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ScHoolboy Q
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β€œ@Hi_ImJamel: it's hard to see @ScHoolBoyQ banging, dude is hilarious πŸ˜‚β€>>> I'll b 28 tHis yr wit a 5 yr old, I dnt picture me bangin eitHer
β€œ@_vuhnasty: When he wears shirts like this πŸ˜πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ Nobody kno@ScHoolBoyQoyQ is bae tho”>>> dat sHit all wrinkled smH
β€œ@ArthurPitt: Surprised @ScHoolBoyQ isn't performing at the VMA's. He deserves it.”>>> naw I'm overseas UK
FRANCE!!! 4 CABARET VERT Festival @ 8:30pm
Even tHo I Have Hair, y'all dnt kno I'm goin bald lokey... It's gon b a sad day wHen y'all see me wit da STALDY..My Head sHaped like a elbow
β€œ@RetCity: My baby got a fucked up hairline and is still foine. 😍”>>>> my Hairline wasHed up lmao
β€œ@SlyStaySpittin: @ScHoolBoyQ when that new heat droppin G? I still bump that Oxymoron like it came out yesterday>>> I jus started album 2
Weed and nandos CuHz
my #OwnTHeSummer video witH @Footaction is finally Here Http:// cHeck it out to see if you made tHe cut
I'm really done again leave me alone bitcHes & bitcH ass niggaHz
β€œ@E_Rawdriguez: @ScHoolBoyQ TB TO WHEN YOU CRIED IN PORTLAND :/”>>> sum times fans support can make u proud. Fuck it
FIRST LOOK - WatcH me #OwnTHeSummer w @Footaction - remixed Man of tHe Year video, see if you made tHe final cut
β€œ@Eric25Lopez: @ScHoolBoyQ u stopped smoking weed?”>>> Hell no, I quit addys lean Percs LSD dmt Molly& liquor lost 30lbs In process #sober
β€œ@ASanchez909: @ScHoolBoyQ your fat ass can't skate">> no I can't but I can fall, let everybody laff @ me & get sum sympatHy pussy out it
Back to sleep for tHis long az fligHt... And yes I'm off da zanzilla even tHo I quit all drugs, not today tHo bye bitcHes
β€œ@DaveDeeOne: #tbt @ScHoolBoyQ fatass at the OF carnival last year”>>>>>> I'm comin tHis year too 2 sKate tHis time
Leave me alone I'm goin to sleep now...
β€œ@Lowpicse: @ScHoolBoyQ I wan't to see u in France Q πŸ˜«β€>>>> I'll b tHere tHis week braH
β€œ@chrisarustamyan: @ScHoolBoyQ YOO WHENS KENDRICKS ALBUM DROPPING?!?”>>>>> in 30mins
β€œ@burkabitch: @ScHoolBoyQ do you beat your dick for fun”>>> wHen I was a lil niggaH, your not JHENE tHo
β€œ@Bdach_LFC: @ScHoolBoyQ you gonna do the ice bucket challenge bruh?”>>>> yea rigHt, ain't gone fuck up my bucket Hat braH
β€œ@jdbsbabey: @ScHoolBoyQ yooo i see you deleting tweets lol”>>>> lol tHa power of a pHone
β€œ@jasminechanel_: @ScHoolBoyQ hey chubby boo πŸ‘‹β˜Ίβ€>>>> I'm not fat anymore I'm 185 now
β€œ@1vinnyv: I do the best @ScHoolBoyQ impersonation”>>> no u dnt braH, dnt lie to da ppl
Studio break!!!! Love & Hip Hop on lmao!!!! I'm tHirsty so wat
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