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Sean Guedes
5 man team complete up to Atheon. Glitch no teleports. Eventual death. Complete in 2 portals #flawless #fixtheraid
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Combined, we currently have 10,000 customers in pockets throughout the City without power. Crews are working as quickly as possible. *ST
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Christmas Tree +10 points more awesome. @abominablesnowman #heisreal
Habs are up 2 - 1, 3rd period up next. #nhl #GoHABSgo
The three musketeers! I 💖 these two humans like nobody else! jennie._pennie@seanguedess…
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I don't always take selfies... But when I do I wear an Olaf head. #ilikewarmhugs #frozen #christmas
Hey @Bungie - We want the #IronBannerNow - give us an early access weekend to show you want we have earned! @DeeJ_BNG #Destiny #IronBanner
. @DeeJ_BNG @DestinyTheGame - Would you share with us the logic why there is not iron banner before October? I cant make sense of it.
Hey @DestinyTheGame & @DeeJ_BNG - I seem to be stuck at 50 crucible marks. The weekly cap is 100- so what gives? Known issue? #Destiny
. @DeeJ_BNG @DestinyTheGame IDEA: Tower soft cap=16. With 2 spots available if invited by ppl in tower. Sucks going to orbit to invite
Best epic #Madden15 trash talking video by a college president you'll see today. Via @jacksonjey
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I can't wait to pick up #Destiny at the midnight release tomorrow night! OH YEAH!!! :D #Bungie #Activision #DestinyTheGame #BecomeLegend
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If we can reach 500,000 followers, we'll release Destiny on September 9th! Retweet to become legend!
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Hey @DestinyTheGame heard @DeeJ_BNG say that the raids would be kept secret - does that mean no raid info in strategy guide?
Judging by… #Destiny will only have Earth, The Moon, Mars and Venus at launch? And I think Venus is PvP only?
My delegate application to @TEDxToronto was just accepted - I am pumped for Oct 2nd! #TEDxTuesdays
Drones VS Zealots = DRAW @ #IEM - That was unreal!
First sunrise I have seen in about 6 years.
Mix these three together = awesome! Feels like Friday!
Hey @CineplexMovies - any chance we will have another @EASPORTSNHL tournament in Toronto this year? Would like to buy tickets ASAP!
Hey @PlayStationCA - did not notice the promo codes that came with my Day 1 PlayStation expired so quickly! Can you help me out? #mybad
Yes!!! @EASPORTSNHL finally hit the @PlayStation demo section. Can I get a hallelujah! #NHL15Demo
WOW - That is a Whopper of a deal!
My @mingredient food box just arrived. Great selection - can't wait for that monkey butter!
Thanks @DestinyReddit for the heads up on the Newsweek strategy guide. Worth every penny.
I accepted the #ALSIceBucketChallenge from @seanguedes. I have challenged all of the #misspoli Mayoral candidates the same. Video on FB.
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Happy now @balibro? :)
#ALSicebucketchallenge & donation complete. Thanks @kmaier2 for the nomination. I had to pass my nominations on over Facebook to my mom, my brother Ryan and Karen Ras.
. @EASPORTSNHL - been waiting for gameplay footage today! Why would you post after 4pm? You know your social media traffic times right? :)
Hey @CineplexMovies - are we going to see another @EASPORTSNHL tournament this year in Toronto? Last year was GREAT!
Hey @garthturner - Seeing price drops on cottages in Ont - daily reader of - Good time to buy? Does rule of 90 apply?
A5. Celebrities screw this up all the time. Just because some people listen to you doesn't mean you have to speak about an issue. #SMXChat
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A4) @SMXChat - I think it used to much more then today. People are becoming aware of "value" from some URLS - and learning to skip others
A3) I think you are exposed to them more. I talk to more people about social then I do baseball - because it is not an interest of mine.
. @TimElliottUK @SDXcreative @Laerkespenner @SMXChat @garyvee - He can tell us himself. How much of your content is censored? #AskGaryVee
A2) @SDXcreative @SMXChat @garyvee - I would argue he does censor his content - its just a different filter. ie- vulgarity is ok #SMXChat
Who is interested in COD: Advanced Warfare or Halo MCC when we have TITANFALL & DESTINY? #notthisguy #gamescom #gamescom2014
Supermoon Hive? In China the Zerg get a life-size statue! @StarCraft #SC2 via @USATODAY #NoTossLoveInChina
Job opportunity: Director - Health, Safety and Environmen at Enersource Corporation - Toronto, Canada Area #jobs
What a perfect pairing on my desk!
July 15/2013 @EASPORTSNHL told all about the returning HUT 14 bonus. Why no details yet? Cross platform/next gen?…
3 amazing ways you never thought to use peanut butter!! #Iamfoodhacks @kraftfoods @foodhacks
7 Mins away till the #AskGaryVee show is on youtube ... I am more excited for this then I find rationally acceptable. Thanks @garyvee.