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Michael Bradley
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Muslims are so peaceful, but everyone's afraid to offend them Christians are so dangerous, but no one's afraid to offend them #AssBackwards
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Income equality = inequality. It leads to more and more poverty and less and less liberty.
A fake liberal (Democrat) thinks that by taking rights and property from some and giving it to their voters for votes is justice & liberal.
A true liberal wants everybody to have equal rights and opportunity..:)
Please allow people that hate or don't believe in Christmas to work on December 25th for straight pay. No harm. No foul.
It seems that today's "liberals" think that people who don't think like them should be eliminated or enslaved. That isn't equality or fair!
With the AG running guns to drug cartels, Kerry aiding our enemies and Obama exceeding his powers, crime is on the rise; GOVERNMENT CRIME!!.
Leaders that try to talk some of the people into hating any other people need to be replaced ASAP!!!!!
Preaching hate is a technique tyrants use to get control of the masses. DO NOT TRUST PEOPLE PREACHING HATE!
Government should strive to make sure that all people have equal rights and treatment under the law. Stealing from some doesn't do that!
It is not governments job to fix the economy. It's job is to provide an environment & get out of the way so the people can run the economy!
People will soon realize that their ObamaCare policies are just as worthless as our money is becoming. Not worth the paper there printed on.
Wanted Dead or Alive: Young healthy people to sign up for ObamaCare and to vote for democrats in 2014.
Now instead of the death penalty, murders will get life with ObamaCare. The ultimate crime deterrent..:)
When people start using ObamaCare, they will find out the real meaning of malpractice. DON'T GET SICK!!
Some people are so greedy. They want ObamaCare and healthcare too.
More people should have paid attention when "radicals" said that OC was designed to fail and lead the way for socialized medicine. WAKE UP!
People must always keep an eye on government. With this administration we need to use a microscope to watch for deception and corruption.:)
Obama and Kerry are very good at deceiving. This is why they can get along with people from the land of the long knives. Watch your back!
Kerry doing what he does best: Giving aid and comfort to the enemy and calling US troops baby killers. He's a big help to Obama not the USA!
It's official, with the Iran deal, we do deal with terrorist. Obama and Kerry just helping their friends! Remember the hostages!
It looks like we are going to have to let our government out. They are starting to crap all over the country again. Throw them out!!:)
It is not government's job to impose their ideology on it's people. It is gov.'s job to reflect the ideology of, & to serve all it's people!
The Obama legacy may be: The president that killed liberalism in the USA and did more for conservative causes then any other..KEEP ON LYING!
People should not believe or obey the unconstitutional dictates from our DICTATOR! CONGRESS, IMPEACH THIS MAN!!