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Is it football season yet
Open up your mind and tell me what you're seeing, open up your eyes and tell me what you're thinking
Don't Trip
Why not today?
Nothing is better than aiming at nothing and hitting your mark
Whatever people say I am, that's what I'm not
We don't even live here
Don't waste your today's yearning for yesterday and waiting on tomorrow
They say that it changes when the sun goes down
All I ever wanted was to pick apart the day and put the pieces back together my way
Old & New #iPhoneOnly
I've got a gun for a mouth and a bullet with your name on it
Weak people seek revenge. Strong people seek forgiveness. Intelligent people just ignore.
Sometimes I sit and think, sometimes I just sit
Like all good fruit, the balance of life is in the ripe and ruin
Following up from before with a picture of everything, here are the contents of this picture: Nikon D3200, 18-55mm lens, 75-300mm lens, UV filter, Gorilla Pod, battery charger, all wires, camera bag, all original packaging. The camera has roughly 20,000 actuations and I've had it since June of 201
let me know
She only ever walks to count her steps
An asteroid could hit the Earth in our sleep and kill everyone. Do what makes you happy
Constantly wavering between caring too much & caring too little for what people have to say
We make tiny changes in our personality, lifestyle, and appearance to continue the false narrative that we are living interesting and productive lives
The best way to complain is to make things
Never forget who you are: a tiny speck on an insignificant rock hurtling through a void
All things come to an end
Ain't even that hot out today
The next Manhattan bound 7 Train will arrive in approximately 32 years
Where you're going is more important than where you've been
Who are you when no one else is around
We all think you're so cool because nobody knows that nobody knows you
Am I in your top eight
Fuck being king of the hill, when the music stops you'll be the first one the villagers kill
Every day that gets to pass is a success
We are all just the current version of our former selves
I ate a grilled cheese for the first time today
I spend my time hovering between being too mature and too childish for my age
Summertime 06
With all of the current candidates vying for the Republican nomination, and with their lack of qualities fitting of an actual President, I feel the only way fitting to determine the person best fit to lose to the actual 2016 election will be to have a fight to the pit in a very big cage. The event
The things I do possess, sometimes they own me too
I ate tongue last night for dinner 👅
At the end of the day, I make decisions which are in my own best interest. I have a lot of people in my life which I am close to, but there's no way to tell someone how long a person will be in your life for. Because of this, I have to think with my own well-being in mind. I have no problem listenin
Do something today that you've never done before
Most things aren't as they seem on the surface

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