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Scott Mills
djs music actor 1,176,981 followers
So @scott_mills just promised he will do the ALS ice bucket challenge as nominated by @luke11campbell @TheVampsband @JudgeRinderTV in 8hrs
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Morning! Fridayyyy breakfast show starts 6.30 @BBCR1
Found it! Thanks everyone :)
UK! Get @BBCR1 on tomorrow morning! We’re on with @scott_mills from 7am for Speech Jammer, plus you can hear the new single ‘Wait On Me’. x
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Everyone is saying Judge Rinder nominated me for the ice bucket challenge. Where did he do this?
Boots and pants and boots and pants
Innuendo Bingo with Hodor (Kristian Nairn)…
Oh no! Breaking news for John and his proud Mum. Sorry guys... RT @ry_jmac: this selfie was taken in 1839!!
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Hmm i dunno whats going on me, 1 doctor saying 1 thing, another doctor saying another... FFS!
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Morning ! On @BBCR1 6.30 who's joining?
Can't believe our show has been on Nerd Alerts TWICE today @gregjames
Oh my god if the man on this train sniffs and swallows his snot one more time I'm going to heave
Daniel Radcliffe is a big fan of the Matt Lewis fanfiction video... Have you seen it yet?
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Scott Mills Daily podcast is fixed and there for you now FREE!
Daniel Radcliffe was AMAZING on Innuendo Bingo. Click this link >… to watch him & then Matthew Lewis straight after.