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S.H BroGod ♨
Get the fuck up outta here
So chief keef dissing NJ lol
Oomf really on some freak shit..
Why am I always the only one left wide awake in my house.. I hate this shit
I'd rather chase money than bitches
We're gonna wanna take our clothes off and touch eachother.
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AAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! CTFU!!!!😂😂😭 #Bored
🍁😯💨✈☁ #Bored
Just wanted to blow an O.. On some bored shit. #Jetlife #High #Stoner #Weed
@ShaquanHorton thank you ! Made my day 🙈 but Goood Morninggg 😄😁😃😊
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We fell off big time though.. Just Saying
"@TimaaaBaby: I never get any good morning texts 😕" how bout a goodmorning tweet????
50 Cent trynna catch that Ebola "@DLSamuelsFilms: 50 Cent Wants To Feed One Billion People In Africa By 2016"
I'm trynna throw a black light party before world's war 3 begin.. I'm so fucking serious 😐😐😐😐😐
Gotta be A1 though..
Who do tattoos and trynna make some money??
A nigga really bored
"@illegal_DREAMS: Been sleeping real good lately." Shit I wish I had your bed 😥
a regular sleeping pattern just isn't something i'm capable of maintaining
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This shit is funny as hell when you're high "@MostEpicVids: I watched this like 20 times and I'm still laughing."
RT - On Fire 🔥 Fav - Shotgun 🔫 Get them both online!
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Way too early for that.. #cheerup
"@SiSiLindsey_95: Already having a bad day" damn. already???😧
"@SeeTheRoses: It's ok to get lost in your work, but only if you love it"
What if I can see the future... lol that would be awesome.
I'm about to look up all of that shit..
I had a dream about martial law, a Zombie Apocalypse, and a civil war... what does that mean cause I never had a dream like that before.
Haha my ex hit me up. I was like "who this???" FOH!!!
Gotta love and respect yourself or nobody will..
Bitches want attention so they go to far to get it.. that's when they lose all respect from niggas and get treated like a hoe.. #TrueShit
I want a nigga to have a doubt.. ima wait until I become rich and then thank you for being a hating ass motivator...
Who think I can make $1,000,000 before I turn 22??? #Goals
She's right though.. looks aren't everything.
Girls always say that..
I kinda wanna go back down south.. I miss my little homies
Some people do unnecessary shit for no reason.. that shit erks me
I'd let oomf do whatever she want to me.
Everybody wanna be a nigga boy now because I'm making money.. But ain't give 2 fucks about me when I ain't have shit.. Its crazy how money change the niggas around you.. Niggas Fake as Hell.. S/O to my day 1's, fuck a day 2