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Zumayo zambu zuminho
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Suarez will eat you, while u are live and not coocked. And i hope he is a cousin with the late IDI AMINI.
pay day. I dnt need ur sms,cll, tym bt need ma tym
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who is the flop of the match? me DIEGO
is spain still on number one spot FIFA rating? yes or no
chile the sleeping GIANTS!
i am a proud bricklayer! thankz god 4 giving me that talent. Ushakeno omo BANK.
omuka tala nga ne o soccer komagumbo geni,
brave warriors did not won a trophy even The Namibian tournament!
minister of sport it just like you are blind? or why you cant fire this NFA Bulldogs muinjo and rukoro? we want...
driver who are using otjomuse road, drive carefully there is donkies making sex. Frm mr mwaanyekange
if mexico win today i will urinate on my trouser that will will be my cerebration!
araft he beat the dogg to market his name countrywide by beating kwaito master!
araft he beat TEE DEE coz of ondubo.
any one to block nemayar today from netting?
if you like opening your legs to let guys dick to enter in your VAGINA just do the same to let the innocent...
a bullshit smell better than humanshit! take note
one condom per round is equal to zero HIV and PREGNANT.
the more you like sex the more you afraid to be pregnant, so use condom everytime.
galz! if you don't want to be pregnant you must insert femidom in ur xundu(pussy) during fuckmentation(sex) to prevent pregnant!
i will come up with a business. sex shop just like coffie shop so that i can recruit prostute,gays and lesbians.
if you are driving a car and you are speeding and you under alchol its just like you are applying your death form.
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unam of zambia and zimcollege of namibia oko nda sikola. Said by NGHILAYI ya NGHISHISHA
mind on your pussy bitch! not on my business!
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i turn to the weed opo ndili longe, EK WARY 4 KOLO!
no one will turn bullshit into humanshit, you are all ....s!
when you decide to have unprotected sex with a prostute is just like you are filling the death form. PASS OP!
i want to live longer to see your success through dating 5 guys at time! AIDS KILL
what will help to wear a C.J worth $1800 while your young brother is wearing a trouser with GOOGLE on battox?
if you don't have a clitory you can't enjoy sex, but how GAYS enjoy sex if anus does not have a clitory?
i think GAYS they always pray to GOD to give them pussy,
they date musician because they thing that, thier going to be famous like musician.
nye muli va 11 why inamu kofa? amuli omindaba ko f.b nenge?
pablo is going to marry dillish after he find her near the dumpsite after she waz dropped by his lover a.k.a THE HUGE FUCKER
if i have AIDIS thatz part of my blood & is not fighting aganist my white blood cell, their are friends they wont...
belgium will go through to the WORD CUP final. want or not, even GOD don't want it i will be behind this!
bullshit to the black goverment!
a wise 1 is the 1 who start his own business on behalf of joining gengerstar and prostute.
I posted a new photo to Facebook
motorora laptop for sale. Window 8.1 cnt. 0816827073
ngenge inandi velela nena, omeva ita ndaamono. Chipo okwati ongadu.
cold weather is affecting social network.
fuck you all marker who chop my man result. I hate u an never love anymore.
ohangwena cons. Letz vote for tate vilho for development in our cons.! together we can do better VIVA RDP!