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Kushaiah N Clinton
I hope your boyfriend is okay!
Thanks eddy for the invite :) missed you, hope you get home safely!! @___heavenly happy early birthday again!! <3
I MISS THESE!! Want one ASAP! You will want to order these after reading this: .
realist thing I've ever read πŸ‘Œ
hold on to whatever makes you happy
All you people who told me to get ghosts..πŸ˜’I no longer trust your judgement. I'm going back to black ops 2 ☺
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This is me every night πŸ‘Œ”
Craving some bisupo macaroni soup >>>
#ImTheType who cares more about the perfect proposal than the perfect wedding.
Watching dr.dolittle while I'm waiting for the results.
Need to get health insurance, it doesn't cost that much.
Hurry up already. I just want to know, so I can go please.
Excited but scared at the same time
If it's true, then it's time to let everyone know :)
Looks like I might not be going after all. Sorry sis.
He did this on purpose :(
What to do, what to do?!
How will I be able to handle this?
How is everyone going to handle this?
You need to wake yourself up, like now!
I told him something super important, and he's still sleeping :/ not cool
Totally freaking out.
Us playing in the snow <3 #WinterisNotover
Snow at the movie theaters <3