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Aly Huggan
Turned into a nae bad night though
I know to never be designated driver and expect to go to the Kimberly, kicked out for not bringing them in money #toppub
Didn't think my night could get any fucking worse
Weirdest night in a long time!
Belladrum is gonna be a summer highlight for sure
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It seems like everyone I know is moving to Edinburgh, yay!
I cannot wait to see fins face again
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Should be blazing in 2 weeks. @BelladrumFest aye ayeeeeeee.
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Fuck off soundcloud, do you even musical instrument?
"There's so many swim trunks all about the place Aly" OH IS THERE MUM!?
Neil better answer soon or there will be some very interesting pictures of him on here soon
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Went through in boxers to get food and my 8 year old brother laughs at me and says I'm as hairy as our dog #onenill
I have a dilemma, do I buy a guitar and just starve for a week in Burgh?
What do you think is the new online trend right now? — 16 year olds arguing with each other
Girl: Come over! Me: I can’t, I’m at a Jay Z and Beyonce concert. Girl: Nobody is home ;) Me:
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Thank you random bot, now I can get more bootay pics on Snapchat
What apps do you mostly use on your phone? — Snapchat, whatsapp and Facebook!
could not give a single fuck about the commonwealth games
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Why have I only just seen Anchorman this is hilarious
I like food too much to be skinny
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When you come home late and your mum is like
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U fukin wot m7
I'm useless at socializing
Right, the time has come to unravel the joke for me and @RussellKieran, what is #salad @AdriaanGraham @fraser_huggan
Got Fraser back for attacking me with a net
I don't have to say 'accio' to get you to 'come to me'...
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How can someone who says self confident instead of self conscious be allowed to look after and bring up another fucking human #fuckingforres
If it rains I am royally fucked, I'd be better off sleeping outside
Majorly regret leaving my tent at T now
Walking into a club and Levels isn't on @marty_pls
sweet potato fries are the best thing to exist mmmm
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Left 31 minutes between my workout and eating, just lost all my gains
You lose 50% of your workout if you don't eat within 30mins after you finish.
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u r: a) an fagit b) a c) al ov teh aboev
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Anyone else going to Edinburgh you know? — Lots of people! Staying with 4 of my mates too!
You gonna have a farewell party? — Nope! Just saying bye to everyone when I see them out this weekend!
u buzzing for Edinburgh???????? — Either that or the lines I just took are kicking in!