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Kushaiah N Clinton
I wonder where these beautiful sunsets are... 🌅”
Ugh this weather makes me wish it would snow already! ❄️❄️ #TooHot #summersun
FaceTime everyday with my boys #sandiego2tacoma #familyvacaywitoutmom #babyCJ #daddyCJ #7Jun15
My life can be really boring haha but today will not be the day though :)
When you realize that you have no friends to drink with... 🙍🏽🙍🏽
@Ck_022512 omg why did I now just see this 😩😩 I would of been so down sis!!! Omgggg. Sorry I'm so late uhhhh😭😭😭😭
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What is there to do today..? I really want adventure around Seattle area.
missing my baby boy..... and his father...
My breakfast for this morning 🙏🏾
Got to do all this signing in before I start answering calls for work... so bye twitter people, hope you all have a WONDERFUL day!! :)
I'm sorry for your loss Aunty Dee. I hope your brother is staying strong still!!
I'm actually early for work :) I like being early :)
random pictures of the only 2 people who hold my heart :) #fathernsontime
Bedtime stories with me and Baby Cj :) Evrything looks good in #B&W #FirstBible #cutie #baby #bible #TYJ
Gotta get back to work and then go home to my beautiful little family afterwards so, later #Twitter
I didn't receive a #virginamerica shirt..Only 12 more months until I'm able to get one. #motivated
They give us cake every month but it's because were celebrating for the employees who have worked here for so long. So its not all bad :)
I swear my job is trying to make us fat. #xerox #virginamerica
Trying to type on this computer makes me want to sit down but all I do is sit down at work so my butt needs to stop being lazy!!!
#TYJ for creating people like doctors.
I told him it was the bed but noooooooooo he just didn't want to listen. #smh
Scabies?! eeeeewwwwwww... You'll be out of my life forever this weekend.
Ugh my lip hair is growing back again :( Why can't you just stay out my life forever?!!!!!
So glad #virginamerica going to be flying to Honolulu, HI in November :) I'm definitely going to be saving up for this flight next summer!!
Oh no, 9 more minutes until I'm back on the floor. Its okay, I love my job. Today is a #greatday !!!
Getting in work time and more family time with my #Baby CJ and even #BiggerBaby Clinton hahahaha ;)
Having Sundays and Mondays off is actually so much better. #TYJ for selecting this schedule instead of the night shift :)
Now I just need to Ace my QA Reviews to receive those Bonuses ;) #Motivated #Xerox #virginamerica
At least I'm passing my Y-Connecting with my supervisors ;) #A+Student
being on 90 day probation sucks at the moment... #DaysOffNeeded plsss
but since there's barely any callers now, it's most likely going to slow down the rest of my day.
dang it's already my lunch break?! so far the day is going by fast.
Looks like I won't have any sleep tonight
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How people treat you is their karma, how you react is yours. #CriminalMinds
i got go back now... need to sign in to only 5 million accounts so i can actually start taking calls.
i can already tell... this job is going to make me gain weight in just a snap of a finger. In need of some #HealthTips plsss
dang no one uses this computer for anything... more time for me to be on it i guess #highfive
only 9 more minutes till lunch is over... time could pls move a little slower for me??
it's such a beautiful sun-shining day here in Seattle #SeattleStrong
my supervisor is finally here #thumbsup
alright my work time is going by hecka fast!!! #workflow
these last 15 mins can not go any faster!!!!! #ugh #impatient
expired tabs for my car. so this is me when i drive trying to watch out for the #Cops O_____O
i was rushing pass so many cars that i missed my entrance to the freeway... #bummer

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