLegends…
falls off my chair I'm tilting
I miss u like i miss my skillshots all the time
everyone needs a hug right now
Wow you must know everything about it because you read it on the internets
E3 experience was awesome although exhausting! Had lots of fun with @SnailGamesUSA, @AzubuTV and @SummonersCafe ♡ All my hard work paid off😴
never did this b4 (i'm bad) but #wcw @sharonghaeyo the strongest nashor
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At #E32015 for @SnailGamesUSA! **We are behind the Nintendo booth :)
Playing some league while mainly watching E3! LETS GET HYPED ABOUT STUFF TOGETHER
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And I wanna open up my ears and time to anyone who is struggling with hardships, so pm me if you want to talk or just someone to listen
Received bad news day after day for the last few months but I'm going to stay positive and hopeful! ♡ surround myself with only good things
I stubbed my toe my life is over
Gimme your best jokes pls!! bedridden for a bit...
hey guys, me @Babyeator & @Bischulol will be subbing in again for @MSITDK this weekend! please support us again 8)
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ate all the ice cream we have but the sadness wont fill help
Named my aquarium in tiny tower 'whalecum' my proudest moment
For my birthday I would like unlimited avocados
Our Knights have taken the stage! They'll begin their game against Gravity in just a few minutes. GL! #LCS #TDKWIN
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going to be playing tomorrow with @Babyeator and @Bischulol for @MSITDK in the NA LCS versus @TeamLiquidLoL ^_^ please support us!
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Due to Visa issues Smoothie, Emperor, and Ninja are unable to play in the first week of LCS. Lattman, Baby, and Bischu will sub for the team
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Ah I love when good news is given to my loved ones!! automatically cheers me up
thanks for watching me do nothing I hope to bring the same dedication soon

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