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S.H BroGod ♨
Things change... Then they change again
My life is perfect.. Just perfect. #ThankGod
Video shoot in Miami with the bro and I got a show in Philly.. All happening in due time.. ☺
I got plugs in Los Angeles now ☺ I'm the man #Blessed 👌
"@FrmDC2FLA: A woman who can't cook and doesn't clean is useless" true 💯
"@Badassfem: If you mine 😈Ima lurk your Twitter 😴 idgaf" 👌
Shit just boosted my confidence.
If I didn't have no courage I would have never got her number
It be the prettiest girls that's scared to talk to me..
"@onlyyydream: Obsessed with the walking dead."my favorite show literally
She said she tired of being lonely.. She like daddy can you hold me 👅💦
Well it's not really that much.. Fuck it
I guess I'm a nigga, nigga ( @_justmecca voice)
Damn she told me to count... That's a lot of people
When a girl look good in her jeans 👌😍
So Kalayha unfollowed me... Cool 👌😒
Im not perfect but I'm worth it
I still believe that everything happens for a reason..
I need a ride or die 🔫
I need a freak bitch
😂😂😂 Redman "BUD like YOU" "Usher Good Kisser"
I'm easy to love and hard to forget.. You'll remember always me..
Rocked His SnapBack 😂😵�@glock9ricorico: Niggas a hit a bitch quick but be scared to fight a nigga”
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Yea they really was talking about stripping me though.. These girls smh
@ShaquanHorton why 😂 I was looking out for you lastnight , I told them not to strip you lmao
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She said she's my #1 fan 😍
I know everyone got me in their snapchat..
I was drunk as hell last night
Don't expect people to understand your grind when God didn't give them your vision..
Oh but the eagles are ass. Tf outta here.. I swear cowboys fans talk too much shit.. For their team to play like this tonight. #EaglesNation
The older I get, the more I realize what really matters in life.
Just be you, and if people don’t like it, fuck them.
People are out here hustling to be seen. I'm grinding to disappear.
Before things get better they always get worst.
Most females are attracted to the singers. But when females recognize good rap music.... You get the point 👌😍
Its going to be a Civil War if this shit don't stop.. Just saying
Why would a 911 operator need to ask twice whether a boy with a toy gun was black or white? 😳
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I feel like society wants us to know no matter how far we think we've come we still are not equal #FergusonDecision
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