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Sean Hannity
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Donohue on Iraqi Christians: "The only person in the whole world of all senior status persons who have said absolutely nothing is Obama"
Palestinian political leader Mudar Zahran: "Hamas has been playing double jeopardy with my people." #Hannity
Palestinian political leader Mudar Zahran tells me that the tide is turning against Hamas, the people of Gaza "have had enough" #Hannity
Lt. Col. Ralph Peters: "Nancy Pelosi is an example of how mediocre our political system has become." #Hannity
Hamas is a terrorist organization and are determined to destroy Israel. There is no moral ambiguity here. #Hannity
I'm having a hard time understanding the ignorant mindset of @NancyPelosi who said Hamas is a 'humanitarian" group. #Hannity
TUNE IN: New disturbing audio of @billclinton from Sept. 10, 2001 saying he had the chance to kill UBL, but didn't take it. #Hannity
All this talk of Obama impeachment is huge political distraction, Republicans would be stupid to take the bait. #Hannity
Democrats are resorting to some desperate words to try to push immigration agenda. Pat Buchanan offers his analysis, next on #Hannity
Christians are being persecuted in Iraq. Demonstrations against ISIS are spreading around the world yet Obama does nothing. #Hannity
Son of Hamas founder makes passionate plea to Obama: "You have a tough decision, but a responsibility...we must stop Hamas and disarm them."
The son of Hamas founder accuses Qatar of funding Hamas for past decade, says they share some of the responsiblity in conflict #Hannity
The son of Hamas founder says Hamas hijacked the Palestinian cause to push their political and religious ideology #Hannity
The son of Hamas founder is speaking out AGAINST Hamas, calling the group a terrorist organization. He joins me next #Hannity
Evidence of bias? Lois Lerner calls GOP "crazies" in emails. Details on #Hannity 10p ET
Lt. Col Ralph Peters doesn't mince words, he says: "Wipe Hamas out." #Hannity
Which potential 2016 presidential candidate is hopping on the anti-Israel bandwagon? Find out next on #Hannity
Fmr Amb. Oren: "What Israel is not just for Israel’s safety, it’s for the safety of you, for the United States" #Hannity
Hamas calls for the destruction of Israel in their charter. It's a huge mistake that U.S. continues to give our tax money to coalition govt
Is Obama abandoning one of our closest allies in her time of need? Fmr Israeli Amb. Michael Oren offers his take on #Hannity
Rubio says U.S. has no closer ally in Middle East than Israel, says they have "no choice but to dismantle Hamas." #Hannity
Rubio: If Obama continues to grant work permits to illegals, you're going to see additional surge of illegals coming through #Hannity
Rep. Wolf on ISIS: "It’s genocide against the Christian community there and the administration is doing almost nothing" #Hannity
Christians in Iraq need to know they're not alone. Will U.S. step up and defend religious freedom? @RepWOLFPress is on now. Tune in #Hannity
Netanyahu spox says Hamas is "not that dissimilar from ISIS in Iraq...they don’t have any qualms about killing innocent people" #Hannity