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Sean Hannity
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.@RealBenCarson joining me now on radio to discuss his new book, "One Vote"
Attorney Gloria Allred says #RogerGoodell should not sideline victims of abuse, he should give them the opportunity to be heard #Hannity
Attorney Gloria Allred: "I didn’t hear anything about due process for the victims." #RogerGoodell #NFL #Hannity
Pro athletes need to be held accountable for their actions. They are role models and need to be better examples says @drrobiludwig #Hannity
When you protect the institution over the good of the individual, you're going to have terrible consequences, says @fatherjonathan #Hannity
My studio audience special "Targeting the NFL: A #Hannity Conversation" starts now on #FoxNews
#RogerGoodell apologized and promised transparency, but is it too little, too late? Tune into #Hannity at 10p ET
"Let's split this nation in half" - As I read on air a few minutes ago…
Read 8 damning emails from behind the scenes of the meltdown
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The demand for oil and gas has led America to send billions of dollars to the Middle East to fuel our growing needs. #Hannity
Republicans have missed opportunity, they haven't outlined a consensus plan on what their vision is for America. #midterms #Hannity
I don't think Obama is committed to defeating #ISIS. This airstrike campaign is a response to polling and politics. #Hannity
Obama administration has 'the ability but not the will' to secure border and protect America from terrorists, says @GovernorPerry #Hannity
Texas has seen a decrease in apprehensions along border as a result of National Guard presence says @GovernorPerry #Hannity
Named #1 in industrial staffing, @ExpressPros helped 400,000 people find work in 2013. Visit to apply now
Obama is a "reckless president who is acting in a lawless way," says @SenRandPaul. #ISIS #Hannity
"I think John Kerry is dreaming if he thinks 2001 vote on Afghanistan has anything to do with what we’re doing now," says Sen. Paul #Hannity
Obama and military generals are at odds with our strategy to defeat #ISIS. Our president's incompetence is astounding. #Hannity
Obama is not going to change his mind about putting boots on the ground to defeat #ISIS so that means we’re destined for failure. #Hannity
It's incredibly disrespectful for Democrats to accuse @MarkGeistSWP and @KrisParonto of lying. These men are heroes. #Benghazi #Hannity
#ISIS releases new video warning U.S. about sending soldiers to Iraq. Tune into #Hannity right now for the latest details. #FoxNews
Tonight- I'm joining @seanhannity on @FoxNews to discuss ISIS & Obama's complete disregard for our #Constitution. Tune in at 10pm ET
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Don’t miss my buddy Neil Cavuto tomorrow morning from 5-9amET on Fox Business Network. He will be all over the all-important Scottish vote!
The Minnesota Vikings ban Adrian Peterson until his child abuse case is resolved... What do you think of that decision?
My one-on-one exclusive interview with President Obama's half-brother is coming up on #Hannity. Tune into #FoxNews
I'll have @KrisParonto and @MarkGeistSWP reaction to @SharylAttkisson's report on #Benghazi cover-up. Tune in now #Hannity
We must secure the border in order to protect the homeland. @RepGutierrez is coming up to discuss #BorderCrisis #Hannity
"Obama, in essence, believes it’s America’s fault in many instances, that we have these enemies," says @marcorubio #Hannity
#Obama is lost in a fog of confusion. He is uncertain and disoriented, it's totally unnerving to our allies and to American people #Hannity
We have a president and an administration whose incompetence is unparalleled in modern American history #Hannity
Tune into #FoxNews now. @marcorubio and @tedcruz will join me, plus special commentary on Obama's feckless plan to confront #ISIS #Hannity
I'll have a special commentary on Obama's confused plan to confront #ISIS. Don't miss it. Tune into #Hannity at 10p ET on #FoxNews
The failed liberal economic policies of the Obama administration has led the country down a long and difficult path to recovery. #Hannity
Obama's former econ advisor @Austan_Goolsbee joins me to discuss @JayCarney's prediction that Dems will lose big in #midterms #Hannity
House minority leader @NancyPelosi takes the language of the left to a new low, more details next on #Hannity
McCain says no Arab country has agreed to engage in air or ground support to defeat #ISIS because Obama lacks credibility #Hannity
There's Obama in studio today. He will actually speak the truth! Order Mark Obama's book:,
Israel’s fight IS our fight too. Please, add your name to the letter today. Stop Hamas NOW dot com. Go to #Ad
Border patrol is catching terrorists from Yemen, Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan who have intentions to launch terror attacks in U.S. #Hannity
Standing with Israel, against Hamas is critical to preserving Israel and the West’s freedoms. #Ad
"Americans would be willing to support Obama in going after #ISIS, if he exercises some resolve," says @jasonrileywsj #Hannity
#ISIS threatened to raise their flag above White House and beheaded two Americans. Despite what @JohnKerry thinks, we are at war. #Hannity
Every radical Islamic group share common denominators: they hate Israel and the West and they want to commit acts of terror #Hannity
A 'Hannity' special tonight focusing on the fight against radical Islam and what it means for our homeland. Tune in now #Hannity
Sign the letter going to Washington. Let our leaders know we stand with Israel and against Radicals. Go to #Ad
Next I get the inside account of what really happened in Benghazi 2 years ago today on #Hannity
What is the military reaction to @BarackObama’s speech last night? Find out next on #Hannity