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Sean Hannity
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Shocking new undercover video of a Planned Parenthood counseling session that will leave you speechless. Details next on #Hannity
Obama is out of touch and doesn't seem engaged. He goes fundraising while border crisis continues and Russia goes unchecked. #Hannity
Cruz: "Obama and the Democrats pay no attention to the suffering that their policies are causing." #Hannity
Cruz says every border patrol agent has told him that illegals are crossing border because they believe they’re getting amnesty #Hannity
Gov. Perry says TX has "had enough," adds #bordercrisis has led to over 3,000 homicides and 8,000 sexual assaults in past 5 years #hannity
Tune in now! @GovernorPerry joins me to explain why he's deploying National Guard troops to help secure our broken borders #Hannity
Borelli says black conservatives are a threat to @NAACP, says the group doesn't address issues that are harming the community #Hannity
Is @NAACP discriminating against black conservatives? @deneenborelli verbally attacked for sharing her views. Tune in now #Hannity
Fox News contributor @deneenborelli views her treatment at @NAACP convention as "political segregation." Tune in now! #Hannity
War of Words: @marklevinshow takes on @TheDailyShow's Jon Stewart's comments on Israel and Gaza. Levin is on next with more reaction
Lt. Col. Ralph Peters: "Hamas knows that it wins by trodding out dead children and using women and children as human shields." #Hannity
Lt. Col Ralph Peters: "@JohnKerry has once again flown to the Middle East to rescue Hamas." #Hannity
John Kerry seems annoyed that Israel is defending itself from Hamas. Why is there a lack of moral clarity? #Hannity
Anti-Israel bias in the media? Is sympathy for Hamas more dangerous than actual rockets? Lt. Col Ralph Peters offers his analysis #Hannity
Tune In: ISIS threatens Christians in Iraq with ultimatum: convert to Islam, pay tax or face death. Why has Obama remained silent? #hannity
Today’s court ruling on federal subsidies is the biggest blow yet to Obamacare:
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.@MarkDavis on radio with me today at 5pm discussing his new book, "Lone Star America" - highly recommend
One word for the Obama Administration: Prioritize #BringBackOurMarine
“I’ll be in Chicago in October. Find out how you can join me here --
Veterans are the people we should be taking care of the most. They have lost faith in the federal government #Hannity
I say to the President tonight, it is time for action. It is time for you to get engaged. #Hannity
July 17, 2014 is a day none of us would like to see repeated. It's shocking to see a U.S. president with such a lack of urgency.
Tune in now for new developments on #MH17 crash investigation and the Middle East, plus special commentary on the state of our union
FNC Correspondent John Huddy on the ground in Gaza says #IDF is targeting underground tunnels used by #Hamas #Hannity