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Aly Huggan
Paboo is contained but the hunt for number two continues #pray4floppy
Rabbits have somehow escaped their hutch and I've spent the last five minutes chasing them in my Sainsburys uniform...
Finally under 14st, 4 stone down since October, 1 and a half to go :]
Can't wait for a back wax and full shave for Belladrum #bellabody #boyswithouthair #boyswithsnapbacks #boyswithhashtags
@lowkeyalexander: i want you wearing my hoodie while watching netflix next to me babe” have a day off you cringey twat
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When ye hear a pure bouncing tune and you show it to your pals
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@MeekMill Dip your dick in holy water & fuck my demonic pussy until my demons & sins vanish from it with your holy cum
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Why have eyebrows suddenly become a massive thing in the past year?
So excited Andrew (Gains) Laughton is back 2nite
this friday is definitely haircut friday
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Can't believe I'm working on haircut friday #TeamFriday
"Aly, you may have eyes but you don't see" #7deep2u
Just waked through a field. Unfortunately it was too late to realise it was full of bees who liked chasing people
Dreamed I could turn into a dragon, why isn't that possible
David Cameron MP: Resignation or removal of Jeremy Hunt MP as Secretary of State for Health - Sign ...… via @UKChange
Am I the real John Snow because I know nothing? #previoustweet
Shitting myself, these juice plus salespeople are fucking risk
When Elaine got asked how big my penis is x
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So excited to return to Edinburgher, 6 weeks left :V
Hope your weekends been good guys! It's officially < 7 weeks to go before you move to Edinburgh, who's excited?!!🎉�mC
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Retweeted by Aly Huggan
Can't believe Kirsty missed the toilet and just pissed on the floor
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Kirsty is a liar
Neil licked a ginger anus once
So after getting locked out my flat unable to retrieve any of my stuff and missing my train, one sleep later I'm on my way home #fml
Missed my train what a hashtag fud
It's okay everyone my friends unzipped me earlier never been so happy to see the rain
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@Tinthepark hi im somewhere in green 7 someone has packed me into a tent bag for a joke and I can't get out I don't have much battery left
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RIP Mr Satoru Iwata, President and CEO of Nintendo #RIPIwata
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You are from Forres, you don't have fucking haters, who the fuck do you think you are hahahaha
when ur friends coming over and they're 5 minutes late
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Can't believe Wednesday will be the last time I'm ever in my flat in Edinburgh! Roll on next year...across the street
It should be illegal to have to get up before 2pm on a Sunday
These morning shifts will be the death of me
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The kids were playing charades and when it was my go i walked out. Everyone thought I didn't want to play but I was being tracy's mum lol xx
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TITP, I shall be back next year x

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