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Deciding whether or not to disclose your intentions to someone... More for Capricorn
You can tell that your energy is shifting along with the dynam... More for Capricorn
Your schedule doesn't necessarily allow the time for an emotio... More for Capricorn
You are usually wise enough to be the self-restrained one in y... More for Capricorn
A coworker might believe you are acting selfishly today, but y... More for Capricorn
The feels!!!!
You might not be able to shut off your over-analytical thinkin... More for Capricorn
No matter how much you have accomplished so far in your life, ... More for Capricorn
You either say how you feel and fuck it up or say nothing and let it fuck you up
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You're typically quite proficient at taming the contentious en... More for Capricorn
Although you can be more successful than you thought possible ... More for Capricorn
Focusing on the details of life is enough to jog your memory t... More for Capricorn
Your strong resolve can block out some of today's tension, but... More for Capricorn
You might be unhappy with the emotional volatility on the home... More for Capricorn
Your ever-present need for stability could be challenged by a ... More for Capricorn
You may wake up convinced that there won't be sufficient time ... More for Capricorn
Your desire to find pleasure today may not be obvious to every... More for Capricorn
You may believe your life will fall apart unless you act matur... More for Capricorn
Your motives are complicated while the Moon hooks up with emot... More for Capricorn
this year has been great but 2014 was still better Lol
hey, don't worry, I'll figure it out
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You need to honor your feelings today or you could stir up unn... More for Capricorn
Someone may throw you a curve ball as the boisterous Sagittari... More for Capricorn
you're the last person who should be talking about respect and maturity
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it just hit me that were half way through 2015 what the fuck
You may feel like a closet optimist today, especially if you'r... More for Capricorn
mad enough to hate u but miss u enough to cry
you ain't got nothin on me
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i dont get jt hahahaha
You have very strong convictions about your future now that th... More for Capricorn
Your schedule has been unusually erratic with mischievous Merc... More for Capricorn
Like a butterfly emerging from a chrysalis, your life has been... More for Capricorn
here comes the summertime sadness
You may be busily chasing your tail today without accomplishin... More for Capricorn
You might be so intent on reaching the top of the mountain tha... More for Capricorn
Lizzie McGuire is coming to Netflix May 8th. RT to bless your timeline. 😊�
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Hilary Duff performed Come Clean last night NOTHING ELSE MATTERS
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the blog savannahsource kinda disgusts me. Savannah isn't even really FAMOUS just known. give the girl her damn privacy
It's tempting to take on so many tasks today that you can't do... More for Capricorn
if ur intentions r not good jus leave me alone man
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Your current situation at work may present you with a fascinat... More for Capricorn
The events of the day may turn out to be a lot more complicate... More for Capricorn
Don't be afraid to ask for advice as you navigate through unch... More for Capricorn

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