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Sean Patrick Flanery
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!! RT @Mackennas_mom: Good morning from Kalan & Mackenna! 1st week of school down. Yay!! have a fantastic Friday!!
And good talking to you! RT @beach_girl_barb: YESSSSSS! Loving our Christmas 14 shirts!!
Woo! RT @Irene_ntou: @seanflanery it took me a while to find out how awesome you truly are, but, i'm really glad i did! #betterlatethannever
Was waiting for me when I got home. Glad to have a small part in this Captain @seanflanery
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!! RT @morrighansaoirs: look what arrived just as we were getting packed up to go see Reedus #Christmas14 #GiveLife
Have you never met me? RT @Jlyn1967: @seanflanery what's your stance on political correctness? (Pretty sure I can guess correctly)
Holler! RT @nancy_ntwatts: @seanflanery Sean, brother is out of ICU now. Doing better but not out of the woods yet. Holler!!
Out the window. RT @chelseaasodacan: @seanflanery where do you look to for inspiration? #askflanery
Only thorough accomplishment makes death palatable. RT @Staabch1: @seanflanery what's your biggest goal to accomplish before the end of?
It's where I keep the good stuff. RT @Shamrock_Sister: &when you think u reached the bottomahis craziness,there's a crazy underground garage
By giving ultimate authority to my alarm clock. RT @mememem1: days where you just want to sit the couch?get past it and do the right thing?
Ju le parle couremant. (SP) RT @Winchesterina: @seanflanery Could u say a word for your french fans please ?
Not sure if serious. RT @DeeKaye2010: @seanflanery Which is better -- peanut butter cups or gummy bears? ;-) #askflanery
Grease. Obviously. RT @hshea8: @seanflanery Fave movie after "Life is Beautiful"? #askflanery #Christmas14
That time shrinks the future. RT @MaddiePOfficial: @seanflanery What did life teach you yesterday? @seanflanery
People with pet peeves. Shows a serious lack of commitment to real anger. -grr RT @bflostyle502: @seanflanery Biggest pet peeve? #askflanery
For her to find my "specific" gaps. RT @kachkovskayaira: @seanflanery @beach_girl_barb my question is, what do you like in a woman ??))
That they fill in men's gaps. RT @beach_girl_barb: @seanflanery What do you love best about women?
The story.… Martial arts changed my life. Let's help someone in need change theirs.