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You must decide whether to change your loyalties today or stic... More for Gemini
@_2raw @IGGYAZALEA ha ha ha Oh M Gee!! I love it you're all Gemini 😁😀😎
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@_2raw thanks not in a while !! 🍹🍹👍😁
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5K souls wondering on my ig,,, call me iggy I thought u knewwww that iggyazalea
Have u been invited 2 Tao Nightclub? Text @Cashavelli 4 VIP Guestlist&Ladies OPENBAR. Til 12am…
Y'all gonna get to it just focus on the B.i.G picture
Miss Parker just don't know... She needs some young meat.
Big worm ain't gonna do a god damn thing man
It's almost friday
I'll knock the dust off that pussey
Mrs. Parker finer than a motherfucker
Mrs Parker bendin over!!
She's not really a 'slow texter', she's just texting other niggas, so be patient and wait your turn.
My hands still can get dirty.
Da Muthafucka Dats Always Beggin 4 Attention 9 Outta 10 Is BROKE...
iF i Hit u Back i See Potential!
LabelMates Get Jealous After They See u Goin in! Don't understand why tho We Supposed 2 Be A Team!
Knowing who's solid and who was fakin is priceless knowledge & I don't take loyalty for granted
People come people go
You're often eager to explore nearly any pleasurable distracti... More for Gemini
Ouchea!!! 🍞>😪 you dont grind you dont 💎☉. S@tuesdayblendend for always puttin on DOPE events💯! Go
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@_2raw I think Tupac was more artistic & less egotistic...
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You may be presented with an exciting opportunity to demonstra... More for Gemini
You're searching for clarity about how to reach your long-term... More for Gemini
Kanye West is Tupac Shakur without the poor upbringing and street misguidance……
Haters Used 2 Loosin.... Thats Why They Hate Us Winners