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S.H BroGod ♨
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You loose money chasing bitches, man thats just part of the game
Weed needs to hurry up and be legal so i can order it online and shit.
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I use to have a crush on her... Things changed.
Everybody wanna be a drug dealer. Everybody wanna be the plug nigga.
It's bouta get cold af...time to cop another north face
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I don't be knowing who I want to talk to..
I love bad bitches that's always surrounded by more bad bitches. 👌😍
Don't start some shit you can't finish.
@SexiestFaces: 🌸 Quote this w/ a selfie & whoever RTs thinks ur gorgeous �#AviContestst#SexiestFaceses ♞”
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I'd rather have money than be famous
I don't have friends.. I have brothers.
Shouldn't be talking out ya ass nigga.. #TeamShaquan #BroGod #1UpShit
Everyone show some love and listen to this one time for me.. S.H BroGod - Whatever…
I don't have shit but a dream and a passion
I do this for my a fam..
I hate a get mad and tell your business ass bitch...
I'm an asshole so if you don't want your feelings hurt don't talk to me..
She just made me mad
Ima fight my best friend
Ok I'm done.... Now you know 😉
Distance don't mean shit when you have hope 💕
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Once I see something I don't like, my fall back game strong af 👋👋
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How many drink would it take you to leave with me
You gotta spend money to make money... Ain't shit sweet.
GOODNIGHT & GOOD MORNING.. #VampShit @miss_unforgettable14 wanna write on a bitch hand and shit..
A nigga just got home and shit
Coping it up with all of my bro's.. Gotta make sure they straight..
my mind went from 🎃 to 🎅 real quick
I hate when a pretty ass girl is in a relationship with an ugly ass dike bitch..
I love all my niggas
Why are people still racist? At this point in society we should be past all of that and should be working together for the good
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People don't hmu like they use to... It's cool though
I regret opening up to some people. It just bugs me knowing there's a few out there who didn't even deserve to know me like that 😒💯
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