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Russian mummy: nuclear mishap? Government cover-up? Human? Hoax? #UnexplainedFiles
What do you think happened to the keepers at the Flannan Isle Lighthouse?
#UnexplainedFiles starts now! We'll explore the Curse Of Flannan Lighthouse and Aleshenka: the Russian Mummy.
What caused 3 men to disappear without a trace from the Flannan Isles? We'll examine on #UnexplainedFiles at 10/9c
Did 3 lighthouse keepers get swept away by a rogue wave? Or was there foul play involved? #UnexplainedFiles
Russian Mummy could be anything from a human, alien, or a hoax. #UnexplainedFiles
In 1900 lighthouse keepers on Scotland's Flannan Isles disappeared without a trace. #UnexplainedFiles [Video]
A day in the life of a man with achondroplasia, the most common form of dwarfism [Video] #SCI2
How many times would you need to fold a piece of paper for it to be as thick as the universe? #exponentialgrowth
Cat refuses to be outsmarted and defies humans by opening doors. [Video] #SCI2
Don't mess with the Bobbit worm. This lionfish learned the hard way. [Video] #SCI2
Here's a little trick to help you get green lights >> #SCI2
"Why Aren't There Stars When Astronauts Take Photos From Space?" #inSCIder
.@MythBusters on @ScienceChannel starts now! They're testing 3 car crimes straight from Hollywood
How was your #Geekend? Check out this creepy robot scarecrow:
Happy #Geekend everyone! Hope you're enjoying yourselves -- stick around for Most #OutrageousActs of Science!
Buckets of ice water are great for ALS awareness, but what about your health? @DNews
In the battle of brain vs. brawn, a study shows how dolphins fight off sharks. [Read more] -
How stores use everything from prices, music & smells to trick you into buying more. [Video] #SCI2 @gogreen18
"Origami robot" folds itself and walks away (as it should). Watch the video: #SCI2
New #HowItsMade #DreamCars starts now -- featuring the Pagani Huayra, made of a carbon fiber and titanium alloy
Make a very simple and surprisingly powerful ball bearing rocket using magnets [Video] #SCI2
A student in China built a 12-meter tall Optimus Prime out of car parts. [Video] #SCI2