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LaLaRenée ♏️
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I guarantee relationships would last longer if everyone stop giving up on em so easily. How you want yrs but not willing to deal with drama
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Can't keep eyes open. 😑😴 So tired! 😴💤
To be with someone, u have to stand by them & be there for them. Without trust & loyalty there is no relationship of any kind.
Treat a Woman like a Queen. 👸👑💎💖🙏
Chances r for those who u know is worth givin to and u know will change & won't do same mistakes as before.
@SheAint__Bri: I want someone I can put all my trust in and know I won't end up looking like a fool 🙌”#Amenn to that!! 🙏👏
Being able to talk to somebody about anything and not get judged .. 🙌🙌
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Dying co-creator of The Simpsons is giving away his millions to charity in his final days 👉
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Going to enjoy tiny bit of red wine n chill out..😎🍷
Heartburn is a B when u pregnant! #Ugh 😣❤️🔥👀
.. When woman start doing whatever they want..guys start losing they mind and spazzing...welcome to a woman's world on what u guys do to us
Niggas get ya sh!t together when it comes to respectin a woman bc if u were disrespected it would be a whole different story. #OneSided #Smh
I'm looking super thick as hell from my pregnancy.. #Wow 😳😍 can't wait to get to the gym after I have my baby girl! 👑🎀👣💖🍼💁
Did this chick just say, "This show will be longer than The Color Purple before she paid a guy $ back? #CTFU #Ratchet #GoldDigger #SMGDH 😂😭
Be the person you want your kids to be or act like. #Respect #Faithful #Trustworthy #Loving #Cares #Committed #Honest ❤️💗💓💖💕💞💋🙏
Bout to get out of this house.
Everytime he makes a song bout me, it goes "Gold"! 🏆 What can I say, I'm his "Good Luck" Charm!@JungPhilMusicc 😍😘☺️👌💁👑💎💖🌹
Hope everyone have a blessed day. #GoodMorning 🙏
Stuffed Crust Pizza #PizzaHut 😋🍕
I hate heartburn! 😑❤️🔥
Start acknowledging that one person u truly love. #Show & #Prove #Actions are louder then #Words
Everyone seems normal until you get to know them .
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I don't want perfect , I want worth it .
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If your surrounded by a bunch of people, but still feel alone you just my need to change your scenery
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The reason why people take you for granted is because they assume you'll always be there... 💯
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Kisses 😍😘 to the haters 😏 and whoever think they can bring me dow#Motivatestes 💁👏 me more to have u hate
Ate Honey Nut Cheerios w/ banana & this lil girl keep kickin me wantin more food. #Smh Lil greedy butt just like her dad @JungPhilMusic #LOL
Kisses 😍😘 to the haters 😏 and whoever think they can bring me dow#Motivatestes 💁👏 me more to
No respect shown, then u have no respect for yourself. Give respect to get respect. #ChangeLife #Respect
F$ck ppl attitudes in the morning. Be bitter somewhere else. Not gonna stress me. I'm good. *Shrugs* #StayPositive 👎✌️👋🙅🙉
A Orangutan in Phoenix had a Baby Shower??! 😳..wait... Then she had a baby registry on Amazon??!!..#CTFUU 🐒🐵😂#MorningNewsi#Crazy #Crazy
Soup and Netflix! 🍵🍜🍴🎥☺️
Looking for apartments/Homes is so hard! 😣🏠🏡🏢
This weather sucks! This winter is going to be freezing!! 😳😣😱😫👎🙍☁️❄️⛄️