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Shade Sheist™
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Hold those gimmick rappers accountable..
And history continues to repeat itself..
#TBT: 23 Years.. Yesterday. Before he started chillin wit Elmo, this guy single-handedly dismantled the World's Most Dangerous Group known as NWA. The irony of this cover is that the toe tag should read: Drop Girl ..we still have our memories though.
#TBT: I bet nobody on this set that day imagined that little boy would grow up to become G-Funk's ultimate frontline soldier.. except me. #GFUNKISFOREVER 👑✨
The Streetz dictate hits.. not the media. #ForevaShowinFugazzisHowItsSposed2Go 👑✨
Not new to this.. Just true to it. 🐾✨ #CPT #ING #GFUNKISFOREVER
Ain't no mystery.. It's History. 🐾✨ #CPT #ING #GFUNKISFOREVER
Talent runs all through this pack.. 🐾✨ #CPT #ING #GFUNKISFOREVER
So many damn gimmicks, ..Not enough good music.
West Coast every MF day.. 🌴✨
I guess #NateDogg did predict it back in '01.. he knew I would listen to today's music and be like..
The reason I stopped dreaming.. 🌴✨
An all-time favorite.. 👑✨ #GFUNKISFOREVER
They mad cause I was through with it before they even figured out wut to do wit it.. 👑✨
I hope the ghosts of Hip Hop's Golden Era come back to haunt all of you weak MF's.. 👑✨
Don't cheat yaself.. Treat yaself.
I'm just in a different league.. should b clear. 👑✨ @mariahcarey #NateDogg #EliteStatus
Way 2 much Funk in one building.. 👑✨ RIP #NateDogg #GFUNKISFOREVER
"I'm surprised the ghost of 2Pac hasn't come out and slapped the shxt outta most of em that do the shxt they do.." #JohnnyJ
"Forreal.." -Mausberg 👑✨
When the East and the West weren't funkin.. we were funkin in anutha way.. if you get me. #GFUNKISFOREVER 👑✨
Keep tellin yaself they don't listen to us.. #ASoundThatInfluencedANation 🌴✨ #GFUNKISFOREVER
Don't compare 15 mins to 15 years.. 👑✨ #BitchYouAintCute #GFUNKISFOREVER
The 🌎✨ spins off of options..
Even the commercials sounded like Classics.. #TheGoldenEra 🌴✨ #GFUNKISFOREVER
Legendary leaves no room for average.. 👑✨
✨🌴 Cali Is My Main Bitch 🌴✨ Download shadesheist.netXe
I know #NateDogg is lookin down laughin at all the suckaz who think Hip Hop fans are too young to remember #TheGoldenEra 🌴✨ so it's ok to bite and not give credit where it's due.. Even still, they ain't comin close to classic.. It's all bootleg. #NobodyDoesItBetter #GFUNKISFOREVER 👑✨
When my OG Nate was tryin to get me to give him my single "Wake Up" we just recorded, he offered me anything I wanted.. I told him if he let me have the rights to this classic record I would.. He wasn't amused and needless to say, "Wake Up" ended up on my album.. 😂 RIP #NateDogg #GFUNKISFOREVER 👑✨
On sum Royal shiznit.. ✨👑✨
Own a G-Funk Classic.. 👑✨@iTuness Informal Introduction: Classic…K
Where I Wanna Be ('97 Remix) 👑✨ ft. Nate Dogg & Kurupt…U
It's My Birthday.. Yall Get The Gift. 👑✨ or
14 Hours.. 👑✨🎉
I remember Quik tellin me this back in '98.. and ain't nuthin changed. #GFUNKISFOREVER 👑✨
When Warren G asked "Do You See" back in '94 I just wanted yall to know I did.. #GFUNKISFOREVER 👑✨
What Legends are made of.. 👑✨
#ASoundThatInfluencedANation 🌴✨
#ASoundThatInfluencedANation 🌴✨ [First Platinum Solo Female Artist]
#ASoundThatInfluencedANation 🌴✨
#ASoundThatInfluencedANation 🌴✨
It seems we've lost our way over on this side.. I'm watching us follow trends when we used to set them.. don't believe me? Well today's lesson is #ASoundThatInfluencedANation 🌴✨
Johnny J used to tell me these nxggaz had no minds of their own.. and he was right. They much rather follow than lead.. too scared of where they might actually end up. So we're gonna pour out a little liquor to weakness.. #RIP
Forever a G Thang baby.. 👑✨
Sega Dreamcast only lasted so long and so will that kind of music. This groove fks up their entire career catalog though.. 👑✨
Weak Emcees out here tryna convince the world they run shxt and don't even know #TheFormula..