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Sean Hannity
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Israel’s fight IS our fight too. Please, add your name to the letter today. Stop Hamas NOW dot com. Go to #Ad
Border patrol is catching terrorists from Yemen, Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan who have intentions to launch terror attacks in U.S. #Hannity
Standing with Israel, against Hamas is critical to preserving Israel and the West’s freedoms. #Ad
"Americans would be willing to support Obama in going after #ISIS, if he exercises some resolve," says @jasonrileywsj #Hannity
#ISIS threatened to raise their flag above White House and beheaded two Americans. Despite what @JohnKerry thinks, we are at war. #Hannity
Every radical Islamic group share common denominators: they hate Israel and the West and they want to commit acts of terror #Hannity
A 'Hannity' special tonight focusing on the fight against radical Islam and what it means for our homeland. Tune in now #Hannity
Sign the letter going to Washington. Let our leaders know we stand with Israel and against Radicals. Go to #Ad
Next I get the inside account of what really happened in Benghazi 2 years ago today on #Hannity
What is the military reaction to @BarackObama’s speech last night? Find out next on #Hannity
Obama:“degrade and ultimately destroy” ISIS.Is it too late 4 a pres who is reluctant to acknowledge the threat of radical Islamic terrorism?
See me in @AtlasShrugged Who is John Galt? Friday. Get your tickets now: #Ad
Earlier tonight with one of the best fullback's and former Jet @49TRich
Coming up: @BernieMcGuirk and @GeraldoRivera weigh in with their thoughts on #RayRice and #ObamaSpeech on #ISIS. Tune in now #Hannity
AP reports that law enforcement sent #RayRice video to #NFL in April. Former @nfl Pro Bowler Tony Richardson joins me now #Hannity
"Obama's strategy will not defeat and destroy the Islamic State." says Lt. Col. Ralph Peters #ISIS #Hannity
TONIGHT: I'm joining @seanhannity on @FoxNews w/ a response to @BarackObama's address to the nation. Be sure to tune in at 10pm ET.
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Our friends at @yaf put together a troubling video that shows college students clueless about ISIS & 9/11 Anniversary
Let our leaders know we stand with Israel and against the Radical Islamists determined to destroy Israel. Go to #Ad
This is a direct challenge to Eric Holder: Are you, Sir, going to Memphis, TN to address the Kroger racial hate crime? #holderchallenge
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Former #NFL players @Fran_Tarkenton and @Goldberg share their thoughts on #RayRice on #Hannity. Tune in now.
Jim Gray: "I do believe Roger Goodell did not see this tape...I’m going to take him on his word" #NFL #RayRice #Hannity
Lt. Col. Ralph Peters: Obama 'refuses to see what’s in front of his face. He will not utter the words: Islamist extremism' #Hannity
Lt. Col. Ralph Peters says it isn’t what [Obama] says, it’s what he does, adding 'all 3 phases that have been leaked are bad' #ISIS #Hannity
Lt. Col. Ralph Peters: Obama can win back some credibility by giving 'forceful' speech on how to destroy #ISIS #Hannity
Lt. Col. Ralph Peters and @edhenryTV previews President Obama's big speech on #ISIS. Tune in now #Hannity
NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell responds to critics tonight, complete coverage of #RayRice at 10p ET. Tune in #Hannity
Great book by Jack Levin (father of my good friend @marklevinshow) on Amazon today - highly recommend checking it out
.@AtlasShrugged Who is John Galt? hits theaters Friday! Get tickets now: #Ad
As America retreats from the world once more, the Radical Islamists grow bolder and more brutal. Go to #Ad
#RayRice must show 'appropriate level of contrition,' take necessary steps to rehabilitate himself for #NFL comeback says Smith #Hannity
Attention #MNF fans: Switch to #FoxNews right now. I've got @stephenasmith with his reaction on the #RayRice video and suspension. #Hannity
Imam Siddeeq refuses to acknowledge #Hamas as a terrorist group and refuses to condemn Sharia law. #Hannity
There needs to be more moderate Muslims who are brave enough to speak out against radical ideology of #ISIS, terror groups alike. #Hannity
Gen. Keane says it was no secret that #ISIS was growing every 6 months in size and scale, adds he can't imagine Obama wasn't aware #Hannity
Radical Islamists are on the march. They behead American journalists, and launch rockets at Israel. Go to #Ad
Entering the Political realm tonight. On with @seanhannity on Politics Nation with Rev. AL. Who knows what will be said. Buckle up
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ESPN analyst @stephenasmith joins me to discuss #RayRice video and suspension tonight at 10p ET #NFL #Ravens
.@DavidLimbaugh on radio w/me entire last hour of the show and will discuss his terrific new book, "Jesus on Trial"
Hamas, ISIS and Al Qaeda have different names, but the same goals; to overthrow the West. Go to #Ad
Mike Ghouse and @DrZuhdiJasser agree that more Muslims must speak out and denounce radical Islamists. Tune into #Hannity
Too many moderate Muslims are not speaking up against those that are spreading fanatical ideology and exploiting Islam #Hannity
Obama's one task in 2010 was to broker a coalition govt in Iraq and he failed, he threw away our victory says @krauthammer #Hannity
Our brave men and women serving in the military deserve better leadership in Washington, especially from their Commander-in-Chief #Hannity
Lt. Col. Ralph Peters: "America didn't lose #Iraq. Obama gave it away" Tune in now #Hannity