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Dont feel like replying to anyone. so pls
Air Commodore hafeez was the man who entered PM convoy by mistake... LOL just met him in the day
Ramiz Raja shud give some relief to his vocal chords now.
Ramiz Raja pagal hogya hy
Sir Anwar puts it out of the park. #Legend
GEO py aaj khoob mela lagy ga match k baad. Sir Sikandar and Sir Yousaf will go hard on Afridi.
Sir anwar is a real hope just like IK
I have sympathies with those expecting Afridi to do a miracle.
Chotu naraz hogya aj
Sir Shezzy disappointed her millions of Pankhis out there.
Sarfaraz deserve to be dropped for a series for this inverter AD
Sir Ahmad is up for a ton today...
Sir Anwar Ali is a legend. Only second to sir Richards Headly
Cat fight on TL... kids relax
Toofani rain. While driving from isloo to murree, drove for one hour with zero visibility. Allah reham kry
Heard ndian force has cancelled deal of RAFALE with France. Can anyone confirm? @defencepk
Kukri is good choice for T20.
Bajrangi bhaijan is a great movie. Must watch
Kaamra is hot. I mean weather.
Some hashtag warrior just tweeted that Pakistan has best aircrafts and missile in world. Knowledge m izaafa hua sun k. Muje nhn pta tha wesy
Change krna is some hell of an activity.
There shud be an option in twitter to permanently disable trend feature. Twitter is ruined by these paid trends.
Itni pyari pyari avi wali bachian aur tweets dekho tw #GurdaspurAwakesKhalistan. Yeh kon bnata hy aisi fake IDs?
#LeavePTIjoinAPML Ok what new Mush will do which he could not do in 9 years of dictatorship? Get a life
Monday as off day is a blessing.
Btw who asked imaan mazari to post pics of night club on her facebook. Even from liberal standards this is too much i guess
Whats point of this cricket rant even when there is no match in progress. I mean cricket is no science to be discussed so much.
MashaAllah hum musalman kitny creative log hen tabi dunya py raaj kr rae hain.
#???_??_????_??_????_??? سیلاب کی روک تھام کے اقدامات نہیں کیے گئے تا کہ پانی ہر کونے تک پہنچی اور پاک سر زمین دُھل کر صاف ستھری ہو جائے
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I think "this made me cry" has gone too mainstream on social media. Grow up guys
And then these paid hashtag warriors tell us that bollywood spread fahashi in Pakistan. Fahashi ap k zehnun m hai.
Saw pic of a female Pakistani footballer on a fb post. 99% comments were regarding beauty of that female not football. #TharkiQaum
We have found replacement of Razzaq in form of Anwar Ali. #AchaSorry
Jin logun ny Sikandar Bakht ko khelty dekha un k mutabik aik third class bowler tha. T.V py Melcum Marshall bana hota hai.
Yeh mun aur 369 ka target.
Just when i thought i shud start watching cricket again, our team proved that my decision was right.
مقبوضہ نیا پاکستان میں پرانے پاکستان کی جارحیت کے خلاف ممتاز ایٹمی سائنسدان فرحان خان ورک کا کی بورڈ توڑ جواب ، ذرائع
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اظہر علی کی جیب میں راحیل شریف کی تصویر دیکهنے کے بعد سری لنکن ٹیم بدحواسی کا شکار، غیر ملکی خبر ایجنسی
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ہمبنٹوٹا : سروس ٹائرز اور جی فائیو موبائل کے درمیان سخت مقابلہ جاری ،
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مجھے اور ایان علی کو چار ماہ تک بےبنیاد الزامات پرتنقید کا نشانہ بنایا گیا مگر پاکستان کی آزاد عدلیہ نےدونوں کو بے گناہ قرار دیا ہے،وزیراعظم
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Bohat jald immad waseem k pankhian b ban jaengi twitter py. He is quiet a dude.

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