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Shade Sheist™
They expected me to take a dive but I'm Creepin on ah Come Up like when Eric was alive.. 👑✨ RIP #EazyE
Everybody know I got more bounce than an ounce.. #GFUNKISFOREVER 👑✨ #RIP #RogerTroutman
Amazing wut a single opportunity can do.. 🙏✨
I feel you, Legend.. Yes.. Yes. #GFUNKISFOREVER
Perception will never in life defeat reality..
The Golden Era might be over but the residue from it's ashes still reside in every crevice of my soul.. unlike the rest of these fools, I'll never let what (they) died establishing go out like that. I'll be joining my OGs for the big session upstairs before that happens.. but in the meantime my new
Everything u dreamed of.. neva have to front.
Intelligence has always been underrated.. 🎓✨
We lost more than an elite artist that fateful night in Vegas back in '96.. we lost our identity. Since then, the leaders have become followers and the funk got replaced with a sound that's not even ours. I know #2Pac is shakin his fkn head at the scene today and wondering the same thing everyone el
Fast learner.. Cash earner.. Ash burner. 👑✨
It's all G-double O-D Good.. 😁✨
When shxt start goin ur way again it b like.. 😁✨
Sure as my chronic is the best in town is as sure I am that #GFUNKISFOREVER.. 👑✨ #RIP #NateDogg
Greatness is best ingested in large doses.. ✨💉
Tell me is it true or false.. 🎱✨ #GFUNKISFOREVER
Say they ready for the funk but I don't think they knowin.. 🎥✨ #TheBatesMotel
You ever get so high it was like you were watching yourself from the outside lookin in..? Yea.. That. LOL 😫 🎥✨ #GFUNKISFOREVER
Take It Eazy.. 🎥✨ #TheBatesMotel #GFUNKISFOREVER
That phrase "It's a Movie" got worn out by everyone so I don't wanna say it.. but it is. Some real West Coast shxt I wrote and co-directed with the G's in it.. Nune, Kurupt, Warren G, Butch, Knoc and The West of them. You can check it out @ 🎥✨ #TheBatesMotel
Loyal to my soil not a faker.. 👑✨
Sound Like Them? Nope.. Always Gonna Win? Yup
🌌Sometimes those stars get to lining tf up..
#TBT - 19 years ago today.. at the height of The Golden Era when our artists had the balls to be blatant about what they believed in. I'd like to think that's what Legends are made of but today's rappers seem good with just being ladies. Yet and still.. #GFUNKISFOREVER 👑✨ #2Pac #RIPJohnnyJ #Everybo
With no dog in the fight, gotta say fk it and just roll with the Westside.. #NBAFinals
When I turn on my radio.. #ItAintGood 😫📻
If you're one of the few that keep it 💯 then you'd admit that western music ain't been good for quite some time.. Many wondered if I was just sittin back watching it deteriorate and the truth is.. kinda. But really I was just waiting for a sign.. and now that I recently got it, I'm putting on the b
They let me reload this weapon called The Funk.. #GFUNKISFOREVER 🔫✨
On my Stringer Bell shxt.. 🔌✨
I was on this royal shxt many years ago.. the trend followers are just barely catching up. 👑✨ #GFUNKISFOREVER
Stay away from the ones that's Sheisty.. 👑✨
When I drop this next record for The West.. 👐✨ #GFUNKISFOREVER
Shade Sheist - City of Angels 🌴✨
Shade Sheist - Back N The Building 🏰
Is there a such thing as too much wisdom.. 💭
When you flow so hard it naturally emits as a growl rather than a voice.. 🐅✨ #2Pac #GFUNKISFOREVER
Keep It G.. Make That Bang 🎲 ft. Mr. Criminal & Sergio 📲 Download ItShadeSheist.netTU
Be it water or talent, California is seriously suffering from a major drought right now.. 🚱🚾
Don't give a damn, I'm real.. I'll say just wut I feel. #IllNeverStopIBustAllDay 🔫✨ #GFUNKISFOREVER
These fools projects sound like the longest maxi-singles ever.. 1 song and 10 remixes. 😴
#TBT - Know the difference between the 1's that really represent us and the guppies along for the ride just cause they live over here.. #GFUNKISFOREVER 👑✨
#TBT - Another coast is no longer the enemy.. wack artists and misrepresenters are. Still.. say what you feel as long as you're keepin it all the way real. #GFUNKISFOREVER 👑✨
#TBT - The Golden Era: When our artists stood up for more than just dumb shxt and spoke up on it.. whatever (it) was.. no matter what was to come. #GFUNKISFOREVER 👑✨
So you mean to tell me that I should abandon all of the teachings of my modern day mentors, ignore the attempts to unify and just stick to my own team? You really want me to call out these suckas for rapping like 5th graders and dressing like the little sister I never had? Is it on me to speak on th
I'm live on the westside of FL.. 📻✨ Hit up 96.5 FM (WSLR) if you're over there.. otherwise listen using this
Get you sumthin real in this lifetime..

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