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Shitty fucken week
i blast k pop to annoy everyone in the office when im bored
too stressed to eat
craving kbbq :(
thanks to everyone that came yesterday and I hope you had a great time :)
just got my first new set of pillows ever... thanks @sharonghaeyo :')
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fridays are exhausting days...
misleading tweet* was already working there, but our organization is officially a non-profit now!
officially working for a nonprofit organization :) we applied in december~got approved by the IRS finally today!
just got hooked onto modern family now
how would you describe your experience working at the... — so far honestly i love it and we've got much coming.....
i haven't done this in a while and i'm bored so if u want
showing that you cannot do a basic instruction of sending ur resume to a certain email is not a good start lol...
my boss gave me lunch money and asked if we wnated to smoke weed
so most likely can stream tomorrow if i'm feeling better -v-
sinuses are killing me :(
actually follow @CaptainZiploc @LattmaNLOL and @BabyZeusLoL as well, also some really cool/talented people! :D
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what a wonderful time to be sick... the humidity is such a great addition
morning :) i'll be at turtle tea today so say hi
jk too tired..
sorry for the spam i'll stream a bit later
get home from work to do more work
i played rock band at work and sucked
gonna try streaming some d3 and mebe league today
come see @SummonersCafe at Turtle Tea in Garden Grove this weekend, i'll be there Sat-Sun! :)…
Meet and greet this friday in the OC with @Yoshistunts and Summoners cafe to watch LCS, details to come
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Come join me and @PeterSAdrian for some boba this Friday! We'll be at Turtle Tea in Garden Grove starting noon! Come support @SummonersCafe
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headache's back and now endless sneezing aaaa
im having a little rave in my bedroom right now ┗(-_- )┓
woah twitch has added in friends
sephora giftcards or food is accepted for unlimited amounts of friendship
beauty is confidence so if i want to wear ezreal's motherfucken pubes on my head so be it
More photos from @DJChrispyLoL :) check out the rest:! almost NO editing, he's amazing!
ups fucked up my delivery 8(
Goshujinsama, we have a Free Preview event this weekend! We'll be hosting an LCS Superweek Viewing Party. DETAILS-->
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another busy week for another exhausted sha1
i understand that it's nice to catch up but it's kinda irritating to repeat the last 2 years of my life lol
if ezreal and sailor moon had a baby it would have my hair right now