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Science Channel
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#HowItsMadeWeek continues with #HowItsMade #DreamCars at 10/9c. Would you like to drive one of these?
Guy mods an NES Power Glove to control his LED light suit [Video] #SCI2
Sunflower-Shaped Solar Dish Makes Power and Fresh Water via @DNews
Underwater video proves that freedivers don't need special effects. [Video] #SCI2
It's #HowItsMadeWeek! That means episodes of #HowItsMade all day, every day this week.
Happy National Coffee Day! It's 100% certain that your cup contains 1 molecule from Abraham Lincoln's coffee [Watch]
Here's a way to have fun with breakfast -- pancake flutes! [Video] #SCI2
The quest is on for the #PunkinChunkin championship Don't miss a Punkin Chunkin marathon today starting at noon ET
Plugging nose with bacon can stop uncontrollable nosebleeds. Really. [Read more] - via @DNews
Good luck to @DavidGilliland who'll be repping #PunkinChunkin on his car this weekend at @MonsterMile. #NASCAR
Locate Firefly on your TV and don't disengage. It's Captain Mal's orders! #FireflyOnSCI marathon starts now
Browncoats rejoice! Our Firefly marathon starts tonight at 3a ET/12a PT. Catch every episode! #FireflyOnSCI
"If you're prepared for Zombies then you are prepared for anything!" October Is 'Zombie Preparedness Month' In Kansas
Solar System's Water is Older Than the Sun via @DNews
Drones + @Cirque du Soleil = an amazingly beautiful display. [Watch] #SCI2
Catch Part 2 of a special Marca País episode of #HowDoTheyDoIt? tonight at 10/9c
Manufacturing Day is coming up next week. Here's how you can get involved >> @MfgDay #MfgDay14
20 Things You Didn't Know About... Cats via @DiscoverMag
Mysterious Fruit-Like Animals Lived Long Before Dinos via @DNews
Should Pluto be a planet again? Here's the latest debate >>
There are real 'sounds' coming from space. Sort of. See what we mean. [Video] #SCI2 via @DNews
Gov't claims it crashed into the bay, but evidence suggests otherwise #UnexplainedFiles
#UnexplainedFiles starts now! Is the government covering up the truth behind these encounters in our friendly skies?
Ex-FAA officer is convinced he has concrete data that sheds light onto an #UnexplainedFiles case with a 747
Why do leaves change color in fall? It's all about chemistry [Video] #SCI2
NTSB says a plane crashed in an uncontrolled descent, but wreckage looks like the plane was destroyed in air [Video]
Aluminum compounds in antiperspirants, not sweat, cause yellow stains in clothing. How deodorant works: [Video] #SCI2
Go inside the Ebola hot zone as doctors risk their lives to save others. Ebola: Inside the Deadly Outbreak starts now. #nw
There are 5 known species of Ebola - the most dangerous is known as Zaire Ebola virus or ZEBOV. [Video] #SCI2
At 10/9c on Ebola: Inside the Deadly Outbreak - interviews from the front lines of the Ebola outbreak, including doctors and survivors
Would you ride this single-wheeled electric motorcycle? [Video] #inSCIder
Ebola is a deadly pathogen that came from bats and then evolved to infect humans. [Video] #SCI2
What's more sanitary? Paper towel vs hand dryer [Video] #SCI2
See what researchers have learned from studying nearly 600 years of tree rings via @DNews
The Parthenon was designed with optical illusions to make it look extra perfect [Video] #SCI2
Researchers are working on "soft" robots that can grip, get smaller, and squeeze out of tight spots via @DNews
5 clever tricks that'll help you save time when while cooking. [Video] #BecauseCookingIsJustChemistryRight? #SCI2
Final episode of #HackMyBrain starts now! @toddsampsonOz faces his greatest fear - being chained, handcuffed and blindfolded underwater