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LaLa ♏️
@JungPhilMusic: #Barz on a R&B track! #PurpleCastles Swear this record is that wow factor! @LBMGLLC & @JAMESWEBBMUSIC Production”
Lovin this new IOS8 update!...especially Twitters update! #Apple #iPhone 📱📲
Goodnight world. 😴🌛
@JungPhilMusic: This new #Apple Update is dope! This must be there way of saying sorry for putting that dumbass #U2 on my phone.” CTFU! 😫😂😭
Tell me why IOS8 update took forever to update! It took almost an hour! 🕐⌛️⌚️ It's crazy looking though. 📱📲
Love taking hot showers before bed to relax me. 😍😊🚿💨💁
#TBT last year. 😍😘💖👓✌️💁
#TBT 1-2 yrs ago. 😍💁👗👠💖💋
Ok this update for twitter changed it a lot! #Wow
Wish everyone stop stressing me the f!ck out! Always argue over bs when I said what I needed to say & that's it! Bout to make moves ASAP! 😡 this video is too adorable!! This beagle rocks the baby girls crib when she cries.
20 weeks in! My baby girl getting bigger & bigger every week. 😍😘👀🙏💁🙆🎀💕💖💋👣🍼
20 weeks in! My baby girl getting bigger & bigger every week. 😍😘👀🙏💁🙆�
Taken yesterday. Had a good day wit my sis @santanatiera & my Godson Dontae. I needed that! 😍😊☀️
Taken yesterday. Had a good day wit my sis @SantanaTiera & my Godson Dontae. 😍😊☀
Interview went great! Hope for a second interview! #Praying #StayingPositive 🙏
Some men aren't mentally PREPARED to have a woman like you! They've dealt with RATCHET for so long... they don't know how to treat ROYALTY!
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@nikkiesmile3: Sometimes it takes sadness to know happiness, noise to appreciate silence and absence to value presence.”
Excuses and blaming others won't get u far. #Smh
Feelings & wants shouldn't be neglected bc of stress. Everyone stresses. That's an excuse to me.
@bebe_Stores: Inject attitude into your fall wardrobe with these fab essentials...
They say everything happens for a reason, but it would be nice to know some of the reasons once in a while.
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Bout to head out for a while and enjoy this nice day out wit my sis @SantanaTiera :-)
No more nice girl. Ain't running no games over me no more.
He will NEVER know a good thing. Hope he is comfortable in all the lies that he told. #LyingKing
Why guys always push away something good & then resort to social media to talk sh!t?? Ctfu! #Lame u got a woman but u treat her bad! #Smgdh
There is Love then next day there isn't..make ya mind up! Either u for me or u nt! Stop playing with emotions and my heart! Dnt do fake!
Tired of feeling like I'm by myself when I shouldn't! Dnt make sense. Something has to change!
What to do today?...Hmmmm
Good morning people
This pasta got me feeling nauseous. Not a good pick for dinner for me n my baby girl. #Ugh 😷😑🍝
Is Khloe Kardashian with The Game now?? #GoodQuestion #Hmmmm
Love. Loyalty. Support.
one day you're screaming you love me loud, the next day you're so cold. one day you're here, one day you're there, one day you care.
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Words to live by: everything happens for a reason
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#RealTalk 💯💯‼️
💖Isabella Renaye💖 My lil angel! Love of my life! My one & only! 👣2/1/15🍼
I need to move ASAP! I can't do this everything wanna break after another! Not fixing sh!t else! #ImDone 🚫🔨🔧🔩🏠🚫
Trust yourself. Create the kind of self that you will be happy to live with all your life.
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Going to teach my daughter how to be loyal, to have confidence, to have respect, to depend on herself, to be a girl with a mind, a woman with attitude, and a lady with class. 😍😘🙏💁👑🎀👣👠💄💖
Ugh I need more sleep. 😣😴
@fcknits: Life is better when you're #smiling. :) xx”
@_GabsGotCurls: One day I'll have it all 😻👰👫”
Good Morning. If you woke up mad, just turn your frown upside down and have a blessed day. 😣➡️😊
This weather sucks! 😒😣☁️💨🍁