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Stephen Eccles
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This is a generation of confusion.
Just as we look back in the past and question why people believed and did the things they did, so will people wonder about us in the future.
I'd pay good money to have Neil Tyson teach my engineering courses.
Needing a Netflix suggestion! Someone give me the lowdown.
I'll choose death before I ever choose being mediocre.
Study now, kick back later. 😎
Came to the conclusion that anybody who goes to bed the same day they got up is a quitter.
Black clothes are necessary.
I feel sorry for people who do things they dislike day in and day out. Life should be exciting!
Hate when people don't think for themselves.
Why does it seem that everyone is slowly becoming the same type of "different".
You're young in mentality so I can't even really blame you.
So take away from your face all the make up, I wanna see you.🎶
Tonight Mars will shine brighter than it has in over 6 years. 🌌
This wind can go and die.
You have a much better shot having me tweet back than text back. #TrueStory
Some peoples color coordination baffles me.
Mr. Carmack is that guy.
Iced coffees are hit or miss.
I'd love to get lost in my music tonight but I have a bad feeling I'll miss my alarm. 😐
I give my charger about 4 days until it stops working for good...have to bend it all kind of ways and shit just to charge it.
If you have no sense of direction or understanding of what you want in life, how are you going to get anywhere?
Mirror pics are probably the gayest thing you could do as a guy today.
Tweeting this because the number 1,559 bugs the shit out of me.