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Science Channel
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.@NASA have given Boeing and SpaceX the green light to develop "space taxis". [Video] #SCI2
#UnexplainedFiles starts now! Tonight's new episode investigates the Lost Giants of Georgia & Bridge of Death
Wasps built their nest on a window, giving you a look inside their world. [Video] #SCI2
There have been 50+ reported incidents of dogs leaping from Scotland's Overtoun Bridge [Video] #UnexplainedFiles
Try this to radar gun hack to create a radar combo that even the cops don't have [Video] #SCI2
Catch a marathon of the entire 3-part event: #ManVsUniverse tonight starting at 8/7c
For The First Time, Scientists Have Captured The Sound Of A Single Atom #inSCIder
Imagine a wearable jet pack that would enable test subjects to run a 4-minute mile. #SCI2 [Video] - via @ASUResearch
Meet the green jumping spider, the "supermodel of the spider world" [Video] #SCI2
Driver backs out out of driveway into tornado, sees his garage blown away. [Video] #SCI2
Breakfast is served ... from a pancake-making robot! [Video] #SCI2
VIDEO: Is your poop green sometimes? Find out why >>
On Oct 3 join @MfgDay for a live Virtual Field Trip and Career Overview. Register here:… #MfgDay14
Be careful not to drown under bunnies on Rabbit Island, Japan (yes, it's a real place)
Build your own rocket stove at home using a few tin cans. [Video] #SCI2
This simple structure creates a hypnotic pendulum wave of bowling balls. [Video] #SCI2
Chemistry lifehacks for burgers, beers and more! [Video] #SCI2
See how delicious curdled milk (aka goat cheese) is made >> #SCI2 #HowItsMade
We're remembering #911anniversary with Steven Spielberg's Rising: Rebuilding Ground Zero. Catch the marathon now
Blowing bubbles is fun, especially if you're a baby elephant! [Video] #SCI2
How to cut the cheese -- and how to use all those fancy cheese knives [Video] #SCI2
#PunkinChunkin 2014 will be held at Dover International Speedway Oct 24-26 and will air Nov 29 8/7c! @MonsterMile
View from space: Astronauts returning to Earth from the #ISS [Blog] #inSCIder @Astro_Alex
@ScienceChannel is airing 'The Rising - Rebuilding Ground Zero' 5p-11p tonight. It's my proudest work & was a true honor to work on.
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Sweet dreams! Hope you don't find a 5000-wasp nest in your bed! [Video] #SCI2 @sourcefed
Nothing to see here, just a robot riding a hoverbike. [Video] #SCI2
This is what it looks like to surf a seemingly never ending barrel wave. [Video] #SCI2
Epic video captures what it's like to venture into an active volcano. [Watch] #SCI2
Jupiter's moon Europa could have plate tectonics like Earth. [Read more] #inSCIder
This is your brain on social media: Check out 5 ways that social media is changing the human brain >> #inSCIder
What do you think could have caused 10 nuclear missiles to go offline simultaneously? #UnexplainedFiles
In 1967 nukes at Montana’s Malmstrom AFB were disabled mysteriously. See what happened tonight on #UnexplainedFiles
Peacock mantis shrimp delivers smashing punch in slow mo [Video] #SCI2 via @smartereveryday
Tourist captures a volcano eruption in Papua New Guinea. [Video] #SCI2
Mongoose stands up for itself and fights off four lions. [Video] #SCI2
You can use a bottle of Coca-Cola to clean your toilet. [Video] #SCI2
Even after they're dead, a snake's muscles will cause its body to move and even bite. [Video]
#HowItsMade #DreamCars starts now! Vintage looks with 21st century power -- It's the Morgan 3-Wheeler!
Don't miss a new episode of #HowItsMade #DreamCars featuring the @morganmotor 3-Wheeler at 10/9c
Imagine seeing Batman riding a Bat-trike during your morning commute. [Video] - #SCI2
Bake a cake inside of an orange using a campfire. [Video] #SCI2