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Michael Bradley
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Can You Answer At Least 30 of These Questions Correctly?… via @theblaze
If congress does not act to impeach Obama soon. Obama will impeach Congress, Veterans, and Conservatives. CONGRESS PLEASE HELP US!!!
Emails gone. The media silenced. Now the democrats want supreme court judges removed, if they don't agree with them. LOOK OUT!!!!...:)
It is the governments job to protect the people from our enemy's and criminals both foreign and domestic. Obama, do your job!! RESIGN...:)
We have a president that, at the very least, sympathizes with the enemy. He doesn't like his own people. Maybe he is the enemy? IMPEACH HIM!
Homeland Security report: Vets are potential terrorist. BO thinks U.S. Vets and The U.S. military are the terrorist. IMPEACH HIM NOW!!!:)
Article 85 (3)(C)Any person found guilty of desertion shall be punished, if the offense is committed in time of war, by death or other....:)
Obama and the VA don't care for our military or veterans, but the NSA cares. They are listening! You are not alone...:)
Remember if you send the VA a letter you have to send it certified, or they will act like they didn't receive it!!!
The VA: You can't call them, you can't e-mail them, and they may look at a letter or a claim in 4 months to never. Then they get stupid!!
CBS likely isn’t pleased Sharyl Attkisson is speaking out about how the network covered Benghazi, Fast and Furious:…
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Reporter Detained By Capitol Hill Police For Trying To Ask EPA Chief A Question…
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RETWEET THIS and show the world that the foreign minister of Iran is the real liar here!
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The US is now 46th in freedom of the press. Now the FCC is to put monitors in newsrooms. It can't be long before our water is boiling..:)
Unlawful executive orders from BO should not be followed!! REMEMBER THE NUREMBERG TRIALS!! "I was just following orders"....:)
Muslims are so peaceful, but everyone's afraid to offend them Christians are so dangerous, but no one's afraid to offend them #AssBackwards
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Income equality = inequality. It leads to more and more poverty and less and less liberty.
A fake liberal (Democrat) thinks that by taking rights and property from some and giving it to their voters for votes is justice & liberal.
A true liberal wants everybody to have equal rights and opportunity..:)
Please allow people that hate or don't believe in Christmas to work on December 25th for straight pay. No harm. No foul.
It seems that today's "liberals" think that people who don't think like them should be eliminated or enslaved. That isn't equality or fair!
With the AG running guns to drug cartels, Kerry aiding our enemies and Obama exceeding his powers, crime is on the rise; GOVERNMENT CRIME!!.
Leaders that try to talk some of the people into hating any other people need to be replaced ASAP!!!!!