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Science Channel
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Step aside Felix Baumgartner, Google exec Alan Eustace set a new record for highest-ever skydive: 135,890 feet
How the World Series is made: for more, check out #HowItsMade tonight at 9/8c
Here's an idea for a flashy Halloween costume: an LED suit complete with an NES controller: @ScienceChannel
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Here's a thorny devil this Thursday afternoon. #inSCIder
2 types of bees are constantly invading, ransacking and taking over other bees' hives
Join our #UnexplainedFiles poll: Do aliens exist? Vote here on our Facebook page:
Are you ready for the season finale of #UnexplainedFiles? It's coming up at 10/9c
Leave your axes and saws at home. Cutting wood with water >> [Video] #SCI2
Why pizza tastes so good, according to chemistry. [Video] #SCI2
Are you in favor of scientific or traditional planet names? via @DiscoverMag
You could get Ebola from a sneeze, but it's not airborne so an infected person has to sneeze fluid onto your face.
Natural phenomenon or, as the locals believe, an act of God? The Sun Miracle: #UnexplainedFiles
As there are reports of shadow people across the country, could they just be ordinary shadows? #UnexplainedFiles
Nope, nope, nope. Spider 'explodes' with babies during attack #SCI2
Here's What Last Week's Lunar Eclipse Looked Like From Mercury >>
See @ScienceChannel TV personality & astrophysicist @HakeemOlusey. Buy tickets to @chicagoideas Science Talk:
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Today is the day! I'm speaking and hosting this afternoon at Chicago Ideas Week. #CIW @chicagoideas @ScienceChannel
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Tweet a pic from our #NYCC #PunkinChunkin panel and we might send you some gifts! Starts at 4p in 1A21
24 high-tech Halloween costumes so you don't have to be a ghost this year. [Video]
This is why you shouldn't joke about Ebola, especially on an airplane. [Video] -
If you're at @NY_Comic_Con I'll be speaking at the Punkin Chunkin/Outrageous Acts of Science panel.ā€¦
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The Milky Way rotates at 560,000 miles per hour and makes a full revolution every 200 million years via @DiscoverMag
Your Love Of Coffee May Be Genetic, Study Suggests >> #inSCIder
#UnexplainedFiles starts now! Could transplant operations also transmit memories? [Video]
Examine the universe as seen through the lens of #sciencefiction at the Hayden Planetarium Oct 9 #NYSW @NYSuperWeek
Some cultures believe that there are 'living corpses': #UnexplainedFiles
Will you survive a cemetery-themed game of life, 'Cure You or Kill You'? Find out during #NYSW on 10/8! @NYSuperWeek
Chicago friends, I'll be visiting there twice this month. First I'm at Chicago Ideas Week on 10/13. @chicagoideas @ScienceChannel @SNBAA
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Is it possible that traits from organ donors could be transferred to transplant recipients? [Video] #UnexplainedFiles
Total lunar eclipse & possible rare event "selenelion" could occur morning of Oct 8: #inSCIder
Learn why this man was asked to play violin during his own brain surgery. [Video] #SCI2