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Shade Sheist™
#ASoundThatInfluencedANation 🌴✨
#ASoundThatInfluencedANation 🌴✨ [First Platinum Solo Female Artist]
#ASoundThatInfluencedANation 🌴✨
#ASoundThatInfluencedANation 🌴✨
It seems we've lost our way over on this side.. I'm watching us follow trends when we used to set them.. don't believe me? Well today's lesson is #ASoundThatInfluencedANation 🌴✨
Johnny J used to tell me these nxggaz had no minds of their own.. and he was right. They much rather follow than lead.. too scared of where they might actually end up. So we're gonna pour out a little liquor to weakness.. #RIP
Forever a G Thang baby.. 👑✨
Sega Dreamcast only lasted so long and so will that kind of music. This groove fks up their entire career catalog though.. 👑✨
Weak Emcees out here tryna convince the world they run shxt and don't even know #TheFormula..
Free Yourself, from wut they call music today..
It's goin down MFs.. 👑✨
Patience is Everything.. 👑✨
Hell to Just Add Water Insta-Rappers..
Do you see what I see? A bunch of basic level musicians trying to imitate the magic from an era they think most of yall are too young to remember anyways.. We just laugh though. #GFUNKISFOREVER 👑✨
The way we do it where we from.. 🌴✨
Couldn't bite this with pitbull teeth.. well. 👑✨
They don't bite tracks like this because they know they would be "Crazy" to think they could.. #GFUNKISFOREVER 👑✨
I always hear 2Pac didn't keep it G cause he was professionally trained as a performer and ran with Digital Underground.. TF!? The Underground were some of the realest nxggaz to come out of Oakland. Maybe yall were too busy doin "The Humpty Dance" to realize they were behind this west coast classic
Don't expect nuthin less.. 👑✨
Who got your back, Kid..? 🌴✨
I'ma represent til i'm set in the dirt.. 👑✨
In Traffic.. @935KDAY bangin my shxt. 🌴✨
G-Funk is my religion.. 👑✨
I could go on forever.. If you want to. 👑✨
#Friday.. Take advantage Man. 🌴✨
So i'ma take yours.. 🌴✨
I got to say it was a Good Day.. 🌴✨
I got to say it was a Good Day.. 🌴✨ #MTV #MTVJams #GFUNKISFOREVER
"I Got To Have It, Bxtch." #EazyE 👑✨
Let Kings do what Kings do.. 👑✨
Might be 1 of the only blessed to hear this record in it's entirety.. It's not a myth. RIP #JohnnyJ 👑✨
These new nxggaz think rappin fast makes their words magically sound more complex.. not unless you're doin it like the greatest to ever do it. #BoneThugsNHarmony #E99 👑✨
Every time I speak up on The Funk.. 😂
Can't claim what already exists.. 👑✨
The Daughters Came Harder Than Most.. 👑✨ RIP K #SpecialOne.. #GFUNKISFOREVER
Bumpin "Never Leave Me Alone.." #RIPNateDogg 👑✨
Couldn't Copy Greatness With Tracing Paper.. 👑✨
Almost Forgot It's Libra Season.. 👑✨
#Greatness is when you no longer have to ask if you're doin it correctly.. 👑✨
Great Things Arrive To Great People..
Cause Mami's a Rider.. and I'm a Roller.
Own a G-Funk Classic.. 👑✨@iTuness Informal Introduction: Classic…K
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Keep It G.. Make That Bang feat. Mr. Criminal & Sergio Selim… #shadesheist @iTunes