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Shane Jeremy James
I just posted 9 time management tips. Most people who r not succeeding in certain areas time management plays a big role.
Chances are, 20 percent of what you do yield 80 percent of your results. #bemoreproductive #timemanagementtips
Don’t be too hard on yourself when you don’t accomplish everything on your schedule. #timemanagementtips
If you don’t want to get distracted, block out distractions. #bemoreproductive #timemanagementtips
Schedule a time for answering phone calls and emails. #timemanagementtips #bemoreproductive
Always complete your time plan first before starting your day. #timemanagementtips #bemoreproductive
Designate at least 50% of your time for areas that give you high productivity #timemanagementtips #bemoreproductive
Blocking time for high priority tasks will only do you good if you keep these appointments. #timemanagementtips
Make time for items in your to do list that are crucial to your success #timemanagementtips #bemoreproductive
Schedule appointments with yourself and block out times for tasks that are of high priority #timemanagementtips
Jot down all your thoughts, conversations and activities for each week. #timemanagementtips #domorewithyourtime
Thought I lost two days worth of content on how to create YouTube videos I produced. Found. yes. Lol
Twitter helps Philly cops solve a hate crime… via @examinercom
@shanejjames @Ry4n_Wickham TY!! It was absolutely incredible!! I can't believe how perfect everything went!!! "The destroyer"=Mrs. Wickham
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@shanejjames @AdrianPeterson A person capable of beating a 4 year old is not capable of being a parent.
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@shanejjames That is as right as you can get. There are NO quick getting rich now. We can do what we love and build a name for ourselves.
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@shanejjames @MajikBunnie That would be an inspiring as I have spoken to you both and you are both inspiring people
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@shanejjames Happy Wednesday Shane, have a great one. WROM did start a i tunes card giveaway contest today…
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Have templates & brand standards for all ur #marketing. Color scheme, logo placement, look and feel shld be uniform.
The key to successfully establishing a brand is consistent execution of your #branding strategy.
Place your logo everywhere and it really helps if you have a great logo. #brandingtips
U should, to some extent, base who u are as a brand on who your target consumers want & need you to be. #branding
Ur #brand is a promise to ur customers. It's what ppl can expect from u and how u're different from ur competition
#Contentcuration is more than just finding links & publishing them. It takes mastery, passion, knowledge & expertise
#Contentcuration is gathering the best of all content & turning them into easy-to-digest tidbits of information.
20 tips to outsource your #business and make more profit
Lady GaGa's Inspiring interview in #Vancouver before she blew it up Big!: Opening for New kids on the block. LOL
Once u have the right team around u things can really grow huge!!! But it will be a long road to achieve great things!! #success
You can't be bigger then Steave Jobs, Michael Jordan or Oprah but you can take a space at that level. #success
I don't think @AdrianPeterson should lose his job but he should go 2 jail. Beating your child is inexcusable. You don't treat kids this way
See The Graphic Photos That Got @AdrainPeterson Indicted for Child Abuse & Decide If He Went Too Far…
Nascar driver death. DA sends Tony Stewart case to grand jury via @ESPNNASCAR
"You can't keep determined people from success" -- Mary Kay Ash. #theoptimisticentrepreneur
Business opportunities are like buses. There's always another 1 coming. - Richard Branson #theoptimisticentrepreneur
Don't let what you don't know scare you because it can become your greatest asset. - Sara Blakely #theoptimisticentrepreneur
Optimism helps us persevere. Life isn't easy. But life is always good." -- John Jacobs #theoptimisticentrepreneur
The greatest discovery of all time is that a person can change by merely changing his attitude. - Oprah #theoptimisticentrepreneur
As much as we'd want to believe that there is a get rich quick scheme in business the truth is there isn’t any.
Effectively leading a staff is a form of art. #managementtips #leadership
Management is nothing more than motivating other people. - Lee Iacocca #managementtips
Effective leadership is putting 1st things 1st. Effective #management is discipline, carrying it out - Stephen Covey
Let us always meet each other with smile, for the smile is the beginning of love. #motherteresa #quoteoftheday
Hey @AdrianPeterson we r launching a world movement actions of compassion. Anger towards child and people will not make the world better.
Hey @AdrianPeterson what about anger management? Get some help. There is a proper way to discipline a child. YOU CAN BE BETTER.
If you send me a text or a DM message that is pages long I can no longer have you in my social circle. LOL