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i miss my little bro... :'(
i dont need you but i want you ;)
im about to be a little kid again. idc
its all about the money. ion need no distractions.
i dont have to do anything i dont want to do. i move on my own que
i hate when niggas try to put me in their situations.
all i see is beautiful people.
i swear im the nicest guy in the world at times
i hate all that arguing shit. i dont have time
i wanna fuck with someone heavy.. try something new ;)
yoo i woke up cold as hell..
"Hoes" would fuck you and ya boy and don't care about it..
Im just saying. People change up and I hate that shit. 😈
Damn.. It's like we not even friends anymore.. Like a nigga never knew you.. My memories feel like dreams now.....
People be doing to much sometimes..
Why she acting like that?? 󾌴 I ain't do shit to you. You cute though ☺󾍃
Now in days I walk over shit that I use to trip over #easy
Sometimes I hate being single 😈 Sometimes I don't 󾍃
I don't even know why I got all these friends on the book.. Half of these niggas I don't even associate with..
im chilling in the crib today.
niggas be like "my pull out game strong" im like "just wear a condom bro tf??"
stay hungry. even when you're eating. aint no limit. gotta make this money
neff im knocking her tf out.. idgaf how old she is. ima be rich bitch. im straight duffing her old ass. jk
some things you should keep to yourself.
people really be post any and everything that happens in their life on facebook.. On some dumb shit #Stupid
i love being the center of attention
i really don't trust anyone. im dead ass serious.
you trust me right?? "um. no bitch"
im quick to react. reflexes on point #splitsecond
we all gotta die someday so im going to have fun while i still can.. life is to short
lms, then check ya inbox ;)

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