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Science Friday
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Where does the U.S. stand in #STEM? We're stoked to find out TOMORROW when @usnews reveals the first #STEMIndex, the only index of its kind.
What should a student focus on if they want to get involved in space? "Figure out what interests you. The path isn't straight." -@Astro_Mike
Mind-blowing fact from @NASAKepler by way of @tweetsoutloud: There are probably an average of 5 planets per star #FutureofSpace
When will we send people to Mars and beyond? "I think by the 2030s," says @tweetsoutloud #FutureofSpace
"It is just beautiful, and no matter how long you're up there it's not enough time"- @Astro_Mike on what space is like. #FutureofSpace
.@Pomerantz describes a Spaceship 2 trip - from airplane speed to Mach 3 in 7 seconds! #FutureofSpace
What should people do to get involved? "Share the enthusiasm. Be your own ambassador for space." -@tweetsoutloud #FutureofSpace
"Space is one of the uniquely human endeavors," says @tweetsoutloud. Not specific to any one country. #FutureofSpace
People think the space shuttle being retired means space travel is retired, but that's not true, says @Pomerantz #FutureofSpace
You can't understand the concept of Earth without understanding its place in the universe, says @tweetsoutloud #FutureofSpace
World’s Fair Pavilion Is Named a ‘National Treasure’
Today is the 50th anniversary of the New York Worlds Fair - and Ira was there! He still has this…
Interested in #FutureofSpace exploration? @iraflatow is hosting a discussion at 6pm @IntrepidMuseum. There will be livetweeting!
Walter White from Breaking Bad was not a psychopath, says @jameshfallon. He was a narcissist and had OCD #TFF2014
How far would you have to be pushed to jump outside of society? don't have to be a psychopath to have a breaking point, says @jameshfallon
"A psychopath is more interesting to watch in a drama because they're more interesting, period," says @BryanCranston #TFF2014
Leaders like FDR and LBJ exhibited psychopathic traits and an "empathy for the world," says @jameshfallon #TFF2014 Your Brain on Story panel
Walter White is a narcissist, says @jameshfallon #TFF2014 at Your Brain on Story: Psychopaths We Love panel
Playing a character like Walter White in Breaking Bad is like catnip to an actor, says @BryanCranston #TFF2014 Your Brain on Story panel
Watching film is the closest we can get to dreaming with our eyes open, says @JasonSilva #TribecaFilmFest Your Brain on Story panel
Our @julieleibach is at #TribecaFilmFestival for 'Your Brain on Story' w @BryanCranston & @jameshfallon. We'll be livetweeting at 2:30!
Yes, we’re all over the selfie thing. but NASA wants one from you to help celebrate Earth Day.