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Science Channel
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When you stick your hand in hot ice... [Video] #SCI2 (Don't try this at home)
What can explain the grisly deaths of 9 students who went missing in Siberia in 1959? #UnexplainedFiles
What do you think caused the giant mysterious hole in Siberia? [Video] #SCI2
.@NASA renamed a Kennedy Space Center building to honor Neil Armstrong >> #inSCIder
In 1964 Tom Herrala hand delivered these space suits to @NASA [Video] #SCI2
We're kicking off #CosmicMysteriesWeek with a new episode of NASA's Unexplained Files, starting now!
#CosmicMysteriesWeek starts tonight! Look out for an all new episode of NASA's Unexplained Files (10/9c).
45 years ago today Apollo 11 landed on the moon. #Apollo45
Why do dogs spin around in circles before they poop? [Video] #SCI2
How do you say "Hail no" in Russian? Hail batters beachgoers in Russia. [Video] #SCI2
20 Myths About Sex >> #SCI2 (No, you won't go blind)
#AlienEncounters marathon 2nite on @ScienceChannel! great time to catch up if you missed it. 7hrs of gorgeous alien awesomeness? yes please!
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Scientists Have Engineered Worms That Don't Get Drunk [Blog] #inSCIder
Find out what it would be like to travel into a black hole [Video] #SCI2
Morgan Freeman is coming to @NASAJPL on Friday. If you could ask him one Q about space, science or his career, what would it be?
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A hurricane carries 108 BILLION lbs of water, the weight of 360,000 blue whales. [Video] #SCI2
Believe it or not, galaxy cluster mergers are a lot like food fights. #ThroughTheWormhole
The Higgs field could be the key to capturing dark matter. #ThroughTheWormhole
We know that dark matter exists because we can detect the pull of its gravity. But we don't know what's going on there. #ThroughTheWormhole