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Shade Sheist™
Because, Greatness.. 🙏✨
Some of them W's being thrown up stand for "wack" and not #Westside.. 👐✨
The way #JohnnyJ told me he felt while working with 2Pac, I never found the opportunity to tell him I felt the same way working with him. Blessed to have known you, J.. 🙏✨ #GFUNKISFOREVER
Sacrifice for success.. 🙏✨
It hurts my soul to hear poorly imitated funk but I'ma die before I let yall forget the real. 🙏✨ #GFUNKISFOREVER
9Tre.. and it don't stop. 🙏✨ #GFUNKISFOREVER
I use this image simply to announce.. ✨🙏 "Now you know you in trouble.." 🙏✨ #GFUNKISFOREVER
Ain't too many things in life forever.. but I can name two.. 1. I will always be a Hustler.. and you already know the other.. #GFUNKISFOREVER 👑✨
To avoid stains, keep your bigger picture in a nice-ass frame.. 💡✨
1 of the worse things u can do to yourself is lose control of your own happiness.. 🙏✨
The season of Improvement.. 🙏✨ #Cali #Summer #2015
Blessed to look forward and actually see something there.. don't take vision for granted. 🙏✨
Remember when they offered no real advice other than "figure it out." 📷✨
My Day Goals.. ☑✨✨✨
Never ask, never owe.. and roll solo cause ain't nobody as great as you though. 🙏✨
As long as you got your back.. 🙏✨
Don't let anyone convince you a little is better than nothing at all.. 🙏✨
What u think is a new route might just be an elaborate path back to a place you're already familiar with.. 💡✨
I didn't create these ideologies.. I simply embrace them and make sure the world knows I do. 🙏✨ #GFUNKISFOREVER
It might be raining but it's still this.. 🙏✨
Few things will ever make men hit the streets this early.. but today is the day for one of them. 🙏✨
Those legendary things that take place when you're left to fend for ya'self.. 🙏✨
15 years gone.. and it's still on. Now let's see these scrubs imitate that. 👑✨ #GFUNKISFOREVER 🙏✨ RIP #NateDogg 🐾✨ #DoggPoundGangstazPutMeUpOnGame #IKeptMyselfInTheGame #WhereIWannaBe New Interview Up @
And then there was Quik.. 🙏✨ #GFUNKISFOREVER
Don't lie and say you love it.. and give these MFs false hope to make more of it. #ItAintGood 🚯IamGFunk.come
Ain't shxt changed OG.. I know you're watching all of this. Stay proud. #NateDogg 🙏✨ #GFUNKISFOREVER
Let's be clear, you don't get to say "I'm the next.." and your mere existence just makes it possible. Believe that and u might be as dumb as u sound. To get on this level is no longer even possible, as these legends thrived during #TheGoldenEra and that in itself is unrepeatable. We all know there's
When I overhear people talking about an average record at best and say "this is what the West needs" ..bitch how? 😴 #GFUNKISFOREVER 🙏✨
"I want nxggaz to be real again.." stick to what you know, even if it's that wack shxt. Trust, you don't want it with the Jones Jr of this G-Funk shxt... 🙏✨ #GFUNKISFOREVER
We all want that 1 that'll hold the chrome til you come home.. 🙏✨
It must be a John Doe thing to keep it this realistic.. 🙏✨ Listen to my new interview @ #GFUNKISFOREVER #EazyE
Let those kids do the Hokey Pokey.. This right here is about legacy, started in the 80's and ending never. 🙏✨ #GFUNKISFOREVER
Life as a L.A. 👑✨ making sure to take good notes along the way 💉✨
Spontaneity.. oh how I missed yo ass.
And the whole time I'm like.. 🙏✨ #GFUNKISFOREVER
The way they're doin your legacy, Eric the shxt might as well be a cartoon.. But as long as the world knows who made it all possible that's all that matters, right Gangsta..? 🙏✨ #GFUNKISFOREVER / RIP #EazyE
That lifted feeling of shxt going your way & ain't no luck involved.. 🙏✨
I do this for you OG.. 🙏✨ #GFUNKISFOREVER
When I hear that new shxt.. 🚯 #GFUNKISFOREVER
When saying "they don't make 'em like this anymore" is no longer just talkin shxt.. 🙏✨

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