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Shane Jeremy James
It's Safer to Use Pumpkin Carving Tools Than Kitchen Knives
Can You Be Too Old For Facebook? This 113-Year-Old Was, But That Didn't Stop Her.
3 Lessons for Every Business an Olympian Learned Running an Educational Nonprofit
If someone says no to your deal go out and create your own deal. That's what it takes. #deals
@shanejjames I am following u an retweeted and replied to ur tweet can u follow me back :)
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Youtube tip - subscribe to a person channel, like their videos, comment and ask them to subscribe to ur channel. Influencers will. #youtube
Twitter tip. Instead of say can u follow me. say I am following u an retweeted ur tweet can u follow me back.
17 hours of work today keeps the doctor away. LOL Ok, only when you luv luv what you do. If u won 5 mill u would keep doing the same thing.
Millionaires and Billionaires have always contacted me back. Even before I was known. Peps struggling have excuses. Stay true to ur word.
Don't u just luv when people ask you for help or something in business and offer you nothing in return. Not even a polite gesture. biz 101.
32 Successful Entrepreneurs Share Their Best Management Tips by Catherine Clifford Empowering Nations International
Inspiring Words That Will Spark Optimism in Entrepreneurs (INFOGRAPHIC) Empowering Nations Internationa
Success is getting what you want; happiness is wanting what you get. Dale Carnegie via @CHRISVOSS
How Small Businesses Can Compete With Fortune 500s by @garyvee
Limitations live only in our minds. But if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless. –#JamiePaolinetti
This is the body language and emotion you need to #succeed! React this and see how you feel? Leave a comment when done? Come play a little! #empoweringnations #success #emotion #picoftheday #leadership #likes #motivation #success #goals #business
Meet @shanejjames Charles at @rhinosaver , as mentioned Shane can help spread ur music & save the rhino mission
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You take your life in your own hands, and what happens? A terrible thing, no one to blame. – #EricaJong
@shanejjames Donations to rural #India schools matched 30% on Oct 15 starting 9:00 AM USA EDT while funds last… Plz RT
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Practise and #GROW @shanejjames: 5 Tips to Keep Your Balance, Reduce Stress and Increase Productivity
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@shanejjames: I didn’t fail the test. I just found 100 ways to do it wrong. –#BenjaminFranklin
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RT @shanejjames Re-Tweet - Learn how to outsource your business or daily tasks for $2.00 per hour .
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U r so welcome @loriruff u r doing amazing things. We should talk. Ur stuff n my actions of compassion movement might fit well!
@shanejjames Helloooo Mr S to the J J... Shall we try for a Google Hangout this weekend? Here's my latest,…
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11 Ways to Protect Your Business From Cyber Criminals
Hey @STEWARDjane_gh tks for the offer. I open to talking and see how we might be able to expand into your country. TKS
How Our eBook Launches Have Evolved (after 235,000 eBook Sales)
Ride Sharing Services Compared by Fare and Wait Time
Samsung's futuristic Wi-Fi tech is five times faster than today's wireless networks
Breakthrough batteries last 20 years, charge 70 percent in two minutes
How to Stand Out in a World of Dull Podcasts
I am still doing my best 2 respond 2 everyone. I get 300% more @ messages then 3 months ago. Just takes me a little longer. #twitter
@shanejjames Connect w. biz owners and bloggers at the marketing and small biz conference Oct20 #WIBN
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@shanejjames… can you please RT this Domestic violence Survivor T-shirt.Any survivor can purchase one and wear it.ty
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Positive anything overcomes negative anything! #quotes
NEW!Social Boom 2014 Social Selling Made Simple Event. Learn to sell from the experts! by @kimgarst
Want to give someone a virtual hug? Do something to make them feel like they matter. #KeepItReal via @loriruff
How Millennials Think Differently about Brands via @DanSchawbel
4 Important Tips for Business Startups (INFOGRAPHIC) Empowering Nations International