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You will stay on my mind
POLL: Who will have a bigger impact for the Spurs? FAV for Duncan, Aldridge, Leonard, Ginobili, Parker, Green, Popovich RT for Matt Bonner
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Don't bring that weak stuff in Kevin Durant's house (via @k_boonie)
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The Miami Heat fear Wade may be suffering from concussion like symptoms after seeing him willingly root for the Jets.
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"Everything is obvious once it's successful. Big wins come when you can spot something before it's obvious to everyone else." - Ev Williams
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Hmm. Awake at 4:30 and hungry, but the kitchen looks too far. Time to catch up on Dexter.
If I make it to heaven, I hope I get to see nick, me and him have a few
I ain't got no money but she still call me daddy 💀
Splashing in 4v4 full court is necessary
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Kanye got niggas dressed like jedis and shit
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Savage 🔥 (Vine by WORLDSTARHIPHOP®)
BOOM �@thtwasstooclosee 🔥 (Vine by WORLDSTARHIPHOP®
Dayummmm!! Too sick! @thtwasstooclose 🔥 (Vine by WORLDSTARHIPHOP®)
James Harden apparently got another job in the offseason (via @Work300)
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Twitter is a clothing store at 5 in the morning.
Stand in a field of pandas so I know its real.
I am dying 😂😂 James Harden done went to the cowboys @NOTSportsCentert@SomeonesAnIdioti0wy
You are now talking to a man of the cloth 🙏 Reverend Work
LIVE. LOVE. A$VP. B-Day in 16 hours.
Newports and powerade.
Memories of riding in an old school with my dad, I hold onto them cause those the only memories that I even have
All I wanted was a 100 million dollars and a bad chick.... That's all.
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Instagram: Two girls wearing outfits that barely match at all with the caption: "Unplanned matching"
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Instagram: Picture of Marilyn Monroe. Caption "I aspire to be just like her someday" Even though she was a big whore.
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Instagram: White girl with her friend. Caption: "Me and my TWIN 👯" Even though they look nothing alike
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Well here's my story for #nationaltattoostoryday I got my first tattoo (Self Made on my collarbones) in a trap house on a floor bed surrounded by cheerios and weed. I got family on top of a bandana on my hand to show gratitude to the many gang bangers and people living in the hood when I was living
I never had a role model I was loading gold hollows in my little glock 40
Oh my god I just found out josh from until dawn has his own tv show called mr.robot @FaZeJev
They ain't never wanna give us a thing, so we loaded them things, and went to handle some things.
"The love you give today, is an investment in the future, for the future is seeded by what you sow today." - Leon Brown
This is a condom filled with spaghetti, RT for 5 years of good luck. Ignore for 10 years bad luck. Wouldn't risk it
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I only want two things in my life.

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