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Stephen Eccles
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Stuck in an overly brainwashed and materialistic driven society, full of narrow minded hypocrites who are lost in the opinions of others.
Drifting through intervals of time, while everyone else rushes through them.
Shoutout to @emm_ily02 for this bomb red velvet bundt cake.🎂
Had a blast at Lights All Night the last couple years but I'm gonna hit up @DecadenceNYE to ring in 2015.✌️🎉
The wind has my hair looking somewhere between walking out of Six Flags and walking straight off the set of Lion King. 💨�#MufasaMondayay
The real Ex-Drug Lord Rick Ross is telling kids not to get into the drug culture but the fake rapper Rick Ross is promoting it. #MakesSense
Instead of following my heart, I'm gonna make it follow me for once.
Hey Stephen, instead of sleeping, let's contemplate the irony of thinking about why I think so much.
'Twas quite wet here in Houston.
What an important lesson. Thank you for sharing this with me @Seccles_11. 🙏
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Shoutout to @hannah_wants for assembling these vibrations to carry me through this studying.🙌
Somewhere between maintaining a sense of humor about the ridiculous nature of life and taking it just seriously enough to live through it.
Pepper plays in Nola tonight and I won't be in attendance.👎
So how many connections have you potentially missed out on because you were staring at an illuminated screen?
@nbagenda: instead of "boyfriend/girlfriend" use gender neutral terms like: -Rival -Archnemesis -USS Enterprise -Mist Creature” @emm_ily02
People seem to do a lot of talking without really speaking to each other.
Sometimes my dreams make no sense, and life is no different.
Next Friday I'll be playing at @Cowboys_LC spread the word.
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Not being able to determine the difference between reality and imagination is actually an extremely beautiful inability in my opinion.
Autumn is just an emotionally dishonest winter in Louisiana.
Why I don't own a beanie is beyond me.
I need a festival/show in my life asap.
Somebody grab me a Snapple. I got an aspirin capsule trapped in my Adam's apple.
40 Oz. to Freedom 🌞
Sometimes you just gotta get in your car, blast music and just drive
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Dingers & Stingers
*stops watching college football to watch A Bug's Life*
if you're not constantly growing and changing as a person then are you really living or are you merely existing?
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Watching Freaks and Geeks because why not.👏
The Spirit of Radio 💫
You need to find your reason for living, man...You've got to find, your big, just gigantic drum kit, you know?
How many times can I say "New Orleans I love you" in 50 different languages
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Happiness attracts more happiness.
Even if they won't let me in heaven, I raise hell, till it's heaven.
Part of me wants to party, part of me wants to sleep, and then part of me wants to leave the city.
I may be blind but I can still smell money
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I'd throat chop a child for some Taco Bell.
All Hallows' Eve 🎃🔮👻
Anxiety, the great social plague of our time.