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Zumayo zambu zuminho
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one person followed me // automatically checked by
After u smoke weed than u drnk a powerlade or wuma
Proud of my meme she sell KAPANA an snd me 2 skul nw i am qualified artisan. God bless all meme who is selling kapana
Learner's If u ar playing wth matric, MATRIC wll roll off the condom an fuck 40 than u wl get 10 point in GRD 12 #askthem#
Wht is the use! On facebuk u ar wealthy an smart bt in reallity u ar bullshit, u dnt even hve a 2thpaste! #MARIGUANAMASTER#
Who is still up like me? Klub cubano where the party people is.
I won't go to P-SQUARE SHOW coz i am afraid for the stadium to collapse (like TB JOSHUA CHURCH) & ebola.
WE ARE TOTTENHAM HOTSPURS wherever, anytime, fullforce,!
If a gal buy a new watch every conversation will start with "I THINK IT IS ALMOST THE TIME TO..." this is done...
Chuchu! It waz heavy FRIDAY in Groot Aub! Paparazeeeeee
God protect those friends&family in prisons, gve us ur rain to keep the holly herb green! AMEN #RESPECT#
In life don't take permanent decison because temporary feelings. Have good day my fake friends!
Team tottenham hotspurs if not why not? We make it 3-1 bye bye! Arsenal and Manchester C U next season. COYS!
Gals don't let urself to loose ur viginity for I-PHONE 6, keep it locked till u got sm1 to marry u, that Diamond...
Factor to be known by youth. don't let yourself to be like a KWAZA in America, useless! Be like a Pound. Follow Madiba footstep.
Make urself to be ONUFU YA KWATA IIPA and have a respect to evryone who need yo attetion or help, INWIIMONAKO!
If you dnt knw hw to use a blackberry phone dnt buy it people their tired of NINGILANGE, go 4 nokia katoshe
There ar 2 father of the nation Dr Sam Nujoma and Tate Toivo ya Toiva. My father of the nation is A. Toivo ya Toivo. An yoz?
Rest In Peace Christian Ronaldo CR7 i wish u ar going to be the top scorer in hell.
If u are 25 of age and u didnt own anything in your life except your high cost shoes,pants,tshirt,jackets. Open...
Thank you EVTC for gvng me my refund on time, keep it up! Looking for someone selling a concrete mixer to buy. No joke!
Factor to know! There is no birthday aftr u die bt only death day so Happy Death Day to u 2pac Shakur greet satan i knw u ar in hell nigger.
fwi! i hate this gals vo maatako makula ngaashi uupyu tawuya ngaha!
with us you will never regret we are building namibia at low cost
we us u can't regret! building Namibia at low cos
avor cota domenteo! ANGOLA UNITA! BURA
tht goes come around! gve to ophans and streetkids half of what u have!
I love hardworking girls. Selling okapana at the age of 18, God bless ur business!
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To complete grade 12 does not mean u are educated bt it only mens ur mind is opened to see how life is taff aftr skul.
I am selling a brand new DSTV WALKA N$650.00 Catch me here 0816827073 i need a serous buyer. I am in windhoek.
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Finally i quit drugs an ciggaratte good bye drunkie, wellcme happy life. God love me!
I do more than expected! Hahahahaha mboli nye kamushinge kah! More than N$1200 i take it home from pool table
Nena ehafo ola mbishi muumbo mwa tomwa kova yambididi va Manchester.
Welcome back the old Manchester that we know, Rest In Peace the new Manchester (under D. Moyes) from spurs fan sambuko
God let ma tottenham defeat this mom sunderland 5-1
If u ar a top gal in yo community and u ar wellknown for dating sugar-tate who always enter you original (40)....
Gals under 25 age. If u drop out skul be ready for mr poverty! If u do abortion God wl punish u, if u date...
Thanks for the chance to #ask sacky# now we want to #ask Kapia# about AVID $$$! Aftr that we want to #ask...
Lets respect GOD and the gud chomie ava vekweeta paanhu.
I am luking 4 a gal to sell in a bar at one nation(windhoek) number one to start tomorrw serious col/sms to 08168270730
Galz to me their jzt lyk casual worker's at Namdeb, still i am hving an empty vacancy for permanent one.
Wambo lets respect kavango for the gud they did to me. We ar all one.
Gals their always tolking shit when they ar behind some1 they think he is stron bt the 4get that not all man ar strong.
Mexundu nde amushe ava muli koshi yee dula 18 muli mee bar nafye ovasamane tuna omaumbo! Mr president syd.
Letz drink manga ya kotha, this angola an namibié bom, eu màluk ? Tonwina nena till the end of tym.
Mariguana plus (+) books is equal to (=) gud lyf. Smoke at a limit and read books unlimited for gud lyf.