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my new hobby is cooking these gorgeous pinterest foods but also punching walls when I fuck up, gr8 workout 10/10
B/C everyone is asking, going to give codes once pax ends today at 7pm est. Till then gonna try and get codes for as many ppl as I can!
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Thanks #riot for another 100 skins to add to the 300 I already have. #skingiveaway all week! #arcticopsvarus
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ah luckily it was just the charger, bought new 1 hoping I don't die before it comes
laptop charging port just gone to shits..
Heres a #riot ward skin as well! RWDD3DMQAME_PY! Blank is #1-9. Be sure to follow up and tell frands! Have lots to share! #skingiveaway #pax
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Arcade Hec! WWCQWJMURDXKL_. Blank is a,b,c or d! More skins every hour for the rest of the week! #giveaway #riot #skincode #pax #paxeast
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my granny slipper socks heh prevents me from slipping
Riot Blitzcrank! WWP7_DTMTUJXGU Space is a #1-9 Good luck! Arcade hec coming in 2 mins. Tell your frands #riot #skingiveaway #arcadehecarim
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Skin giveaway from @eHgglol!! Starts in a few minutes I think
@VarinalLoL @sharonghaeyo its in 5 mins and every hour after that till I pass out
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im fucken kidding im great lol
i act extremely cocky to hide the fact that i have no self esteem
feeling a lot sicker than earlier this week
Pedophiles are like tortoises, they both want to get there before the hair.
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eating mcdonalds after working out makes me feel guilty
How Can Mirrors Be Real If Our Eyes Aren't Real
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you're so ugly... every single part of you EVERY SINGLE ONE
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looking for a choreographer, not much pay but for ez dances! lmk if you or someone is interested