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keep voting guys #mtvhottest Selena Gomez
Selena's voice in Stars Dance gives me goosebumps
Everything is not as it seems
RT for a Starbucks account rate. c: {mbf I follow everyone back.}
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Stars Dance is only the second album by a Disney artist to debut #1 worldwide after Hilary Duff. Queen. @selenagomez
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I really want Selena's body.
Selena can fuck me whenever wherever
I hate going to the gym
can selena stop growing up please
People who like Miley, Selena, and Demi must have trouble voting because you have to pick one.
Selenators are forgetting that beliebers are the ones who sent hate to Selena and directioners never have so why are you helping beliebers?
Everything is a competition to beliebers I swear its ridiculous
To lovatics and other selenators
#sorryselenatorsfrombeliebers you're just saying that bc some of us are helping you but when theyre done y'all are gonna hate on her again
why are selenators helping beliebers? If it was the other way around they wouldn't help us. I'm helping the directioners. They deserve it.
I refuse to believe that Selena's 21. Nope. You're all lying.
NATURALLY #mtvhottest Selena Gomez
Beliebers are spending more time accusing directioners of cheating than actually voting for Justin
breathe me in breathe me out #slowdown
*when beliebers lose* omg it's rigged!!!!!!!!!! *when directioners lose* high fives all round we suck #mtvhottest one direction
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#mtvhottest Selena Gomez A year without rain
#mtvhottest Selena Gomez she's perfect