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Science Channel
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Shooting leftover watermelons with a rifle ... in slow motion! [Video] @GavinFree #SCI2
Hope you're enjoying our @MythBusters marathon! Stick around for more including NASA Moon Landing.
Steel suit allows @colin_furze stand inside fireworks show. [Video] (Don't try at home) #SCI2
If you've been using chopsticks to eat sushi rolls, you've been doing it wrong! [Video] #SCI2
Try this no-mess method to shuck corn on the cob [Video] #SCI2
Watch this goliath grouper eat a shark in one bite. [Video] #SCI2
This patch could allow your body's sweat to charge your smartphone [Video] #SCI2
Here's how to easily cut single servings of watermelon. [Video] #SCI2
Happy Friday! Here's A Robot Riding A Hoverbike: #inSCIder
New episode of How It's Made #DreamCars featuring the Caterham Seven starts now!
There's still time to sign up to be a part of Manufacturing Day. For details go to #MfgDay14
Turtle chasing a toy truck is the new Tortoise and the Hare. [Video] #SCI2
Scientists raised fish on land, found they walk better than fish raised in water. #inSCIder
What poaching an egg looks like underwater. [Video] #SCI2
While in space, our muscles atrophy and bones lose density without gravity. #HTUW
Alpha Centauri is the closest star system to our sun -- 4.3 lightyears away. #HTUW
Morgan Freeman talks to @elonmusk about humans traveling to Mars. See more on t#ManVsUniverse at 10/9c!
See how we can survive in space on How The Universe Works at 9/8c. [Video] -
.@museum_scifi will host a special awards ceremony for its international architectural design competition.
This dad built a homemade hovercraft for his kids [Video] #SCI2 (corrected link)
Reported chupacabra attacks could actually have been caused by anything from mountain lions to feral dogs #UnexplainedFiles
"Chupacabra" literally translates to "goat-sucker" and legend has it that the creature sucks the blood of its victims. #UnexplainedFiles
The 'green ointment' found on the man is compared to 6500 other known substances without a match. What could it have been? #UnexplainedFiles
#UnexplainedFiles starts now! Tonight's episode features Death From the Sky and Mexican Chupacabra
A mysterious death in 1980 looks as though the body fell from the sky. #UnexplainedFiles
According to science, it's completely safe to pee in the ocean [Video] #SCI2
What caused a giant half-mile-long, 26-foot crack to suddenly appear in the ground in Mexico? [Blog] #inSCIder
How to 3D print Ford Mustangs in CHOCOLATE (and plastic too). Video: #SCI2
What would it be like to travel into a black hole and what could be inside? Hint: Spaghettification >>
#Geekend continues tonight with @MythBusters on @ScienceChannel tonight at 10/9c: Laws of Attraction
It's the freakin' #Geekend. We're about to have us some fun
Wake up it's time for #FIREFLY! Watch the entire series from start to finish today. #FireflyOnSCI
#Firefly marathon Saturday! Catch every episode and every moment with Capt. Mal @NathanFillion #FireflyOnSCI
Attention Browncoats! FIREFLY marathon Saturday! #FireflyOnSCI
New medical trial will give blood from young people to Alzheimer’s patients. [Read more] #inSCIder
Han Solo and the Millennium Falcon made the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs, but what's a parsec? [Video] #SCI2
Harvard's Thousand-Robot Swarm can form complex shapes like a robot flash mob! [Watch] #SCI2
New episode of #HowItsMade #DreamCars featuring the Alfa Romeo 4C starts tonight at 10/9c.
It takes 80 gallons of milk to make 66 pounds of Swiss cheese. [Video] #SCI2 #HowItsMade
Watch what happens when @KariByron puts a flame to this $20 bill. [Video] #SCI2