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Shade Sheist™
You can learn a lot about life from those who have already lived it.. 👑✨ #GFUNKISFOREVER
Do it to be remembered long after they stop thinking about you.. 🙏✨
#Mood.. 💫
Taught by the best to fade the rest.. #GFUNKISFOREVER 🙏✨
And now that I know the game.. 🙏✨
If this was Sesame Street I bet you could guess what today's letter is.. 🙏✨
Focused on reality but living in a whole 'notha galaxy.. 🌌
There are no G's in my name but if there were I surely wouldn't leave any out.. you know wut I'm trying to say. 🙏✨
Always give thanks to him.. You could be wack like them. 🙏✨
I know everything about that one, actually.. #Classic 🙏✨…u 🙏✨
I stay inspired by all things Great.. 👑✨ #DJQuik #GFUNKISFOREVER
Talk to em #NateDogg.. 🐾✨ #GFUNKISFOREVER
Why bother dreaming when I still got memories like this to refer to.. 🙏✨ #GFUNKISFOREVER
My enemies deceased.. 💀 Die like a bxtch when my album hit the streets, Nxggas can't see me! 👑✨ #GFUNKISFOREVER
It's #WestCoast on mine everyday and not just cause it matches the first letter of a weekday.. Go hard or get the fk outta the way of those who will. 🙏✨ #GFUNKISFOREVER /
People still come to me and tell me how they miss real music.. It feels dope to have a purpose in life. 🙏✨
Rarely seen but always felt.. 🙏✨ #GFUNKISFOREVER
While I'm out here turning non-believers into believers #ShowMeLoveOrDontShowMeShxt #GFUNKISFOREVER 👑✨
Damn, I miss my nxgga.. 🙏✨
When u do what u love u neva work a day in ya life.. so no #WeWorking tags cause then I'd be lying.. 🙏✨
You don't have to be aware of the 💣 in the building for it to be effective.. just know it will blow yo ass to smithereens regardless.
You don't have to be aware of the 💣 in the building for it to be effective.. it will blow yo ass to smithereens regardless.
I've been outnumbered and outgunned my entire young life.. imagine that making me hesitant to enter any battle. I survived these streets, you think I'll ever worry about what these amateurs (can't) do..? Keep believing the hype.. and the numbers.. I'ma look at my watch and let you know when 15 minut
Just long as you believe in you.. 🙏✨
If you's a playa in the game.. 🙏✨
Those palm trees dreams are feeling less like fantasy and more like real life.. 🌴✨ Believe in (yourself) no matter what.
They're gettin ancy for that new album.. 🙏✨,sha…U
Dreams fulfilling and I'm like.. 🙏✨
Bless yourself and cease listening to nobodies.. they've never seen the real 🌍✨ and therefore can't offer you a damn thang of significance.
Mean what you say.. Say nuthin but great shxt. 🙏✨
I'm hearing they don't like the realism I'm speaking on ..a little too close to home, huh.. Well allow me to retort quoting my big homie @kurupt_gotti word for word.. and let's pray they don't make me add my own to this. 🙏✨ #GFUNKISFOREVER
The truth will set you free.. 🙏✨IamGFunk.net8
You never know the adventure that awaits you when you take control of your own destiny.. 🙏✨ #GFUNKISFOREVER
Some consider me a Savior.. 🙏✨ #GFUNKISFOREVER
Because, Greatness.. 🙏✨
Some of them W's being thrown up stand for "wack" and not #Westside.. 👐✨
The way #JohnnyJ told me he felt while working with 2Pac, I never found the opportunity to tell him I felt the same way working with him. Blessed to have known you, J.. 🙏✨ #GFUNKISFOREVER

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