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Kushaiah N Clinton
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We are long-life partners now, we should be in this together.
Our son doesn't need me & his great grams to take of him, he needs me & you.
For once I just wish that you could stop with the games... At least just until the weekends.
But we & everyone else knows that thats not going to happen... 💔
I would feel a whole lot better if daddy would take of you while I was gone instead of my grams..
Is starting work really a good idea right now?
Just imaging you not mp ring beside me for longer than an hour has me worried but more importantly, heartbroken?
my baby looks so peaceful sleeping 💤😇😇😇
both my #MCM snore!! 💤💤💤
Vampire diaries marathon 😉
Baby your college funds will start soon. #hisFuture #school#dreams#career
It's worth it though, because I am doing this for him.
One more day left until I start work & won't be able to see my son for 8-10 hours... 😭😭😭😭
mommy & son QT beforehand start work Wednesday! 😘😘😘😘 #piccollage
it's a little bit of money and a little bit of my craftiness 😘😉😉
started my Christmas shopping :):) 🎁🎁
Whose going to @winterjamtour at the Tacoma dome?! Hopefully I am!! 😇😇😇
He didn't even congratulate me 😕😕😕
Please give me my son so I can be able to go to the library before it closes. 📚
I need to go to the library!
When deleting contacts, the iPad sucks!! #neveragain
FINALLY!! My phone contacts are now completed.
But I'm doing this for him! 💪�#staystrongong
Start next week... I don't know whether to be scared or excited... Because I'm really going to miss my Baby CJ!
I got the job!! 🙌🙌🙌
deciding whether I should go back out into the freezing cold just to grab my ID from the car... 😖
I miss my baby soo much!!
I'm at my orientation right now, and all I can think about is my Baby CJ 😭😭
finally got myself a photo printer!! 🙌🙌
I'm secret Santa for my handsome boyfriend and to one of my beautiful cousins, Juanita 😊😊😊�#EarlyGiftShopinghoping
I mean, I can't even imagine leaving baby's side for more than 10 minutes. How about you?
I get that your working for him, but don't you want to spend time with him?
Are WE not good enough for you?
You're not like the boys anymore, you have a child at home waiting for you. Or is that not good enough for you?
I'm not a babysitter, I already have one child to take care of... I don't want to take care of a second one.
I knew this was just going to happen again.
What happened to "this won't happen again"?
Thank you Lord for everything including Baby CJ. Please help Clinton & I through these challenging obstacles. #Amen #continuing2Be#blessed
By now, I would have thought that we would always comfort each other through anything & everything instead of feeling alone. 🙍🙍
By now, I would have thought we were a couple instead of two separate people just living together... 💔💔💔
By now, I would have thought you would have known me better... 💔💔
By now, I would have thought that you were done with the games.
By now, I would have thought that it would have been easier for you talk to me..
By now, I would have thought we had the perfect relationship or something close to perfect.
By now, I would of have thought we'd be married
By now, I would thought you would have known that I have a twitter account and that's where I type all my feelings.
I want you to try and talk with me this time...