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Science Friday
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Even jaguars need (five) root canals sometimes
How flesh-eating insects like maggots are actually doing good: helping forensic entomologists solve crimes
In which a NASA astronaut demonstrates how candy corn is like a soap molecule
Research suggests learning another language can help offset dementia, among other things via @TheAtlantic
New research shows the Milky Way may be stealing smaller galaxies' gases via @SmithsonianMag
What happens when you bring candy corn aboard the International Space Station?
Need to talk to a therapist? You can try using this SF start-up's new app via @elements
Did you know: Thomas Edison owned an electric car?
"Ninety minutes into the first operation, the cat’s heart and breathing rates rose, signaling that he was waking..."
From corn flakes to soy milk, J.H. Kellogg had ideas that were "ahead of his time," says @HowardMarkel
Americans have been plugging in electric cars since the early 1900s
What happens after someone survives Ebola? via @PopSci
How a nuclear accelerator could help solve some of the mysteries in the art world
Can science fiction spur science innovation? via @PacificStand
A new technique reveals "fingerprints" that can help track invasive species like Asian carp
New research suggests that the last time the earth's magnetic poles flipped was 786,000 years ago
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Science only offers a piece of the picture; art historians will still be valuable to uncovering art fraud, says Collon #SciFriLive
It was the signature in a Sisley painting that revealed it was probably a forgery, says @imamuseum's Greg Smith #SciFriLive
The Louvre is the only museum in the world that has a nuclear accelerator in its basement, says @NDscience's Collon #SciFriLive
Greg Smith helped the Cincinnati Museum of Art find the pink in this Van Gogh painting #SciFriLive
Scientist can use an accelerator to detect details of a painting that the eye cannot see, says @NDscience's Philippe Collon #SciFriLive
Now #SciFriLive: Greg Smith @imamuseum & Philippe Collon @NDscience on using science to detect art fraud
TV shows often use the wrong insects (like mealworms) during scenes of forensic entomology, says Perez #SciFriLive
Do TV shows like CSI with forensic entomologist characters get it right? "No," says Perez. #SciFriLive
Entomologists have to train cops and investigators to look for "wandering larvae," says Perez #SciFriLive
"A 50-pound pig does a pretty good job of replicating an adult human male," says forensic entomologist Perez #SciFriLive
Entomologists use pigs as surrogates for humans to study decomposition, says Perez #SciFriLive
Beetles usually eat tougher material on bodies like hair, says forensic entomologist Anne Perez #SciFriLive
The insects that usually get collected by forensic entomologists from corpses are maggots and flies, says Perez #SciFriLive
Next on #SciFriLive: Anne Perez of @SJC_Pumas on catching criminals using forensic entomology
Some Studebaker electric cars held up to 40 miles a charge, says Beckman of @Studebaker05 #SciFriLive
Studebaker electric cars came with a 15-foot cord to charge with...but remember that this is the early 1900s #SciFriLive
Thomas Edison bought the second electric car Studebaker Corp ever built, says Andy Beckman of @Studebaker05 #SciFriLive
Last year Americans bought 96K plug-in electric vehicles, but that's just over a half-percent of all the cars sold in 2013 #SciFriLive
Next up #SciFriLive: Andy Beckman from @Studebaker05 on the history of electric cars and the Studebaker Corp.
Video from this #SciFriSB show can be streamed at
A recently developed technique called "environmental DNA" allows trackers to get a fingerprint of the species living there #SciFriLive
In a teaspoon of Great Lakes water, you can find hundreds of thousands of organisms, says @ND_ECI's David Lodge #SciFriLive
Invasive species can be as costly as $1500/household, says @ND_ECI's David Lodge #SciFriLive
Now #SciFriLive: David Lodge, director @ND_ECI on tracking invasive species
Kellogg truly believed we are what we eat, says @HowardMarkel #SciFriLive
Kellogg raised a wolf on a vegetarian diet, and would feed only feed it meat for his lectures to show how vicious it would get #SciFriLive
So are we! RT @NDscience We are really enjoying @NDGleeClub's performances on @scifri! #SciFriSB #SciFriLive
Kellogg like to issue yogurt as an enema at his Battle Creek sanitarium - a kind of beginning of probiotics -@HowardMarkel #SciFriLive
"His great enemy was constipation," @HowardMarkel says of John Harvey Kellogg. "He 'cleaned' people out at his sanitarium." #SciFriLive
Kellogg also created what could be considered the first exercise tape, recorded on vinyl -@HowardMarkel #SciFriLive
Surgeon and missionary John Harvey Kellogg was the inventor of foods like peanut butter and soy milk, says @HowardMarkel. #SciFriLive