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Kushaiah N Clinton
Getting ready for church ;) #amen
I think I'm doing a great job until my trainer corrects me on my grammar... :(
So training is going well... I think.
This whole 1st birthday party is stressing me out already... HELP ME SOMEONE!!.... please
oh sorry nevermind haha I meant the ODESZA Concert haha!!! But anyways are you going there?…
For example... I won a Nokia Camera during my Company's Anniversary Raffle. ;) I feeling lucky this week!!
Even though there are some downs going on right now we got to always find the brighter side of everything right?!
I wonder if the class even feels bad at all... if not, that just makes me even more down.
Aw I feel bad, that my Sup is upset... Never seen him so upset before.
YEAAAA!!!! I got the promotion everyone!!! ;) Hard work does pay off in the end!! :)
Reserved for paintballing this friday guys!!!! Now who wants to go??? :)
YESSSSSS got the weekends off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We're going paintballing!!!! ;)
These stock savings has got me confused...
I really hope it becomes a slow day again today!!! Please be a slow day today... ;)
I hope my weekend turns out AMAZING!!!! please be amazing... ;)
Alright heading in to start my shift. Hope everyone has a blessed Sunday. #Pray4Me
Sucks I had to cancel out on movies yesterday but today should be a good day though right :)
Working that overtime today ;) only 4hrs not too bad...
I like to help people but I don't like to have the higher title involved... I think it makes me seem kind of greedy. #ItsJustMe
OH MY GOSH!!! I wish I could do the same thing I'm doing to work right now, EVERYDAY!!!
All these new employees... well I'm happy to help them out. #Xerox #VirginAmerica
I was hungry just a few minutes again, but I guess that water filled me right back up. I'm bound to lose some weight. #Awesome #weightloss
I'll sign up for just 4 hrs I guess, I mean there's nothing better to do on my Sundays... besides praise the Lord of course ;)
Still thinking about whether to do overtime or not on one of my days off??? hmmmm... #Thinkinghard
I qualify for the new position at work!!!!! Wish me luck in the interview please!! :) #fingerscrossed
Apartment goal 😍9
This is the cutest but saddest thing ever!!!!! :):)…
Me? Floor walk? well, why not? #LovingMyJob
Food truck fest is going on this weekend anyone interested in going with me??? ;) #AllDay with Baby CJ and Clinton...
Well anyways I wonder if there's anything exciting happening this Saturday...
Screaming massively in my head right now because I really want to this new position at work!!!!!! *hands together* looking at you Lord.
Hope I qualify for this new position!!! *fingers crossed*
Alright well nice hearing from you @___heavenly. Got to head back into work... #boringlife
Once I care about you, I will never stop.
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I got the Charger today!!! ;) #ImmaShowoff
I'm always soo hungry at work but I don't like eating at work though... #dealwithit
First test drive for baby CJ ;) πŸš—
Hecka lurking in the back haha πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Randoms!!! ✌🏾️✌🏾
Okay well got to head back in and help the world by solving my @VirginAmerica guests situations ;)
Still deciding if I should save some German Buns for my co-workers...yea or nah???
I am ready to dig into those German Buns right now... can't wait to get home.
Today is actually going by super fast so there's a positive thought ;)
I want to go to the Poly Fest too!!!!
ughhh another day where I have to work and everyone else is having a great day out.... save me!!!!!
At least I'm going to have the German buns to eat at work ;) Should I share with my co-workers or nah????!

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