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Wiz khalifa 8/7 jelly roll 8/21
ever give up on what you really want?
So I'm a fan of Drake. What Yall think about all this ghost writing shit?
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Although you may still be harboring fantasies about new ways t... More for Gemini
You might choose to pass on a last-minute invitation today, ev... More for Gemini
You can find a nigga grinding when we in the club sippin mud
You may feel invisible today, as if people don't even know you... More for Gemini
Ingenious ideas are flying around fast and furious, but you ar... More for Gemini
You're ready to say yes to nearly anything today. Fortunately,... More for Gemini
You may feel like time is running out, accentuating your sense... More for Gemini
Your words are muddled by the influence of nebulous Neptune to... More for Gemini
You're naturally talented at assimilating information and turn... More for Gemini
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Kickin it need a new bitch
You can see farther into the distance today, but your percepti... More for Gemini
Your charm and cleverness are operating so efficiently today t... More for Gemini
It might seem prudent to exercise self-control today, but narr... More for Gemini
A friend or lover may tempt you to go for broke today, but you... More for Gemini
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Just when you thought clarity was yours for the asking, the so... More for Gemini
Fuck the world if they can't adjust
Reality comes into focus today, yet it could take a few more d... More for Gemini
Who's out in Cali who's in the bay?
Same here and I want Einstein Bagel the Nova Lux is bomb AF…
Call this number and leave your name, location and age and rip your best freestyle for @LostinthotsRadio (347) 815-2949 or say whatever.
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You may regret bringing up a subject in a conversation today t... More for Gemini
If You Ain't Got No Haters You Ain't Poppin' Nigga..
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Got to watch the #Mayweather fight at my dawg @BrothaLynchHung crib. It's an honor to call you my friend!
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The best rappers of all time 2pac Biggie Eminem Andre 3000 Jay Z #MyOpinion
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I rather be a monkey then to be a slave... bitch
Youz a broke bitch trying to get rich...
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You may experience a bit of an emotional letdown today as pass... More for Gemini

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