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Shaheizy Sam
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Nak dekat dah!!! Yee Haa!!! #KakiKitai @fezrulkhan @faridkamilz 20 NOV 2014
View from a Camera Person πŸ˜πŸ‘by @louishing46 "#PhotoGrid feeling... #PolisEvo #movie #filmmaker #RedDragon #day51" via @PhotoRepost_app
Kenapa saya tak diberi peluang memakai uniform yang sangat dibanggakan negara ini seperti mereka berdua?!! 😀. @zizanrazak869 @harunsalimbachik #PolisEvo
YeeHaa!!! πŸ΄πŸ’ƒby @azaharihamid "#kakikitai #comingsoon 20 Nov 2014.. @shaheizy_sam @faridkamilz @fezrulkhan @epykodiang @emilyzying @alongeyzendy @migonline @davidteo99 @romi_mag" via @PhotoRepost_app
Serious.. Seriously funnyπŸ˜„by @hamzifahmi "Don't make a joke when everyone are in the serious mood. Nantikan filem terbaru Astroshaw, Polis Evo yang masih lagi dalam proses penggambaran. Filem ini dibintangi oleh Zizan Razak dan Shaheizy Sam dan diarahkan oleh Ghaz Abu Bakar. @astroshaw @gayapilla
"U tryna' be funny, kid?! Well, guess whut? Didnt work on me!" #PolisEvo Love this scene 😁
Setuju!!! 😍by @ghazabubakar "Love the "Fincher" police station look! Credit to Uncle Ashraf for the awesome set design! And Inspektor SANI and Inspektor KHAI acting are hillarious yet intense! Shooting "Polis Evo" everywhere in Terengganu and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. #polisevo #astroshaw #shaheizysa
Terasa macam KPOP pulak πŸ˜…. #PolisEvo
πŸ‘‰πŸ’₯πŸ’¨BANG BANG!!! Chasing the bad guy!!! #PolisEvo
Bapak berat benda alah ni!! 30 kilo kot!!! 😰. #Steadicam #PolisEvo
Reen : Cuba u tengok matahari tu. Sam : I tengah tengok la ni πŸ™ˆ Reen : Guys.. Guys.. Silent guys!! Kita tgh rehearsal ni!! 😜 by @reenemran "Sam : You tengok apa tu Reen? Reen : Matahari ni sekejap timbul sekejap tenggelam. Photo taken by @hamzifahmi #TheMakingOf #Day41 #PolisEvo #Film #AstroShaw
People say that teamwork is the key to success. Thanks to u @harishue46, u proved them right😊. Nak kerja sendiri2, jadi Rambo la. Hehek πŸ˜„ by @harishue46 "Day 41 - PolisEvo movie Working with a very humble actor.. kalau out focus, tak tahu nak cakap apa. .. thank you @shaheizy_sam #harishuedop #re
Yeay!!! πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒby @defkhanstribe "hye guys !! Selamat ptang holiday untk sayng2 admin di #defkhanstribe ,, admin ad berita gumbira untk peminat tegar bgb0ss @fezrulkhan yg memang da rindu plus2 at bgb0ss uoulls yg hensem lagi sad0 toe ,, Admin na ajak uoulls ramai2 j0in m0vie day out #kakikitai pada
Tak sabarnya!!! Jumpa kat sana. Hopefully Ayol @fezrulkhan pun boleh join laa 😁by @themagicianfamily "Kaki Kitai Movie Day Out Bersama @shaheizy_sam ! Tempat adalah terhad! Hubungi 0169702523 untuk tempahan tempat. Maklumat event akan diberikan hanya kepada yang benar benar berminat. Hari terakh
"Call me Grengo!!!"😎Coming Soon!!! 20th November '14. Hilarious πŸ™Š @fezrulkhan #KakiKitai
Owh, Hello.. You are under arrest, mister! @yuzzlinn. by @hamzifahmi "Chaos !!! Police Evo, an action movie from Astroshaw, directed by @ghazabubakar and assist by @reenemran . photo by : @hamzifahmi | TMO #polisevo #film #astroshaw #action!" via @PhotoRepost_app
Hamboi!!! Besau naw naw dia tulis nama watak kita πŸ˜‚by @ghazabubakar "Inspektor KHAI and Jemang showdown today! Shaheizy Sam and Azliyuszaini in action. @yuzzlinn @shaheizy_sam #polisevo" via @PhotoRepost_app
We are individually amazing. But together, we are AMAZINGLY AWESOME!!!😎@zizanrazak869 @ghazabubakar @harishue46 @reenemran @louishing46 @yuzzlinn @pabloamirul @noradanish @mimi_ernida @edsarippin @hamzifahmi @rajazetti @baby_esther @ashwawa_1101 @ashraf_rahman9 @afizaris @keyroll_spanky @wendysaid
Ok. Tak payah reshoot!! Hehek πŸ˜‚by @ghazabubakar "We are creating havoc in KL now! Shaheizy Sam as Inspektor Khai is ready to be in action. Shooting "Polis Evo" in Terengganu and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. @shaheizy_sam @zizanrazak869 @reenemran @harishue46 @joelsoh @astroshaw #polisevo #kenamarahdeng
Salam dan selamat pagi dari saya dan abg bodyguard @joemerongjm yg paling macho dalam DONIA!!! Hehek πŸ™Š
Happy Belated Birthday to u, @intan_suhaina!! Semoga Allah panjangkan umur dan limpah-ruahkan rezekimu. Amin. Sorry, dari hari ke hari nak post tapi tak terpost-post pun πŸ˜₯
Yup!! Semoga Allah melimpah-ruahkan rezeki anda dan kita semua sekali. Amin😊 by @themagicianfamily "Thousand thanks to @shilawafiy8181 & @deservedadessert for sponsored our goodies bag for laser participants. Guys, go check out their ig. @shilawafiy8181 are selling delicious peanuts & ricejar Al
Hope u guys had fun!! So, whats next? Lepak pulau Disember ni, nak?😍by @themagicianfamily "Alhamdulillah, we're done with battle laser tag with @yanasuperfriend Hope u guys having so much fun. Sorry jika ada kekurangan. Semoga kita dapat berkumpul lagi , event lain di lain masa okay! Thank you pe
Ada yang tanya, apa yg seronok sangat guna Perbankan Internet atau Mobile? Bayangkan, tanpa keluar rumah, segala urusan pembayaran dan perbankan boleh disiapkan. Sam siap bayar bil sambil makan goreng pisang atas katil lagi! Hebat kan? Hehek. #RHBNow
Ni khamis malam jumaat, tembak cicak laa 😜. Nice shot, bro! 😍by @hamzifahmi "looking for the bad guy, where are you MF !!! @shaheizy_sam in action. #polisevo #astroshaw" via @PhotoRepost_app