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Syafiqah Athirah
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If you really love that person , you don't give your virginity before marriage , you just need to give your heart and time .
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6 tahun untuk 5A 3 tahun untuk 8A 2 tahun untuk 10A 6 bulan untuk 4.00 Kita belajar hanya untuk kejar gred dan harumkan nama sekolah? Hm hm
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when I see couples in movies or TV show or in a cartoon. I want that awesome relationship that no girl cant forget.
11:37 p.m. sleep time?
On Earth there's life
Life. We're living in life.
Im invisible, nobody's gonna notice me.
I want a new phone T^T iPhone perhaps?
Dumb phone cant install Snapchat :(
Tweet whatever on twitter, nobody's gonna judge you.
Too many assholes.
Love+Care = Mother Love+Fear = Father Love+Help = Sister Love+Fight = Brother Love+Life = Spouse Love+Care+Fear+Help+Fight+Life = Friend
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can't sleep at night can't wake up in the morning
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What am I doing with my life?
I think he loves me I think he doesn't love me I think he loves me I think he doesn't love me I think he loves me I think he doesn't love me
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This totally sucks
How wonderful is that.
I'd rather break up with you.
Almost a month and still my boyfriend doesn't care. Great, just great.
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Im sick of people tellin' me what to do.
Im done with my phone. I need to buy a new one :/
I got nothin' to do today. This sucks.
am i late for wishing? haha.. Happy 19th birthday @AimanAfiff. may Allah bless you always. keep vining. never give up on your dreams :3
Nothing is more beautiful than a smile that has struggled through tears.
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I miss this sentences " kelas pagi ini cancel " 😭😪
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Disebalik senyuman manis itu , banyak masalah yang bersembunyi.
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Maybe having me alone is not enough.
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I think I'd prefer being alone than being in love. Both hurts anyway but at least being alone won't get you disappointed.
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"Pergi mall untuk shopping,shhhhh Ezzat Eddy is sleeping." 😂👌
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You got a bright future ahead of you.
When I grow old, I know that my freedom awaits.