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Senator Rand Paul
Looking forward to addressing the California GOP convention! Will you be there? #CAGOP14
Let freedom work. Iowans deserve more freedom and less government interference. #uber #iagov
Big Gov in San Francisco determined to get its pound of flesh from tech startups. #airbnb @TechCrunch
Shhh don't tell @MichelleObama where we had breakfast in Los Angeles!
MUST-READ: Obama is defying the Constitution on war…
Missed my floor speech earlier today? You can find the transcript HERE:…
ICYMI- I took to the Senate floor to oppose aiding the Syrian rebels. Watch my speech in its entirety here:…
ISIS is now a threat. Let's get on with destroying them. But make no mistake: arming Syrian rebels will only make it harder to destroy ISIS.
Must we act to check and destroy ISIS? Yes, and again yes, because of the foolishness of the interventionists.
There's no debate more significant than the decision 2 go 2 war. We must hold leaders accountable. If we dont, there will be no end to war.
2007: Sen. Obama stated that no Pres. should go to war w/o congressional authority. I want Pres.Obama to re-read then-Sen. Obama's speeches
Re: whether we go to war, or under what circumstance, remember that the Pres. last yr wanted to intervene on the OTHER side of this war.
We must now defend ourselves from these barbarous jihadists, but let's not compound the problem by arming feckless rebels in Syria.
Even those of us who have been reluctant to become involved in the wars of the Middle East feel that American vital interests are at stake.
I am walking to the Senate floor to deliver a foreign policy speech. Tune in on C-SPAN.
'Our commitment to customer privacy doesn’t stop because of a government information request.'-@APPLEOFFIClAL…
Tonight- I'm joining @seanhannity on @FoxNews to discuss ISIS & Obama's complete disregard for our #Constitution. Tune in at 10pm ET
ICYMI: Here's my exchange w/ Sec. Kerry regarding the U.S. strategy for defeating ISIS. WATCH:…
Today, @RepCardenas & I introduced the #FAIRAct to protect Americans from unconstitutional property seizures. #PJNET
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Sen. McConnell: I applaud the House for passing #AuditTheFed. I strongly support @SenRandPaul's bill & the Senate should vote on it.
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RT to spread the word: #AuditTheFed bill aka Federal Reserve Transparency Act just passed House 333-92!
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On this day in 1787, the framers of our nation met & signed the U.S. Constitution. Re-read the #Constitution today:
MUST- READ: 'You can smell it in the air, the conservative wave is around the corner' via @ericbolling…
New government regulations force beloved Iowa cheese maker to close after 68 years in business #jobkillingregs #iagov
Arming the Syrian rebels -- which I have been against from the beginning -- is a terrible idea.…
Check out the Smith Auer Country Band, a band comprised of U.S. Marines from #KY:…
MUST-READ: Time For Civil Asset Forfeiture Laws To Meet The Same Fate As Jim Crow…
Enjoyed meeting w/ all the students at the University of New Hampshire. Let's send @SenScottBrown back to the Senate
@SenatorSanborn 's guest for his business luncheon is @SenRandPaul . Great group of engaged business leaders.
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Tonight we will be joined by @SenRandPaul for our First in the Nation Freedom Event!
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Today is a day of remembrance & reflection. Thoughts & prayers for families & service members who put their lives on line to protect America
Rand Paul: Obama’s Actions Against ISIS in Iraq & Syria Are ‘Unconstitutional’… @seanhannity #ObamaSpeech #FoxNews
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ICYMI- I joined @seanhannity on @FoxNews with a response to President Obama's ISIS strategy. WATCH HERE:…
The Constitution is very clear. The power to declare war resides in Congress. If we are to go to war, Congress must approve. #RandResponds
We must defeat #ISIS, but in order to truly fix the problem, we must remember how we got here. Tune in to @FoxNews now. #RandResponds.
Speaking w/ @BretBaier before my response to Obama's address. I'm responding on @FoxNews soon. Tune in #RandResponds
I'll be joining @seanhannity in a few minutes to discuss tonight's remarks by President Obama. Tune in to @FoxNews
TONIGHT: I'm joining @seanhannity on @FoxNews w/ a response to @BarackObama's address to the nation. Be sure to tune in at 10pm ET.
ICYMI: Here's #CBN's coverage of my recent medical mission trip to #Guatemala. WATCH:…
RT @gregoryahall: University of Kentucky to harvest #hemp Thursday.
playbook interview: @SenRandPaul, @DrRandPaul plans another pro-bono eye surgery mission next summer - maybe to China
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The over militarization of police force has gotten out of control & we've allowed it to threaten our civil…
.@SenRandPaul says local police getting excess gear from the Department of Defense "is crazy out of control"
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MUST-READ: This is why the government should never control the internet…
ICYMI: @NBCNews aired special coverage of our humanitarian mission trip to #Guatemala. WATCH:…
Sign the @WhiteHouse petition to support ridesharing companies like @lyft & @Uber
Tune in for #AmericasNewsroom: US border crisis w/ @SenRandPaul, hearing on WH ISIS strategy w/ Rep. Royce & Romney's op-ed up coming up.
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My predisposition is to less intervention, but I do support intervention when our vital interests are threatened:…