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Shade Sheist™
My G told me he was cookin up some CPT shxt with the OG King so of course these lines immediately popped into my head. Either get smart or get played like a fkn piano.. 🎹✨
You can come up with all the excuses in the world for why something didn't work.. but the reality is, ain't nothing or nobody stopping you from doing shxt except one person.. 🙏✨
Cats out here preparing for their ending and don't even know it.. 🙏✨
It ain't a game.. it's plain 2 see. (Entirely reproduced using all of the original samples.. not no weak-ass mixtape remix.) #GFUNKISFOREVER 👑✨
Still Ain't.. 🙏✨ RIP #MCBreed RIP #2Pac #GFUNKISFOREVER
Your true value can't be honored until you acknowledge it.. 💡✨
Just don't forget.. #GFUNKISFOREVER 🎧✨ Listen: 📲✨ Link Up: 💿✨ Support: 💭✨ Remember:
My Ambitionz Az a Ridah.. 🙏✨ You just gotta understand why some of us turn off the world to tune into what's important. It can be a lonely movement.. but who are you really riding for at the end of it all..? You.
You will see the difference when you stop chasing success and start working on becoming more valuable..
Don't let yourself get a half decade deep into anything before determining that it ain't doin nuthin for you. 1 of the most effective things you can do for your life is keep it on the real.. 🙏✨
I've learned, sometimes the hard way, that everything will change.. at some point. I used to complain.. now I just adapt. 🙏✨
When obligations turn into options and responsibilities seem to loosen that grip on your shoulders, that means you're getting somewhere.. Even if you enjoy it alone, feel blessed that you can do whatever in #SoManyWays 🙏✨
🌴✨ Summer might've came and went.. but real west coast music aka #GFUNKISFOREVER 🎧✨ Listen: 📲✨ Link Up: 💿✨ Support: 💭✨ Remember:
Always say what you mean.. you never know when those words will finally prove themselves to be fact. 🙏✨
Man I'd pay top dollar just to relive even 1 of my days back in the early 90's.. 🙏✨ #GFUNKISFOREVER
In my room on a Friday like.. 👐✨ #GFUNKISFOREVER
If you've never seen this movie about my neighborhood, you should.. it's pure comedy. But why is this scene right here too real? 😆 I think this is how 70% of our rappers are created. Nah seriously, I seen this shxt happen with my own eyes. 😂 #TheWood
Just make sense, man.. 🙏✨ #EazyE #DrDre #NWA #GFUNKISFOREVER
How can't you get it done in a city full of all this sun..? 🌇🙏✨ #GFUNKISFOREVER
When it starts to make sense, you can make it make you a lot of cents.. please believe. 🙏✨ #GFUNKISFOREVER
When they go and dig up old footage of you, hopefully they will remember why they started fkn wit you in the 1st place.. there's a certain value and quality that only comes from consistency. 👑✨ #GFUNKISFOREVER
Ain't nuthin better than live and in real-time.. it's the difference between platinum and 3x platinum. 🙏✨…o
It's not rocket science.. never was. We as humans tend to make things more difficult than they have to be, naturally. And then there are those who are just naturally Great. Choose your side. 👑✨ #EazyE #GFUNKISFOREVER
Be sure the things you get used to are things you actually enjoy..
Just watched the #Unsung episode on the last reigning Queen of the West.. it's dope to see her get her propers all these years later.. she deserves it.. she held her own riding with a member of the World's Most Dangerous Group and made it look effortless. Will we ever see another that down for the W
Yeah, I take jabs.. because they don't really want me to come with no hooks. 👊✨ Who's gonna fk wit The Realest after #Mausberg? #GFUNKISFOREVER
Not quite royalty but fasho an originator.. this is what Gangsta Rap sounded like before most of yall were even born.. assuming you're all younger than me. 👐✨
Listen 2 my new single "It Ain't Good"
Humble beginnings lead to legendary endings.. so if you have ever heard that ideology that "it's greater later" well I'm here to inform you that it's true. Believe in yourself. 🙏✨ #GFUNKISFOREVER
Or try in the late night.. 🙏✨ #GFUNKISFOREVER
My only hope is that they don't wait until I go upstairs with my big homie before they give me my propers for keeping the torch lit for a genre most of my peers abandoned when shxt got real.. 👑✨ #GFUNKISFOREVER
When those weak emcees that let a little hype confuse them into thinking they were running something get all quiet and try to hide from public view.. kinda like this year.. I get to blastin this through the loudspeaker. Cause things are looking pretty grim indeed. 😄 #GFUNKISFOREVER
I say the shxt they won't so sometimes I find myself in the funk.. (not music) but contrary to popular belief, I'm really a Luver.. and I'm damn good @ it. 💖 #GFUNKISFOREVER
The face I make when I find out my peers are still repackaging their throwaway music and selling it back to the fans.. sometimes even overpriced! That's the thanks for your loyalty? But then, sometimes I think to myself.. these nxggaz can't help it when ALL of the music they make is throwaway. 😏 #G
If everyone knew the answer, everyone would be right, right..? Well life ain't neva that perfect and most of these so-called "rappers" are lost causes. Me, I'm qualified to speak on it.. I can build a Frankenstein.. I know #TheFormula 🙏✨ #DOC
These rappers out here are playin themselves.. and I ain't talkin no movies. All these fkn gimmicks and shxt not even related to hip hop, it's a wonder anyone even remembers that they do music. There's nothing G about that and their music don't bang.. I would love for them to oppose my notion but un
When you're doing the most it's normal to forget what day it is.. I didn't always have this problem but I always got my big homie #NateDogg to remind me wut it iz. 🙏✨ #GFUNKISFOREVER
Be everything you were meant to be.. or don't be any of it at all. 👑✨
Sparks turn into flames.. 🔥✨ #2Pac #GFUNKISFOREVER
Ain't nothing guaranteed to us except for an ending.. we all get one. 🙏✨
Some may think they're doing what you do.. but a very wise man taught me long ago that it doesn't matter what fools "think." 🙏✨
When rappers play you a pair of weak records and it takes everything in you not to say "what are thooose!?" 😆

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