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Aly Huggan
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I'm certain Neil just face planted out of bed #rip #gg
To the arse holes who shouted "nice bag, poof" to either me or Sam, nice 12 year old silver corsa, I do wish I had one 😕
@AlyPls If I am right in saying, you were in a pretty serious relationship for more than 2 years with... the gym. #gains
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Girls slagging off Kim Kardashian for doing a naked photoshoot when they're sending nudes to a lad called Dean who probably does BTEC PE 😬
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Cannot understand why people want a serious relationship at this age, it's like going to bonfire and leaving before the fireworks #deeptweet
Didn't realise Neils blinds were open, I think I just gave an old lady a heart attack
The laugh of @neil_jh at the present time sounds like a convinced paedophile who's just escaped from jail
Weird to think the last song I ever played on piano was his...
I can't find the words that I'm trying to say so try to forget me as I walk away #riptysonstevens
Our flat is going to be so christmasy, I can't wait!
I am so ready for mince pie season
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Laughing so hard the tears were real, poor old man!
Can't wait for the next suited up poker night!
“Real men like curves; only dogs go for bones.” Real men go for whatever the fuck they want
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Arsehole upstairs has complained about the doors slamming shut in our flat, he's currently up at 9am doing fucking DIY #fuckinghypocrite
People take things far too fucking seriously
So Dapper Laughs makes a rape joke gets absolutely slaughtered, meanwhile convicted rapists are getting football contracts #WelcomeToBritain
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Just shouted "all right Mr violin" at Sam and of course then realise the guy infront of me is carrying one #notmyday
Been trying to make the kids sandwiches for 45 minutes now. I give up. .
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1 year a Slave, the not so long version of 12 years a slave. #FilmsWithOneLetterMissing
I lost, the tears are real! #goodbye
Sat in the first class seats by accident, thought my seat coach A seat 02 but it's coach B...#tooembarrasedtomove
My mother just won at monopoly, I never thought I'd see this day.
Speedies before I go back tomorrow #fatcunt
I wanna be a professional cinderella
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Steve is my name n rubish is my game
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There should be an extra day between Sunday and Monday
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really wish my right boob would grow
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So many retards on the road today, an old lady was so close to causing a major car crash #plsdntdrive
Spent the majority of the train journey yesterday chatting to an old couple, they are my new best friends!
Two weeks until my first ever plane journey, first foreign festival and Amsterdam with Fin, can't even cope!!!! #qlimax
Teen arrested after allegedly 'drop-kicking a three-year-old' in a Nando's toilet…
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When your friend says they don't want to come on a night out with you
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Can't believe this country, questioning the Anonymous march and giving no fucks about Muslims burning poppies screaming go to hell soldiers
The new Hobbit looks amazing!
The Proclaimers at a Highland festival? I might actually stay for a full act at @BelladrumFest for once! #belladrum
Some random woman ran up to me, asked me "is that backpack heavy" then ran off? The fuck?
My new sounds: This Is What It Feels Like (Bootleg)… on #SoundCloud