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Sex Facts Of Life
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The most romantic places in the world, every couple needs to go here:
Missing someone and not being able to see them is the worst feeling ever.
Some interesting facts you didn't know about falling in love:
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When a woman says "Have fun", 80% of the time she's really hoping you have a horrible time without her.
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Cuddling naked is the greatest feeling in a relationship.
10 clues that a girl is into you:
I may not be perfect, but I'm loyal.
Napping together is my favorite kind of date.
Every girl loves hearing their guy say, "that's my girl".
These are the signs of a crazy boyfriend:
RT if you want your first born to be a boy 👦 Fav if you want your first born to be a girl 👧
I could definitely see myself marrying you one day.
Wishing "bae" was here to cuddle right now.
These are the 8 things a guy will usually never tell a girl:
If you're single, focus on being a better you instead of looking for someone better than your ex. A better you will attract a better next.
We are attracted by looks, but personality makes us stay.
I can't help it, I am the jealous type. What's mine is mine, don't screw with it.
These are the signs of a crazy girlfriend:
If he's not grabbing your ass all the time, then he's not really your boyfriend.
You deserve someone who makes you laugh, treats you right, makes you feel good, and most of all, loves you.
My babe is my babe. Don't touch my babe, hug my babe, talk to my babe, smile at my babe, look at my babe or grab my babe.
These are the reasons he might not be into you:
I could pretty much just stare at these Katy Perry pictures all day...
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Girls will get jealous, but won't say anything, they'll just toss hints and give you attitude until you figure it out.