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ScHoolboy Q
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@Brandonbetit123: @ScHoolBoyQ Cuz how the fucc U gon spell grammar wrong nigga that beard killin ur brain cells”>>> B average my wHole life
I was being sarcastic smH
@GJasonD: @ScHoolBoyQ Damn your grammas on a whole other level sir.”>>>> my grammer? SmH
Somebody let me kno wHat time tHe 9ers game come on, CuHz tHis game weak braH
@DVNNYBOII: @ScHoolBoyQ u obviously dont pop molly”>>>> i just smoke GAAAAAAAHZ
@ajmo95: @ScHoolBoyQ I got you”>>> He fasHo know tHe Molly man lol
Is Molly even still around? Like How u call da Molly man lol dats burnt
Even after tHa toucHdown niners got me Hot braH..... We need to put sum Molly in da Gatorade smH
It's a party over here - @ScHoolBoyQ has officially taken the stage at Hill Auditorium!
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Hip-Hop artist @ScHoolBoyQ is playing here at our very own Hill Auditorium tomorrow at 8PM! #QatUmich
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@BenLukovac: @ScHoolBoyQ quit smoking fatass”>>> I try every year, it only last about two days
I come to get my astHma pump from da doctor and tHey tell me everybody's on luncH.....BRAH IM BOUT TO DIE my nigg
tHis weekend, Oct. 18tH Ann Arbor MICHIGAN @ Hill auditorium....Get ya tix now to see @ScHoolBoyQ… #TDE
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OCT. 18tH Ann Arbor MICHIGAN @ Hill auditorium....
B4 tHe stage @JimmyKimmel
@MarccoGucci: @ScHoolBoyQ Still bang cuhz?”>>> yup da Homies say I'm weird now
I dress like a vegan stop Hate N braH.... Swag swag
@LucaRipa: @ScHoolBoyQ @Smokingfiree wtf are you wearing Q?”>>>> sum weird sHit, keep cops off me I dnt Have a license
@Smokingfiree: Thanks for the picture yesterday bruh! @ScHoolBoyQ”>>> swag swag
How u do tHe face exercise? Can't lose weigHt & still Have da big ass Head braH.... Lookin like @BigBoy lol
@prettytowering: I'm jealous of @ScHoolBoyQ's nails 😕”>>> pimpin baby
@SamaraHayds: @ScHoolBoyQ im lesbian but id still do u”>>> I kno
@WhoTheHellisBel: @ScHoolBoyQ bruh really, a 123 second story?”>>> ima Hit 300 today my life is awesome
@TaylorPrice49: What would be your nickname for #49ers RB tandem of Gore/Hyde?>>>>> tHey remind me of Hearst & Barlow back in tHe day
@san2raki: @ScHoolBoyQ lool Stop tweeting like a 12 year old,I'm losing braincells just reading this! >>12 yr olds dnt make tHis paper kid
Been on dis fligHt for 4 Hours..., 13 more to go lol tHank god for wifi
Not 2many artist can say tHey toured AUSTRALIA & NEW ZEALAND TWICE IN 1 year...... Mad Love to my fans u guys r awesome - GROOVY Q
I knew Alex smitH was a 9er for life HAHAHAHA #bleedgold
Let's go defense
Last sHow of my New Zealand / Australian TOUR!!!!! Brisbane fuck wit cHa boy #listenoutfestival
@goldbone_: @ScHoolBoyQ let me rub your tummy dammit!!!”>>> I got eczema rigHtnow migHt b embarrassing
@emiliocruz_: @ScHoolBoyQ are you dodgers fan bruH?”>>>> fuck NOOOOOO angels!!!!! & it ain't lookin good for us smH
@katasalata: @ScHoolBoyQ are you drunk than a bitch high off that marry jane?”>>>> I dnt drink nomo, Heart burn be crucial
@all_spring: @ScHoolBoyQ bro why your boi absoul always got shades on?”>>>> CuHz is da black cyclops....( I guess I spelled it rigHt)
@ughsabrina: @ScHoolBoyQ why do u tweet everyone except me I'm loyal af tf”>>> lov u