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According to my Twitter account is worth $20,374.20 What's Yours worth? #freestuff @
I'm trynna be rich..
Turned into a man quick.. time flies
go ahead and judge. ill be here not giving a fuck
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I never heard nothing like that before.. lol
I wonder how many people love music as much as I do
Soo many girls fall in love with the wrong guys, simply because the wrong guys say the right things.
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Sometimes you gotta question yourself "Is this really what I want to do until I die" If not, then maybe you need a change in your life #True
Nigga boutta K.O
Damn a nigga just got out of the studio.
S/O To my bro @AlmightNaeCapo Everyone go follow his bitch ass.
According to my Twitter account is worth $20,372.40 What's Yours worth? #freestuff @
According to my Twitter account is worth $20,376.00 What's Yours worth? #freestuff @
"@UnansweredQuot: If everybody in the club gettin tipsy, who the fuck is driving them home?" 😂😂😂
She like how I french inhale 😏
The same niggas that use to diss me all up in my face now trynna ride.. that shit dead.. its funny how my money change other people.. #Fake
"@XGANGSTALICIOUS: Hella ppl tell me they see me tatted the fuck up in the future 😋😍😈" yea, I can see that 😍
On the block where they trap, a lot if niggas want it all Foreign cars hella racks, a lot of niggas trynna ball
Yoooo im high af.. its levels to this shit #HotBox
Everything that I have I earned it.. Im doing this shit on my own.. I ain't need no help from anyone and I never will.
Got so much money don't know what to do with it
eat w those you've starved w.
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"@ThelIluminati: Not everyone you lose is a loss."
That money be calling me
Early mornings and late nights.. Gotta keep grinding.
My whole squad on that real shit
I feel like a different person when I'm in the studio
"@MelroseMonaee: The hoes get hype when " & if you ain't a hoe , get up out my trap houseeee " part come on 😂" word is life.. 😂😂
Time to get high
My Twitter account is worth $20,372.40. Get your FREE Evaluation at
I been on my music shit heavy recently
Me nn tha bro god @ShaquanHorton gon record sum bangerz this weekend #MixtapeComingSoon
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Just made a quick 50
The problem with this world is that the ignorants are so confident, while the intelligence are full of doubt...
I may not be the best, but that's what I strive to be. I may never get there, but I will NEVER stop trying.
Some people are lonely because they build walls instead of bridges.
"@iiGiveTittyFvks: Niggas be knowing their girlfriend👫 is crazy asf😾🔪🔫 & still be puttin another bitch in danger💃⚠️"
Money is the motivation