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gene parmesan
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imagine all the hate mail ducks get from people with iPhones poor ducks :(
what the ducking duck
For 25k I'll let you put me in a mild coma lol
season 4 of arrested development is seriously underrated
will arnett has the best voice for batman too bad he looks nothing like it
don't talk to me about death because my phone dies every five minutes and i need time to cope
this motivational speaker with my dad's name keeps popping up on my laptop and it's scaring me
have to pee can't get up
Clayton Kershaw should not win MVP. I'm sorry.
hey at least kim kardashian didn't get naked on instagram to get like 20 extra likes from her followers :) :) :)
kind of lame that the central focus of soccer jerseys is an advertisement for a corporation
the apple does not far from the tree fall
Everyone's laughing and riding and cornholing except Buster.
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are ralph lauren sunglasses polorized?
doing a presentation on pulp fiction on monday and fully prepared for my class people to look at me like an insane maniac
it's 2014 and you're no longer funny if you're not politically correct
Yall mad at Eminem for saying he would punch Lana Del Ray but wasn't mad at him rapping about killing his mom and baby mom for years.
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capture the flag
blood on the leaves
if you're going to harbor so much anger, why don't you just spare everyone the annoyance and not come outside
there's always that old person who looks mad at the entire world
I'm not that guy that will ever go rhyme on someone else's song right when it comes out. That shit is weak. Go make UR OWN HOT SONG.
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@Seamless: This is called grandma’s pizza. Which explains why we're at grandma's every day.” I love eating grandma
i only accept payment in bitcoin and pizza
surrounded by idiots
people still call kanye west a gay fish? is this 2009
so i accidentally just put my essay which is due tomorrow in the recycle bin
When you were a line leader in 5th grade, and a kid said "Fuck line leader"
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when you don't have to pee until you get into the shower :(
cause of death: drank too much water
i can't see you through this 6,000 dollar suit
@arzE: my sunglasses are polarized / they help protect my Polo eyes”
thanks to all us veterans for their service 🇺🇸
Effort getting the @Mets to the post season! Thank you all!
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To the @Mets fans, I am excited to be a member of the New York Mets. I Iook forward to playing hard for you, and with a collective...cont
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Cuddyer: "I'm excited to win right now."
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I'll marry ya niece, catch me out in Paris with fleece Shoot the back of ya knees, Gary Sinise @ActionBronson
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@ActionBronson just played 4 songs jumped into the crowd disappeared n the dj started playing "runnin with the devil" van halen #LEGEND
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It's been an incredible trip so far.
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is ebola still a thing in america which people are worried about
can't wait for 11:11 11/11 will wish for starbucks gift card