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Sean Guedes
Christine is due for a win... Let's flip this house. #BB16
.@EA I thought they already did? @EASPORTSNHL I cant skate with the R stick, nor can I stick handle with the L stick. Did I miss something?
#Contest - RT for a chance to #win a prize pack: FYI Pre-order #ArkhamKnight to get an EB Exclusive bonus! #BatmanDay
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Need to up your @DestinyTheGame - Tips & Tricks: Get Grenades Faster, Quicker Reload, Etc... via @ItsYouTubeDude
The @DestinyTheGame ghost is the best game companion EVER! I need to get my hands on one.
Its Monday - that means I am #livingthedream
Beta101: Are you properly equipped for the Crucible? If not, stop by the Gunsmith to purchase bigger, badder weapons.
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Good morning tweet hearts!! Today's Vote Video is me on MTV ranting about gatekeeping and Fake Geek Girls yaaaas
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Apple Inc iPhone 6 has investors and consumers on watch #cdntech
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Since I did not make the cut - Here's my top pick for the new Cineplex Pre-Show host! @SamMaggs… #fangirlfamous
. @foodhacks Are we limited to one entry per person or can I submit a couple videos? #hopeyouarehungry #iamfoodhacks
Hey @EASPORTSNHL - for those of us who changed platforms (From XBOX360 to PS4) - Will we still receive a HUT Bonus in #NHL15 ?
Just built my new @IKEACanada desk and of course it is defective! I have work to do!! #whyme
#BB16 fans tune in! Sheyld Show - Big Brother 16 (LIVE): w/ @alsopeterbrown @SpencerBClawson & @AlecBeall
Boating around with this beauty.
"Monday is pound and a half for price of a pound. Always order the Greek..." Foursquare Tip @ All Star Wings & Ribs
I'm at Kelsey's (Etobicoke, ON)
What Happens to Your #SocialMedia Profiles When You Die? What to do with your info? #Social…
Midnight madness! (@ IKEA w/ 5 others)
. @GailVazOxlade -Ontario Auditor-General’s 2011 report, those with an electricity retailer paying 35-65% more.…
I'm at IKEA (Etobicoke, ON) w/ 3 others
I'm at All Star Wings & Ribs (Vaughan, ON)
If you're offended by the @urban_barn "Mad Men" email- you're whats wrong with society. #GiveMeABreak #StopLookingForThingsToBeOffendedBy
Can't believe Friends with Better Lives (@fwblCBS) was cancelled. Hopefully another network picks it up. #FWBL @FOXTV @ABCNetwork @nbc #TBS
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Just learned that HOME and END keys to jump to the beginning or end of a line in @dreamweaver - my life has forever changed! #webdesign
The enthusiasm here is amazing. So many people here for @PeelCC - making Mississauga a better place.
Team selfie! #cosmicawesome
This is a great little table.
For all the lemons in my life check out the new @lululemonmen - the first of many great things to come. #joblove
This was my Monday. It was a good one.
GO JAY'S! (@ Rogers Centre - @RogersHelps for Blue Jays vs Rays)
First baseball game.... Don't know the score... But I know LA 3 vs CHI 0. I also know a beer at the skydome in $12. #thoughtyouwerejoking
Getting our bowl on... At The Ballroom in Toronto. Bowling lanes back onto a patio = awesome.
I'm at Starbucks (Toronto, ON) w/ 2 others
Pina colads and eggs Benedict for breakfast... Nice having a chef for a brother.
There is a deer in my backyard.... In Brampton. That's weird.
. @AskEASupport - I purchased a special @EASPORTSNHL player pack on the weekend, but xbox crashed. How do I get it? xbox GT: xMDKx 4u2NV
Just scored @BookofMormon tickets of Oct 3rd! Thanks @AmericanExpress for the early access!! Happy Birthday to ME! #EVERYTHINGISAWESOME
Stunning Michael Jackson hologram performs at Billboard Music Awards #BBMAs
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It's the last day to vote in the 1st round of the #NHL15CoverVote! Vote for P.K. all day using #NHL15Subban.. or... or RT this! #GoHabsGo
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Hey @EASPORTSNHL - just bought a HUT special pack but game crashed. Rebooted but no pack. How do I get my cards? XBox360 GT: xMDKx 4u2NV
Kona urchin lamp - awesome lighting?
Tug of war all day long with Vegas.
Anyone still need the @Titanfallgame season pass? Great deal @GreenManGaming only $20! Promo: FUSWJT-B1DU64-JBV8UY
Believe it or not... I do more than just eat Taco Bell while I am in Florida.
Pretty much says it all.
I have died and gone to heaven. What will it take to get these in Canada? - @tacobell
Harlequin shrimp - this will be great in my new tank. Anyone else have salt water experience?