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Sean Hampton
If ur an aspiring artist only thing i can say is drop ya hottest shit 4free to build a fanbase then tour & sell merch. Thats were the $ is!
Ur just one stubborn person, in a world full of ppl nobody cares RT @iCalvinIvory: it wouldnt change my mind about mixtapes being dead.. g
Lol joey sells more shows and merch than music e technically sold no music yet RT @iCalvinIvory: @Sean_Hampton and now he sell all his shit.
Making absolutely not even a dollar from it. Talkin bout they got fans lol ya'll killin me yo
Fyi i really hate internet, it only makes ppl look like they doing something when in all reality they just sit around on a device all day
No wonder theres not too many patriot fans around lol
Now ni99az mad at ray allen for wanting to win lol ray ray like 40yrs old he kno his role. Niggaz really hate anything thats winnin too much
Ya shmoney dance? Lol RT @PrettyBoiiTailz: My Shmoney dance blowing up on the low
So u let ppls actions dictte ur own. Let others build ur character? RT @CallHerRacks: Especially a person that wouldn't give it to you if u
Wat would u suggest they ask u for?was told if u need help ask for someRT @CallHerRacks: I hate ppl asking me for money that's like top ten
Nah remember last season ni99az was flying to miami games saying "came to see my boy get busy" i wonder how many flying to Cleveland dis yr?
This king louie x rowdy rebel shit gettin annoying. Since wen we kared wat these other ni99az think?
lol niggaz really hate "hot n*99a" cause they aint make it first
RT @iCalvinIvory: MIXTAPES ARE DEAD.....{ Wat u think? @oldmanebro @Rosenbergradio shed a lil professional light for me real fast
Hell nah! I already dont like u why wuld i like ya music? Thats another one of the points i was tryna make RT ...
If u say so! RT @iCalvinIvory: @Sean_Hampton no I didn't and I bet half the people who like those SINGLES ...
Lmaooo keep tryin then. Oh btw name me the last artist to sell 100,000 records let alone platinum? RT ...
What? Monetized for wat? Da goal is fans! Real onesRT @iCalvinIvory: @Sean_Hampton there is nothing monetized about datpiff, or livemixtapes
Waste of money, again whos buying something they never heard n 2014 RT @iCalvinIvory: @Sean_Hampton I would ...
So u put videos on youtube and dont invest $ toward advertising it ? RT @iCalvinIvory: @Sean_Hampton video ...
U not making $10 off anyone for an album tjey never heard before RT @iCalvinIvory: @Sean_Hampton I rather ...
Yea we do RT @iCalvinIvory: @Sean_Hampton but cats spend just as much promoting and producing an mixtape
waste of $$ not even gonna make up the $ or time u invested in it, bad business! RT @iCalvinIvory: ...
If ppl dont know you why would the buy your music? Now if they listened to it and grown to like it thats a diff story @iCalvinIvory
Lol since wen ? RT @iCalvinIvory: MIXTAPES ARE DEAD.....
Bias - Sean Hampton (Prod by Corey Makaih) by Sean Hampton on #SoundCloud
Niggaz having church on twitter sighs wen does it stop 😞
Always a smile when da homie drop some shit like this. Shit super fiyah and i love the video. He…
Whoever nominated me for this award show I appreciate it. Only thing left now to do is vote on…
Media tryna hang boosie for his comment about the african american race but he was so right! S/o to him for that
This Drake Effect gotta stop too. Unless he starts jumping on DOPE unheard artists. Migos and MAKONNEN isn't the best track record...
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S/o my ni99a @TheCamChamp we gonna b makin alot of dope visuals together #HIATUS
Bias - Sean Hampton (Prod by Corey Makaih) by Sean Hampton on #SoundCloud
Wat da hell happen to all the urban sceneries n bk everything is modernized these days. Wat happen to our nyc kulture
Single release tomorrow night for my bro @sniperfamkha 🔥🔥🔥🔥 at LUST in Brooklyn‼
Hit the road jack! #Hiatus #Bias
Thought things kuldnt get any worse.....till i got to the bx
Tune in with the tune-in app on ya ios and androids. Tonight im n da building promoting my new tape.…