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Aly Huggan
A sports bra is for life, not just the gym
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Two things I thought would never happen since moving away - I'd live 2 months without Internet and I'd get addicted to Fifa
First time I've had internet on my laptop in ages, I must use this wisely #hardstyle
Constantly too scared to open my browser at Uni now...
Great weekend seeing everyone in Glasgow! Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened!
“I'm glad to be with you, @AlyPls, here at the end of all things.”
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This status game is so annoying.
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Two months since I've slept in a double bed, thank you Brian for being Kill!!
Today will hereafter be known as "The day The Times fired the person that lays out the front page"
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I'm going on an adventure to find neil
Neils missing fuck sake uwot
Looks like it's Glasgow bound tomorrow! Woo!
All my friends disappeared with girls so I danced by myself like a pro #storyofmylife #iamthelordofthedancesaidhe
Almost spewed and still did more work than quite a few people #win
I think that's the last time I go to Lulu's.
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Looking forward to my first hungover 9am lecture, should be fun #spews
"Neil, I want to bang you." - @AlyPls
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Just opened the Internet while walking through Uni, of course it was on Pornhub...that was fucking embarrassing...
@AlyPls That's completely out of context!
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"Aly, have you ever stretched your foreskin and wrapped it around a tap then turned it on to fill it up like a water balloon?" - Neil Halpin
"My boyfriend/girlfriend won't let me" Excuse me What was that? LET ? YOU ¿ How lovely congratulations on your 3rd parental guardian”
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Home sickness is getting high need to visit Forres soon, been gone almost two months :o
Some people chat absolute lemon
If Tracy was a chocolate bar she'd be a mars because she's so basic x
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I have fallen in love with Jack Daniels...
I was yes all the way but the way some yes voters are acting is fucking disgusting, grow the fuck up!
I got cockblocked by napier security I'm fucking done, fucking done!!
Justine just opened her legs and a fish came flying out... that's dinner sorted xx
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When you haven't seen bae in 3 weeks but it just slide in easily
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I will happily fight any 14 year old from the No campaign
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Are we fuck getting Devo Max, well done Scotland!
Cant wait to see no voters complaining about Tory laws and potential UKIP rule, exciting years ahead of us #indyref
I'm actually heartbroken. So much passion and optimism for a bright future was crushed by deceit, lies and scaremongering. #indyref
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Counted 2 yes votes in the NO vote section @SkyNews @SkyNewsBreak care to explain
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Learning C#, third programming language much fun
Scotland at the moment a mixture of hope, trepidation, ketamine, coke, speed, cans and hash
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