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Scott Mc☁
I don't think jim woodring is on twitter, but look at this #bushwick pasteup cc @scottmccloud
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Got a call from @thinkprogress about the Hello Kitty story. Here's the article:
@scottmccloud Could you share this survey please? It's for my dissertation on the distribution of comics in the UK
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Re that last retweet ( @Crittermum): Now THAT'S viral marketing.
Got to explain to yet another teacher that yes, our son's name is Zot, so thank you very much @scottmccloud for that.
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Advantage of living closeish to LA: @scottmccloud & I saw FRANK. More melancholy than I'd expected, but v good. Fassbender was phenomenal.
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Get 10% Off Tickets to Lakes @comicartfest Oct 17-19! Scott McCloud, Becky Cloonan, Jeff Smith, Joost Swarte & more!…
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I notice that Ulysses by James Joyce and Fifty Shades of Grey are both getting 3.7 on GoodReads. Hmm. Which should I read next? #flipscoin
Sanrio having to explain how art & symbols work shows us why Understanding Comics by @scottmccloud needs to be taught in schools everywhere.
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Hey, Georgia Southern! Coming your way Sept 10:…
My GN took so long to draw that two of its word balloons mentioning "Rome" & "Ukraine" have already changed meanings months before it's out.
Our local PR station just referred to the conflict in Ukraine as a "high voltage chess game." I've been playing chess all wrong, apparently.
Seriously, I'm gonna be like Mendelssohn on Bach with this fucking book.… Every year 'til it's part of the canon!
Teaching comics in the classroom this fall?: Here's my annual reminder to consider James Sturm's MARKET DAY (2010)—a master class of a book.
9yo is a big reader and writer, turning her hand to comics today with help from @scottmccloud's Understanding Comics
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If you're in NYC tomorrow night (Tues) please consider attending this important benefit for Seth Kushner:…
Jules Feiffer seems like one of those rare artists who just never stops learning. His new GN Kill My Mother looks terrific.
I mean, yeah, I've taught classes now and then, but I think what they really mean by "professor" is "old as shit and wrote some books."
@scottmccloud is the only real person in my sprawling 90's tribute... unless you count the T-rex.
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Getting emails addressed to "Professor McCloud" now... Weird, I thought my official title was still "Self-Appointed Know-it-All." #orHeyYou
Always nice to start the day with surprise visitors at @cartoonart. Thanks to @scottmccloud and @ivyratafia for dropping in this morning!
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Hey, Georgia Southern! Come see me speak in only a few weeks:
Relieved to discover that child car seats can be safely anchored to the ocean floor. #thankstoyota
Always liked Paul Duffield's art on FreakAngels, and it looks like he's only improved since then!:
@scottmccloud the ultimate #cartoonist & #comics theorist will give a workshop @laafa this weekend! Limited space!
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The guests at this year's @comicartfest defies belief. I couldn't be more excited. Scott McCloud? Jeff Smith? Joost Swarte? WHAT IS LIFE!
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Serious conditions, of course, but health brochure photos are so WEIRD.
So which one looks more fun: Chronic Constipation or Shingles? #ummSMILE
Fast indie song sounds like it's from an old record, has a jazz sound, super dancey, female singer. Heard it and have no idea what it is.
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Happy Tuesday, dudes! Here’s an interview with the one and only Scott McCloud, cartoonist and author:
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Hey, thanks for the shoutout, Angry Nerd!:…
Want to know what equiptment I use? Answers here: many other artists.
Visual communications guru @scottmccloud's class made me hyper-aware of odd/vague images like this. #femalemysterybox
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Four more days 'til the Los Angeles Workshop! Sign up to supercharge your creative batteries:…
So the books of @scottmccloud aren't just awesome but also...comfortable -_- That smug look tho' #cats #Caturday
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Haha. 2nd time this month I've started to read a quote, found myself agreeing, then realized its my own damn quote:…
Does anyone else find the Edsel Ford quote in that before-the-movie Ford commercial they've been running unbearably sad?
Want to supercharge your creative batteries? Only 9 days to go 'til the LA Workshop!:…
Artist Camilo Nascimento sends along word of his webcomics site with a responsive design approach. Visit it at:
@adamledoux @scottmccloud I'm a research intern at MSR (UK), doing work referencing Scott! Glad I'm in good company.
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Thinking of changing the name of my upcoming GN from THE SCULPTOR to the much snappier ON SALE IN FEBRUARY.
An explanation by neuroscience why a sketch can sometimes be more effective than full color images
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Used Understanding Comics to defend a design decision during my summer internship at Microsoft. Thanks @scottmccloud !
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