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Science Friday
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People are already sending some fascinating observations for SciClub. Check out the highlights! #ObserveEverything
No, you can't tell how cold the winter will be by a woolly bear's color bands.
No hyperspace or grubby dystopias allowed in @nealstephenson's new project.
"Space is big. Really big." MT: "tediously accurate scale model of solar system" HT @JLVernonPhD @coreyspowell
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There will never be a realistic hospital show. "It wouldn't be dramatic enough."
Get your zzzs in: Getting less sleep is linked to using more of your sick days. @sciam
Science Club is back! What are you observing? #ObserveEverything
Can science fiction make us think big again?
Still a few left! For #NationalCoffeeDay, we're giving away mugs to the first 25 who give $25.
Afternoon listening: Data from @CERN's Large Hadron Collider sonified into chamber music. @motherboard
Scientists have been sneaking Bob Dylan lyrics into their research articles as part of a bet via @guardian
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Malaysia aims for 60 percent of children to take up STEM education - Najib | Astro Awani
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The water on Earth is even older than the sun via @scifri
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Happy birthday, @CERN! The home of the Large Hadron Collider turns 60 today. Our coverage over the years:
Happy #NationalCoffeeDay! The first 25 to donate $25 get a SciFri mug for caffeine goodness.
That glass of water you're drinking is older than you think.
. @031nikitaW Yes! The boat uses a series of 'constructed wetlands' to treat the water before it goes back into the ecosystem.
Happy birthday to @CERN! Convention establishing the organization was signed 60 years ago today (Sep 29, 1954.)
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Who’s Got the Biscotti? Mingling at the Ig Nobel Awards After-Party.
When did science fiction get so... dystopian?
A doctor's first night on call.
Can science fiction make us dream big again? @nealstephenson thinks so.
Attention citizen scientists: SciFri Science Club is back! #ObserveEverything
Poop and Paddle: An Eco-Friendly Floating Toilet.
Would you consider the trees lining Fifth Avenue in NYC a forest? Maybe you should.
What happened to the atmosphere on Mars? That's what @MAVEN2Mars is trying to find out.
Fact of the day: Water on Earth is a million years older than the sun.
As always, learn anything about the topics today at #SciFriLive
Hey crossword enthusiasts! The answers for the SciFri Crossword Challenge are now live at
Share your data! Take a picture of your notebook, make an infographic, write a narrative. #ObserveEverything #SciFriLive
Attention citizen scientists! "Get a notebook out, - just start writing things you see." #ObserveEverything #SciFriLive
What is Science Club looking for? Photos, audio, writing... share your data! Submit with #ObserveEverything or at
"We want you to #ObserveEverything in a way you haven't before," says @Arieloquent. Look with the eyes of a scientist. #SciFriLive
For his story "The Tall Tower" (about a 20km higher tower), @nealstephenson consulted with engineers to make it realistic. #SciFriLive
. @nealstephenson's rules for @hieroglyphASU: No "hyperspace", no "grubby" dystopias. #SciFriLive
The new project @hieroglyphASU is an attempt to think big and inspire the future, like in the days of Arthur C. Clarke. #SciFriLive
How can science fiction help us think big? We're talking to @nealstephenson and Keith Hjelmstad next. #SciFriLive
Bergin says that, using an isotopic fingerprint, we can deduce Earth's water was formed a million years before the sun. #SciFriLive