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Wish fellow Michigan alumni n friend Jim Harbaugh good luck ....Go 49ers
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Friends...Fuck dont know anything about me
Eating pussy..... bcuz according to your testimony that makes her happy
Common sense happiness(im not making this up) ..really...well there better be a whole chapter on
Is dillusional,Now i realize anybody can write a book but seriously your wife writes a book titled
The tv on or paid for a PPV to see you but your so dillusional you think otherwise, but your whole family
Talk wrestlers in the media including Bret,Booker etc which is bullshit bcuz nobody has ever turned
Have wised up! But you didnt and you arrogantly came into TNA and treated everybody like shit,you trash
Such a pussy you cant defend yourself from a bitchslap,you would have thought that you would
Seeing how scared you were when you saw the guys lined up to slap the shit out of you and since your
You say im old hogan says he wanted to bring me back right away,you two jackoffs need to get on
Fuck the piece of shit cant even wrestle
Age is a state of mind and i feel great,put me in the ring with garrett and we'll see who looks better
In his office and then tried to calm everybody down,You wonder why your son is a pussy......bcuz you are
To form bcuz eric was a arrogant asshole and they wanted to take their shot and Vince brought bitchoff