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Syafiqah Athirah
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"@iHarryi_StyIes: Im following the next 25 girls that follow @femaIenotes for me 😏"
Wajah yang gelap tetapi hati putih bersih itu lebih baik daripada wajah yang suci cerah tetapi hati hitam dan tersangat kotor.
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I have my new song and I'm gonna make a new one .. With my friend..
“school reopening tomorrow” 99.9% of the students:
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I'll never regret anything more than chances I didn't take with you.
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The closer you look, the less you see #nowyouseeme
well i guess. its just been a boringg holiday for home doing nothing.. well bye holiday..its gonna end anyway.. :(
who dafak i just follow? wait nvm it was my friend :p
Tomorrow at school, I'd be like...😒
lucky la those yg go orang kahwin along with their mum and kena layan.
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ex saying.. "failed to get that 'special someone' he referring to me again?! idk #confused
Now premiere Now you see me :) hehe can't wait :p lol
so im new here .. and its been a while that i broadcast some erm hi1 (@SfQh_Athirah live on
Who are your heroes? — Justin bieber & my dad heh ;)
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arggh holidays are boring.. i got nothing to do .. -.-
I do look back but its up to me to keep moving forward :")
"@iQuoteComedy: People are like music. Some speak truth, others are just noise."
Smile so the tears don't show, laugh like you don't hurt at all. Fake it so he will never know, that you still haven't let him go...
No ..not anymore.. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😢
Do you ever let me go? :")
Missing my friends now :'( and my crush :"(
Kat twitter, confidence level, pergh! Tapi...
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I not afraid to do anything, I'm just afraid to lose you again...
Iron filings responding to a magnetic field.. Remind you of anything familiar?
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