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Robert Scoble
Thought about trying out @Rackspace, so I called support and got a real human in 15 seconds. I think @Scobleizer has been right all along.
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Join us live on Gillmor Gang now:… Talking about Apple.
#hyperlapse of cool skateboard/backpack
The Apple Watch will be available ‘early 2015′ for $349 by @EPro
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I just video'ed @eventbrite cofounders who are excited by new Apple Wallet:
And now an entirely new category of service: the Wallet. (Audience goes crazy.)…
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Is anyone else gobsmacked that we are at 10:16 am and we have already seen the new iPhones? WHAT WI……
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What is the "People Economy"? Watch this @PayPal video (that I'm in) because #PeopleRule: #ad
Music industry insider Bob Lefsetz just praised upcoming music streaming service Tidal. Sign up here: No compression
Transcendent @Scobleizer... "Is Robert Scoble Still A Blogger?"
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#hyperlapse @agrignon is having fun playing with my new desk. He loves it.
Great video intro to the Stir Kinetic Desk with @Scobleizer and Stir CEO @jplabrosse…
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#hyperlapse of Dave Matthews showing me his LightBlue Bean. Cool beacon-controlled Arduino developer kit
#hyperlapse of Dave Matthews showing me his LightBlue Bean. Cool beacon-controlled Arduino developer…
I bet @gruber already has an iWatch but I see how Apple will make it cool. Wrote that up at
Robert @Scobleizer Scoble will show me how to Facebook right Sunday 2p PDT/5pEDT/1700UTC on - let’s learn together.
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Tech blogger @Scobleizer captured this little impromptu cover last night, while we played for 200+ geeks in SF....
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Announcing The Full Agenda For TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2014 by @slh
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. @Broadcom just announced Wiced, a new hardware prototyping tool.: via @Scobleizer How can I get one of these?
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Broadcom has a cool Bluetooth-based hardware prototyping tool. Video up at holy pack of sensors for $20!
My first #hyperlapse from the new Instagram app that shipped today. How we roll in Half Moon Bay. Join us here Friday at 5 p.m.
Join us for geek night here on Friday at 5 p.m. Miko is making us some fun cocktails.…
Sunday's @TWiT with @Scobleizer debating @leolaporte about the quality of the #facebook news feed is a great listen…
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I'll be on Leo Laporte's TWiT (This Week in Tech) starting in about 20 minutes. You can watch the preshow now here:
We are doing Gillmor Gang about earthquake now:…
Major earthquake woke me up.
I dropped by TWiT and no one is here so I took over Leo's empire! (at @TWiT in Petaluma, CA)…
The best place to check in in Northern California. Here I sit on a chair of nails.…
Interesting additional conversation about apps is happening at Among other things.
yes getting me to download new apps is increasingly difficult. Here is my home screen @gigaom
Are we in a mobile app glut? Report says most US phone owners aren’t downloading apps
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I get a look at @Recon Jet in the place it was developed, Whistler Canada:… Really great #GROWconf
I answered @_jasonthibeault "I'm quitting Facebook" on Facebook, of course:… Hah.
I should do a "I'm quitting all social media" post. I bet I get everyone up in arms. @jasonthibeault Hah.
Ye olde "I'm Quitting Facebook"… is funny. @jmpalacios @_jasonthibeault @LinkedIn Quitting ANY social network is lame
.@KPMG_Canada why won't our tech dehumanize us? Cause we still have alcohol and, soon, weed to get us from being too robotic! #growconf
.@KPMG_Canada at @Rackspace every employee is trained to help customers build businesses with minimum of pain. #growconf
.@KPMG_Canada yes every part of our life will soon be digitized with small computers and sensors. See Vessyl, a cup with sensors.