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Science Friday
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"Let them know that asking questions isn't weird." Getting girls interested in STEM w/@Ehmee
Fun fact: That flap of skin over a turkey's beak is called a snood.
Christopher Nolan was thinking of Flatland when he was working on @Interstellar.
YES - learn all about comets from all the comet people, then create a sciartistic masterpiece!
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At the station - tune into @scifri on your local public broadcast channel!
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Next, would you trust hire a robot as your assistant? @manoushz @alexgoldmark from @NewTechCity are here! #SciFriLive
Today at 3p ET: Meet the Sexiest Male (Turkeys) Alive.
Our Julie Yu will be "talking turkey" from 11:40 to 12 PST on @scifri. Check local listings or tune in on @KQED.
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Today in 1877, Thomas Edison annc'd he had invented the 'phonograph,' a machine to record sound. #willnevercatchon
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Move over, Hemsworth. Meet the Sexiest Males Alive (if you're a turkey).
Coming up tomorrow: @Ehmee of The Brain Scoop! Read an interview here:
Fun fact of the day: That flap of skin that hangs over a turkey's beak is called a snood.
TOMORROW #Explo scientist Julie Yu talks food, science & sides on @scifri. Check local listings, 11- 1 on @KQED.
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If you're a turkey, this may be the sexiest male alive.
Picture of the Week: Awareness in a Damaged Brain
Move over, Chris Hemsworth. Meet the Sexiest Males Alive (if you're a female turkey)
Today in 1998 a Russian Proton rocket launched w/ 1st section of the #ISS, Zarya (aka the Functional Cargo Block)
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Where Do We Go From Here? Environmentalism, at a Crossroads
These colorful mohawks offer clues into patients in vegetative states.
Light weight solar cloth. I want someā€¦great for the backyard, too.
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