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Science Friday
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The meteor that cleared the way for mammals did the same for deciduous trees. @physorg_com
From @nytimes & @flichtman, a beautifully animated tribute to the man who discovered microbes.
American avocets could lose up to half of their range due to climate change.
Meet the running, jumping, @MIT cheetah-bot. via @coreyspowell
Learn how to manage natural resources with a rousing game of "One For All."
This morning, scientists dissected a colossal squid specimen - and you can watch the whole thing. @NerdistDotCom
It's official: @Boeing and @SpaceX will carry @NASA astronauts to ISS.
The American avocet's range is shrinking due to climate change.
How important are museums, TV shows, and after-school clubs to teaching kids science?
NASA will announce which private company will taxi astronauts to ISS today at 4pm ET. @SPACEdotcom
What impact do cities have on the surrounding environment?
Hook new microscopy students with this stunning animated documentary of the discovery of microbes: by @flichtman
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"It's as simple as 'if you stop killing them, they will come back.'" Blue whale populations are on the mend.
Are generics the same as brand-name drugs?
As you're reading this, there are at least 20 volcanoes erupting around the world.
Can you trust an eyewitness testimony? @WorldSciFest staged a robbery to find out.
A pink-banded snail thought to be extinct has been found alive. @NatGeo
Can conservation efforts save the birds?…
Is our latest @scifri activity too real? Acting in their own best interests, kids behave like countries… @PopulationEd
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Learn how to manage shared resources in this group game.
Blue whales are bouncing back.
Looking for a post-lunch snack? How about some anatomically-correct gummy insect larvae? via @LaughingSquid
Hundreds of North American bird species are now threatened by climate change
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This new gaming system lets you control microbes.
This art project collects clouds that were recognized as human by face-detection algorithms.
"How solar energy is making electricity cheaper for everyone." Are you going solar?
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There are att least 20 volcanoes erupting around the world as you read these words.
Climate change is causing birds to move north.
Urban ecosystems are developing their own geology similar to natural limestone karsts.
Europa's ice shows signs of plate tectonics.
Vote for the next big tech innovation in @AAAS_News #TechI semifinals.
27 years ago today, there was a major radioactive accident in a Brazilian city. @nytimes
Put this one in the win column! California blue whales are back up to their pre-whaling levels
Don't stress about Yellowstone erupting. According to Elizabeth Cottrell, if it happened we would be wiped out anyway
On Sept 13th 1848, Phineas Gage, neuroscience's most famous patient, had his fateful accident. @SmithsonianMag
Voting ends on Monday! Have you voted for your favorite @googlescifair project yet?
Become a microbe master! Play the Bioarcade.
People in the northern U.S. might be able to see aurora borealis tonight. But what exactly is it?
If you're in the northern U.S., look up tonight! You may see aurora borealis. @accuweather
Today in 1958, Jack Kilby demonstrated the first integrated circuit. In 1999, @iraflatow hosted a series on it. @PBS
Learn more about "Generic: The Unbranding of Modern Medicine" at #SciFriLive
"If someone to produce a pill that looked the same... they could be sued for infringement"-Greene on generic vs name brand drugs #SciFriLive
Read an excerpt of Greene's book "Generic: The Unbranding of Modern Medicine" at #SciFriLive
More than 84% of drugs filled at the pharmacy are generic, says Greene. #SciFriLive
Generic drugs are drugs that must be "therapeutically the same" as brand-name drugs. #SciFriLive