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sean tracy
you know it’s sad when people hopping the fence are getting closer to the white house than republicans
iggy is like a terrible mashup of gwen stefani & fergie
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live tweeting from the toilet bowl as the pills my doctor have gave me are killing me slowly
unless you like touching your friends poop, i think you'll be ebola-free
Ebola is extremely unlikely to spread through public transit for several reasons.
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omg one person has ebola!!!!! we're all going to die!!!!!!
no but really try and do that i think it's the cure
if you get ebola, take a laxative, shit it out and proceed as usual
the over reacting towards ebola is comical
Had a staring contest with a squirrel. He won. He is the Least Interesting Man in the World.
@LOHANTHONY: lana’s sales after this AHS episode are going to be higher than a white girl at coachella” trying too hard here
It's nice that you have a cast of like 30, but not when the viewers have no emotional attachment to any of them
AHS is at the point where it's trying to do way too much and is actually accomplishing nothing
i honestly don't give two fucks if you hate me. none of this was ever about me. and i hope you understand that
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When Kanye said "mayonnaise colored Benz I push miracle whips"
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lol hello mom just because we were both sick does not mean we had the same thing
all of these pumpkins and we still couldn't patch things up :(
@diaryforteens: why do bras cost $50? why does makeup cost $50? why do men's shirts come in plastic packs with 4 for $10?” where do I buy
funny how every time i cough on the train, people move like 25 feet away you'd swear i have ebola (i hope the cdc doesn't see this)
these kids think any photo with text on it is a meme
Wtf is "ion" "iont"? it's "I don't" stfu omg.
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why are you sitting in my seat? i sit there every. fucking. class.
today is about to be taken to flavortown
'omg this persons talents shows that god made us all creative. no one should be aborted' how about you shut the fuck up
this girl really tried to make an argument against abortion on the comment section of a sand art video
my mom just said 'good night' and i accidentally said 'thank you'
@justdancegame: #JustDance2015 is available now!…” how is it 2015 if released in 2014? stop
Bridges are so cool
and even aside from that, they're not going to do another season of breaking bad after having already gone forward with better call saul
and people who believe the articles... when a show of that stature announces they are having a final season, that means that's it
why would anyone want a season 6 of breaking bad? the show ended perfectly neither vince gilligan nor the cast are that dumb lol
@IHOP: Pancakes on fleek.” aw you're trying to be like @DennysDiner how cute
dairy queen is now in queens dairy queens
Giving yourself the title and doing one mix for your Soundcloud doesn't make you a DJ
People from my high school who think they are DJ's lmfao
you could shop at five or six stores (or just one)
My fantasy football team is back in first place where it belongs
I said two of the funniest things I have ever said and I already forgot what they were
Looking for investors for a thing
@BossTop_Tee: 💪�” bro we all know you did this for the retweets.. calm yourself
"Florida mom petitions against Toys 'R Us over Breaking Bad action figures." I'm so mad, I'm burning my Florida Mom action figure in protest
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Apparently we have to do interviews today in class????? Fuck my life why wasn't I informed