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Aly Huggan
Just watched the Belladrum 2014 after movie y u teasin me xx
Should be leaving the 200s and back in the 100s tomorrow :]]]]]]]
#uknowlifehard when you're so fat you get stuck in the Floo Network.
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I cannot think of a worse start to a day #pray4aly
if fraping was an olympic sport @chutzparo would win gold x
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If I went to a girls house and their parents started saying grace at dinner id have to leave #NoThanks
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No idea how but I'm actually lighter than when I left for Barcalona #winning
Beach needs to happen today!
Sweating so much I need shower #2 of the day and it's not even 12...
Just been woken up by mr frasers voice booming through some shitty speakers! Fucking sports day....
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I can hear a microphone from my bedroom, without a doubt it must be sports day #fuckoff
I want to shoot people like this, it's a woman's choice. No uterus, no opinion.
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If I wanted a sauna I'd be chilling at Forres Gym, not in my bed #imveryillandthisisnthelping
@Ed_Miliband are u performing at glastonbury this year
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@Tesco shut up Blud, don't ever @ me like we are boys, you don't know me like that g
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I swear down I'm the palest cunt in Barcelona
Four cheers for Aly
Sleeping on the sofa facing away from the front door. If anyone breaks in they will die instantly from the reflecting light on my bald spot
Guinness World Records turned me down... :(
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Cant believe we are going to a water park tomorrow #ladsontour #ibiza #ladsladslads
I was so disorientated last night I wore my brothers small jumper to bed and thought it was mine and that clothes just shrunk in Spain...
Seriously need to get daily contacts for holidays, I never learn
Perth is on point with its yik yaks
If I don't manage to sleep on the train to Glasgow I might just give up on all things good
My dad's a cock for giving me this chest infection why couldn't he have just given me a snickers instead #srs
Breaking Benjamin's new album is one of the best albums I've heard in ages @breakingbenj
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I'm the definition of a fluffy endomorph #teamfluffy
how effing cute is it when bunny's yawn πŸ‡
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Lmao Justine is crying because she can't give her dad her card for Father's Day πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚#HeHatesYouJustineBabeabe x
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Halfway through shaving was not the best time for the shaving cream to run out #fml
100 percent not going out tonight
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3 missed calls from a private number, if someone is legit trying to reach me my phone doesn't work xo
I can deal with the constant coughing and choking but it's triggering my asthma and closing my throat repeatedly #pray4aly
This chest infection needs to clear the fuck off
Don't have a picture at 236lb but in just under 7 weeks almost 13lb down, hit my milestone of 14.5 stone #winning
"I follow you on tumblr!!!" Neil's worst chat up line yet!

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